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The Adversarial Playground: Adversaries manipulate media technology to their advantage.

Hello and welcome to viewpoints my name
is Kathleen Kiernan and I’m an adjunct professor at the Center for Homeland
Defense and Security in today I had the opportunity to feel fantastic panel
discussing issues related to the adversarial use of technology did you
represent the Center for naval analysis my question for you this afternoon the
years is Isis real threat yes I think they are the reason for that is they
have expressed interest in attacking the United States our allies and our
interests abroad as well as the homeland and they have the ability to do so
because their unique adaptive and innovative group what I mean by that is
they’ve been able to adapt to us-led coalition countermeasures in the region
even been able to innovate on their own volition and I’ll give you two examples
to show you what I mean made active front in August 2014 United
States started providing air strikes in Iraq to take out my sis targets and so
they start on the underground barracks their men there they launched a surprise
attack some tunnels a dog and they transport equipment and that way they
adapted to the new estimates of the air by going into an area where we were we
cannot be in terms of innovation I’d say their largest donation to date has been
there use a barbarian media they’ve been able to become really creative and
showing really gory gory videos spreading across social media to a
variety of audiences these videos go viral and spread to communicate to their
potential recruits to their potential enemies as well as domestic audiences in
the west to include the United States and Europe to deter those visits from
governments from attacking David I understand you correctly that different
videos for different audiences and if that is the case you can give us an
example absolutely so ICE’s Homeland if you will
and Iraq and Syria they control internet access and a baby shut it off other than
at internet cafes where they could have their operatives making sure that they’re promoting content abroad and so
for promoting content abroad a lot of it is barbarity to scare off potential
adversaries as well as promoting the idea of ice as the ideal state showing
Isis cleaning the streets carrying out regular government had activities
locally the media tends to be more or less media and more person they force
people to come watch public executions and four children become be educating
their system which is always very little education if any girls and four boys
heavy military and religious training Michael let’s talk to you about how
there is repairing opinions on their strengths in their weaknesses but how
they learn to do probably so the westerns we should talk the methods for
compelling imagery especially when you’re talking about it hero complex or
basic human response mechanisms for survival we do this very well in the movie
industry and with advancements in technologies affordability of
high-quality cameras and accessibility of distributing media through social and
Internet are able to leverage the advancements very cost-effective to
recruit it sounds to me like that cost entry that pasta plays really pretty
minimal and if I listened well we’re teaching position to was entertainment
value that we did build popular yes there is are imitating life so it’s a journalism
we we put into a reason video games tends to the message that they’re
leveraging from the Western culture of some of these methodologies gaining
attention we’re actually a bit attracted to the barbarity of which we which is
why the videos can be compelling Michael the advancement of technology and
entertainment can be leveraged the old port in some way to have a different
home with a populist young populace there are two components absolutely a
younger generation or more in tune with the technology and communication devices reality we could use that for it experiential understanding flip side to
that part is also use that number didn’t intend for it but I have a question for
you spent your entire adult life and music industry and been very successful
at talk to us a little bit of both the impact that music makes generation and
is there a way to use music as a counter messaging using extraordinary powerful
element of the human condition it’s been proven many times over music activates mortar centers of the
brain than any other activity and apologist feel that began tribal level
in ancient times for a language spoken in regent street ball very primal so if you have a user delivered by the
right artists in the right fashion is can we change lives I can’t tell you how
many times over the course of my career in the music industry receiving letters
from young people saying how does need reserves on health change their lives
forever or watching video has changed and I think that ties in very directly
into the words that we have to make sure the messaging enemies we my opinion are
not doing a good enough job at that we are not tapping into the incredibly deep
pool of creativity that is available in this country to effectively counter
message because I think that have to be really belongs outside the bureaucratic
institutional structure of governments at whatever level federal regional and
these institutions really should reach out into the community to tap into that
expertise to tap into young people to read these messages and we need to do
them in quantity and quality and on a consistent basis the store to neutralize
the messages that these young people are being exposed to we have more experts in
the creation of the euro and the use of social media than any other place on the
planet we are not tapping into the rich pool of talent and capability properly think that’s a challenge that we must
overcome enormous number of young people who have still trying to figure out how
to empower themselves to have a productive life and rather than they’ve
been closed on me to another dramatic eternity the ability to hear messages
that point in a different direction could be very helpful in helping them
make a choice of it being better folders la very nature of organizations in
bureaucracies it’s that they’re very risk-averse show to think that the
government could attract the creativity think we need is really so how would you
do it would you go out to the schools are you all to the private sector how
you get those that young actress populace to believe and they can make a
difference that they can paid for that they can do something individually that
will make a difference to me for government community leaders gathered together the
appropriate young people who were those yesterday about doing this time whatever
young people skills technical skills to create videos and music do the
appropriate editing and writing and members of the community that can bring
the problem is that you want to say something that is counter to the message
that is being transported with great quantity by our adversary there’s an
enormous amount of frustration in those communities we need to provide them with
an outlet to express their frustration without the expense very much funding
community leaders will be able to get pilot projects done and that might prove
very rewarding if you approach the country you get to a cruel master level
where the amount of exposure that young people would have to a different message
of write-in vote by their counterparts other young people I think the effect
could be quite profound thank you to the perfect sigler if your question
follow-up question for mike actually to you shared an example class tomorrow is
your work you did with young burn victims and the effectiveness of one
young child speaking to another above that experience and follow-up question
to that is to you ever consider speaking with young people when you build beings
I did get the client in that so attracted to them they’re going to buy
the game in regards to making probably game demographic we absolutely do test
prototypes or we have a look at the metric song my game which game they are
we were actually leveraging cycles you later David coming back to you about you give
us some examples techniques tactics and procedures that I says he uses mentioned
tunnel did they learn any lessons from drug cartels where did they learn about
only been around since the days of the Romans certainly tony is not new as many
of their adaptations are not new they take what the best of what’s existing
out there and they adopted their purposes in the case of tunneling tony
has been widely used in the region famously Gaza Hamas uses tunnels both
the supply itself from the south from Egypt as well as to bring weapons and
fighters in israel hezbollah in southern lebanon also uses holdings extensively
and so I says that had many examples in there certainly fighters from these
these regions have had experience of totally under bringing it to Iraq and
Syria you’re on a panel surrounded by a very creative innovative colleagues
would you say I guess is either created for innovative or merely resourceful
other certainly resourceful I would say their innovative with the country
typically when we think of the word innovative you think of the buzzwords
silicon truly disruptive innovation that changes the way the world works like the
internet non-state armed groups like I said typically don’t available they
don’t the resources they also don’t need to go somewhere limited and its cheap
those goals with all that will the penetration which I call incremental
innovation an example of where isis has innovated as incremental way would be
barbarity before certainly barbarity is not new
the Mongols famously piled severed heads and parents other groups in the region
including the ice as his predecessor group al-qaida in Iraq have abused by
very nice is used in two different ways one is creativity they don’t stick with
the same title burberry is not always severed heads they burn people live
there around people that shot people with RPGs were stuck in the car and so
there’s always something new for the user come back for into is their social
media they bring it right into our homes only about two to three percent of Isis
social media helped put their media as barbaric however as the barbaric videos
go viral because of human nature people want to
see it so what I keep hearing is primal striking in their homeland security and
homeland defense it tries to walk away with the there is a necessity for them
to regions of their communities to motivate and activate pent-up
frustration for the constant flow of messages coming from our enemies that
was not being responded to properly I know that I was extremely frustrated
with everything Oracle he renews account one government official or other they
have difficulty is an effective challenge to the library use the social
media enemy when in reality we can do nationally superior job of it we just
have to get started doing it that way why what’s your best advice training
academy the future what kind of technology should we be exposing our
first responder recruit academies to I think that the immersive technologies six can create or
or education from a perspective a different perspective we tend to
reinforce our understanding of going back to fill the media were very
effective a hero but on an average person there’s a sort of identity there
is a very common human nature to identify with and I think that we should
we do their fax the matter is that the
adversaries will get this technology to exploit it whether it’s they’ve done it
with the internets in terms of recruiting teaching people how to build
bombs have different military tactics and will continue to occupy their
cutting edge of technology as it comes to them so there’s no reason for us to
handle ourselves to disadvantaged thank you very much for joining I said the
central defence and security and for bringing new opinions heard different
opinions my challenge to you is can you do that
but your leaders and I think he did a fine job of that country is its ability to innovate it
has been a hallmark of this country since the beginning of a charming and we
should never start knowing that our enemies will always attempt to use our
innovations for the purposes but if we continue to be at the pace that we’ve
done in the past we will always be so our identification and are developing
just has to pick up just a little to the metal

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