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The all-new ELANTRA Global Anthem Film : This Is How You Dare

How do you dare? You chip away at what’s been built Because you can do better. How do you dare? You chase away wrongs To make room for what’s right. You How do you dare? You stand while they sit And scream when they are silent. You combine your strengths To reject their weakness. You step up, stand out And shape a new point of view. How do you dare? This Is How You Dare. Introducing the all-new ELANTRA.

Reader Comments

  1. The all new Hyundai elantra, this is how you dare, available in Barbados only, visit our Hyundai Barbados on Facebook and instamgram. Hyundai, distributed by courtesy garage.

  2. 드디어 르필루즈 컨셉의 완성단계네요
    그간 삼각떼에.. 그랜져 F/L
    너무 못생겼는데…

  3. Très belle voiture la Hyundai Elantra , elle est confortable avec un look ultra sportive qui lui donne du caractère et puis elle est super facile à conduire . D'ailleurs la publicité pour la Hyundai Elantra est tout simplement génial. Hyundai c'est le plaisir de conduire .

  4. 삼각떼 풀옵 3천만원 넘게 주고 산 사람들 이 영상보고 혈압올라 단체로 응급실행

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