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The 2019 Tournament of Champions Finals – Day One

(upbeat music) – [Johnny] This is the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. Presented by Consumer Cellular. Here are our three finalists, a user experience librarian, from Chicago, Illinois, Emma Boettcher. A professional sports gambler, from Las Vegas, Nevada, James Holzhauer. And an 11th grade physics teacher from New Paltz, New
York, Francois Barcomb. And now, here is the host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek. (crowd cheering) – Thank you Johnny. Thank you ladies and gentlemen. Well, here we are, the two-game, total point final, with
the player accumulating the most points at the
end of tomorrow’s game going home with $250,000. Now I know some of you may have been running some kind of a
Jeopardy! fantasy league. Did your three selections wind up being, Emma, James, and Francois? They have played brilliantly so far. So, let’s see if they can keep
it going today and tomorrow. Good luck, here we go. (soft music) Categories are A Writer’s Life For Me, followed by Synonyms For Black, then The New News, Transportation Terms, British History, and you’ll love this one, Movie Monsters. Francois you start. – Transportation Terms for 600. – [Alex] Landing a plane in this, an airflow that hits broadside, can be challenging, as seen here. James?
– The crosswind? – [Alex] Correct.
– British History, 1,000. – [Alex] This liberal man was 84 in 1894, when he stepped down after his fourth and final time as Prime
Minister of Great Britain. James.
– Who is Gladstone? – [Alex] William Gladstone, correct. – History, eight. – [Alex] On September 30th, 1888, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine
Eddowes both ran afoul of this terrible man in London. James.
– Who is Jack the Ripper? – [Alex] Yeah.
– History, six. – [Alex] British colonies
granted independence following WWII included India in 1947, and this nearby island in 1948. James.
– What is Sri Lanka? – [Alex] Yeah. – Writer’s Life for Me, a thousand. – [Alex] This tough guy detective writer also wrote a novel for children called “The Day the Sea Rolled Back.” (beep) And his name is Mickey Spillane. James, back to you. – Writer, eight. – [Alex] Answer. (alarm)
Daily Double. You’re off to a great start, how unusual. – 3,000, please. – [Alex] All right. Echoing the title character
of a book by his great uncle, he assumed the surname Melmoth
after leaving prison in 1897. James? (beeping)
– Who is Dumas? – [Alex] No, who is Oscar Wilde? Oscar Wilde. So we have a three-way tie once again, and the Daily Double is done with. Go.
– Transportation, a thousand. – [Alex] This seven-letter
activity is the K in the WKA, an association excited about
going 100 miles per hour, one inch off the ground. And that would be Karting. James, back to you. – Transportation, eight. – [Alex] A horse rented out
for riding is known as this, also a slang term for a taxi driver. James.
– What’s a hack? – Good.
– Monsters, a thousand. – [Alex] “The Thing,” about
a shapeshifting alien menace crash-landing on Earth, takes
place in this desolate region. James.
– What is Antarctica? – That’s it.
– Monsters, eight. – [Alex] The Gill-Man
is a prehistoric beast from the Amazon in this 1954 movie. James. – What is “The Creature
From the Black Lagoon”? – You got it.
– Monsters, six. – [Alex] In “The
Conjuring” film franchise, a vintage doll with this title name serves as a conduit for evil. James.
– What is Annabelle? – Yeah.
– The New News, a thousand. – [Alex] You can anonymously leak info to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists via this three-letter secure browser. Emma.
– What is Tor? – [Alex] Tor, T-O-R, you’re right. – Synonyms, a thousand. – [Alex] Residue of coal tar distillation used to pave roads and waterproof roofs. James.
– What is pitch? – Pitch is correct.
– Black, eight. – [Alex] The RAF’s Gloster
Meteor, for example. James.
– What’s a jet? – Yes.
– New News, eight. – [Alex] The “pro”s at
this independent, nonprofit online newsroom have won several
Pulitzers for their work. Emma.
– What is ProPublica? – Correct, and that takes you up to 1,800. Takes us into break number one. Stay with us.
(audience clapping) (upbeat music) – [Johnny] The Jeopardy!
Tournament of Champions is presented by Consumer Cellular. – One of the things we discovered
in this year’s tournament with regard to our contestants, is that many of you were approached by people whose names or backgrounds came up in clues. That happened to you, didn’t it, Emma? – Something like that. I mentioned in one of
the interviews I gave about how I was singing
my favorite musical between games to calm down, and one of the actresses from that show reached out to me to share her memories of watching Jeopardy! with her father and congratulate me on the game I played. – [Alex] That’s got to make you feel good. – It felt great. – All right, James Holzhauer, is from Las Vegas, Nevada. If, and it’s a big if now of course, we’re very early in day one. If you win this tournament, you will win $250,000 for having
competed in four games. That’s about $62,000 per game. You averaged in the high 70,000 in your regular matches. How does it feel to be
playing in a tournament in which you’re asked to
take a pay cut if you win it? – You know, a good gambler
still keeps his focus even if he’s playing
in the penny ante game. – With regard to gambling, in Las Vegas, are you still into that as
much as you were before? Or have you grown a
little more conservative because of all the monies you’ve won? – Goodness no, I still have the app set to bet the max whenever possible. – Okay, good to have you here. Francois. You had a scary moment in
the semifinal yesterday, I alluded to it towards
the end of the game. You’re an 11th grade physics teacher, and the Final Jeopardy! clue
had to do with physics. – That’s right, Alex. – [Alex] How did you feel
about that when it came up? – Well, I knew that it
would come up at school when I returned, if I
didn’t get it correct. I kept thinking over and over again, it’s not Pascal, it’s not
Pascal, it’s not Pascal. – All right, let’s get back into this. Emma has command of the
board at the moment. – A Writer’s Life for Me, 600. – [Alex] The German army
sent him to the western front and in 1929 he published a novel about it. Emma.
– Who is Remarque? – [Alex] Erich Maria Remarque, yes. – The New News, 600. – [Alex] An online “project” with stories about criminal justice is named for this civil rights
and Supreme Court icon. James.
– Who’s Thurgood Marshall? – He’s the one.
– Black, 600. – [Alex] Ancient Egyptians used this four-letter cosmetic to line the eyes. James.
– What’s kohl? – [Alex] Kohl, K-O-H-L, correct. – Black, four. – [Alex] Five-letter
magazine founded in 1945 by John H. Johnson. James.
– What is Ebony? – [Alex] Yeah.
– Black, two. – [Alex] Corvus Corax is the scientific name of this crow cousin. Francois. – What is a raven? – [Alex] Raven, right. – A Writer’s Life for four. – [Alex] John Steinbeck wanted his name taken off “Lifeboat” after seeing the film version directed by this Brit. James. – Who is Hitchcock? – [Alex] Yes.
– Writer, two. – [Alex] One of the most prolific authors of all time, Barbara Cartland, wrote more than 600 books in this genre. James. – What is romance? – [Alex] Yeah. – The New News, four. – [Alex] Investigative
news is now separate from listicles and quizzes as this site split into two divisions in 2016. Francois. – What is BuzzFeed? – [Alex] Yes. – British History for four. – [Alex] In 1981 the bells were ringing for Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, married in this cathedral. James. – What is Westminster Abbey? – [Alex] No, Emma? – What is Saint Paul’s? – [Alex] That’s it. – Transportation, 400. – [Alex] It’s the term for weight placed low in a ship to make it
more stable and seaworthy. James. – What is ballast? – [Alex] Good. – Transportation, two. – [Alex] It’s inserted into the crankcase to check a car’s oil level. Francois. – What is a dipstick? – [Alex] Yeah. – Movie Monsters for four. – [Alex] This Oscar-winning director’s 21st century monster movies include, “Pacific Rim” and “Pan’s Labyrinth”. Emma. – Who is del Toro? – [Alex] Guillermo del Toro. Good. – British History, 200. – [Alex] Only two British Prime Ministers have been born outside the British Isles: Andrew Bonar Law (Canada)
and this 2019 arrival New York City. Francois. – Who is Boris Johnson? – [Alex] Yeah. – Movie Monsters for two. – [Alex] In this 1941 monster movie, Lon Chaney Jr. is transformed into the hirsute title character. James. – What is “The Wolfman”? – [Alex] Correct, and now the New News. Reporter Elle Reeve won a Peabody for her report from Charlottesville for this news organization. (beep) Correct response, what is Vice? All right James in the lead with 7,400, Francois on the board
with 1,000 in third place, which means of course he goes first in Double Jeopardy! (upbeat music) – As he did in his
regular run on Jeopardy!, James off to a very quick start. Francois you’re selecting
first in Double Jeopardy!, from these categories: House Painting. Lawyers, Law and Legality. Physics. Tony-Winning Roles. Beastly North American Geography, and finally, more than 10 we’re dealing with Teen-Letter Words. Where would you like to start? – House Painting for 1,600. – [Alex] The house in
the rear of this Brit’s painting “A Bigger Splash” features, of course, a swimming pool. Emma. – Who is Hockney? – [Alex] David Hockney, correct. – Physics, 1,600. – [Alex] Water seems to defy gravity in this “action”: The molecules’ adhesion to the
walls of a tube is stronger than their cohesion. James. – What is capillary action? – [Alex] Correct. – Geography, 16. – [Alex] A gateway to
Dinosaur National Monument is the town of Dinosaur, in this state. James. – What is Colorado? – [Alex] That’s it. – Geography, 12. – [Alex] Answer, Daily Double. (applause) – All right let’s try it again, all in. – [Alex] Okay, this river is the largest tributary of the Columbia, which it joins near Pasco, Washington. – What is the Snake? – [Alex] That’s it, yes. (audience applauding) – Physics for 12. – [Alex] Measured in hertz, it’s the term for the
number of complete waves passing a certain point in a unit of time. Emma. – What is frequency? – [Alex] Correct. – Physics, 2,000. – [Alex] A 1976 paper has
one of the first mentions of this “model” that accounts
for three of the universe’s four fundamental forces. Francois. – What is grand unification theorem? – [Alex] No. James or Emma? What is the standard model? Back to you Emma. – Physics, eight. – [Alex] About 75 percent of all chemical elements are in this class of substances, all good conductors
because of an abundance of free electrons. Francois. – What are metals? – [Alex] That’s it. – Geography for 2,000. – [Alex] About 40 miles west of Regina, you’ll find this Saskatchewan city that sounds like a deer facial bone. James. – What is moose jaw? – [Alex] Right. – Lawyers for 16. – [Alex] The Justice Department IDs violations of this 1890 act; timed, uniform price hikes by competitors are a sign of collusion. James. – What is the Sherman Antitrust Act? – [Alex] That’s it. – Lawyers, 12. – [Alex] Answer, Daily Double. (audience applauds) – 9,812. – [Alex] All right, here’s the clue. At the Scopes Trial, this politician said he’d seen nothing to accept the word of scientists against
the inspired word of God. – Who is William Jennings Bryan? – [Alex] Good. (audience applauds) – Lawyers for two. – [Alex] This three-word
Latin phrase means, “The thing speaks for itself,” but lawyers always seem
to keep talking anyway. James. – What is res ipsa loquitur? – [Alex] Correct. – Tony-Winning Roles, two. – [Alex] Mr. Henry Fonda won a Tony as a lieutenant dealing with the boredom of a Navy cargo ship in this play. Francois. – What is “Mister Roberts”? – [Alex] Yes. – Teen-Letter Words, 2,000. – [Alex] “V” aware it’s the job of one who makes flags. James. – What is vexillologist? – [Alex] No. Francois. – What is vexillographer? – [Alex] That’s it. – House painting for two. – [Alex] He eschewed more familiar urban scenes as in his “Nighthawks” to paint “Vermont Sugar House” in 1938. Emma. – Who is Hopper? – [Alex] Edward Hopper, correct. – Tony-Winning Roles, 16. – [Alex] Juanita Hall
won at the fourth Tonys as Bloody Mary in this WWII-set musical. Francois. – What is “South Pacific”? – [Alex] Yes. – Teen-Letter Words for 16. – [Alex] Ascribe human
traits to that cute puppy. Emma. – What is anthropomorphize? – [Alex] Good. – Teen-Letter Words, 1,200. – [Alex] Thinking about the past, or an exhibit spanning
the career of one artist. Emma. – What is a retrospective? – [Alex] Yes. – Tony-Winning Roles, 12. – [Alex] Ali Stroker
was the first wheelchair using winner playing Ado Annie in a 2019 revival of this Rodgers
and Hammerstein musical. Emma. – What is “Oklahoma!”? – [Alex] Correct. – House Painting, 12. – [Alex] His “Christina’s World” depicts a woman with polio straining
toward a farmhouse. James. – Who is Wyeth? – [Alex] Andrew Wyeth, yes. – Painting, eight. – [Alex] The lithograph
of Mount Vernon seen here was from this pair known for their cheap and popular pictures. Francois. – Who are Currier and Ives? – [Alex] That’s it. – Physics for four. – [Alex] At Earth’s
surface the acceleration produced by this force is about 32 feet per second per second. Emma. – What is gravity? – [Alex] Correct. – Tony-Winning Roles, 800. – [Alex] Zero Mostel, Phil
Silvers and Nathan Lane all won Tonys for playing
Pseudolus in this “funny” musical set in Rome. Francois. – What is “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum”? – [Alex] Correct. – Teen-Letter Words for eight. – [Alex] Mirowski and Mower
developed the implantable one of these medical devices. Clear. Francois. – What is a defibrillator? – [Alex] That’s it. – Teen-Letter Words for four. – [Alex] Using the
ocean itself to describe the crossing from Portugal to Haiti. Francois. – What is cross Atlantic? – [Alex] Nope. James. – What is transatlantic? – [Alex] Yes. – Geography, eight. – [Alex] In the heart
of the “Silicon Forest,” Beaverton is a suburb of this western U.S. metropolis. James. – What is Portland? – [Alex] Yes. – Geography, four. – [Alex] The highest point
on the Canadian Pacific Railway, Kicking Horse
Pass is on the border of Alberta and this province to the west. Emma. – What is British Columbia? – [Alex] Right. – Lawyers, 800. – [Alex] This lawyer’s
star rose while repping Stormy Daniels but fell
after he was accused of trying to extort
millions from Nike in 2019. (beep) His name, quickly forgotten obviously, Michael Avenatti, back to you Emma. – House Painting, four. – [Alex] Monet’s painting
of a residence in Sassenheim Holland, features a field replete with these flowers. Emma. – What are tulips? – [Alex] Tulips, correct. – Tony-Winning Roles, four. – [Alex] Celia Keenan-Bolger
won a 2019 Tony as this daughter in “To
Kill a Mockingbird.” James. – Who is Scout Finch? – [Alex] Yes, and now the last clue. Straight up now tell me, you’re up for this case of smacking your Chevy into that
Subaru and just taking off. Francois. – What is a hit and run? – [Alex] That’s it, and
that takes you to 7,800. You are of course way off the lead, but this is a two-day total point affair. Final Jeopardy! for today’s match deals with Old Testament Books. (audience applauding) Clue in a moment. – [Johnny] Consumer Cellular presents the Tournament of Champions. – Welcome back, before we get into final, this tournament has gone on beautifully and I want to take a moment to thank Consumer Cellular once again for their help in putting it all together. All right players, you’re
dealing with Old Testament Books for the final today and here is the clue that will help you. By Hebrew word count, the longest book bears this name that lead to a word for a long complaint or rant. You have 30 seconds, good luck. (peaceful music) Francois we start with you, you’re in third place with $7,800, and you wrote down Ruth. That is incorrect, what was your wager? 6,000 that drops you down to 1,800. Let’s go to Emma down there. She had 13,200 and her response was what is Jeremiah, which led
us to the word Jeremiad. You are correct young lady and you will double your score to 26,400. Now it’s over to James. He’s smiling why? Did he come up with Jeremiah? He did indeed, he has not
missed many finals on Jeopardy! How much did he risk? 11,914 and that bumps him up to $49,326. These totals of course
will be added to tomorrow’s to determine the champion so you want to tune in don’t you? I hope so, see you then. (upbeat music) (audience applauding) (upbeat music)

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  2. And after Day One, James Holzhauer has a near $23,000 lead over Emma Boettcher, going into Day Two of the Finals in the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions. And we'll watch the deciding game as it happens from right there.

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