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Thank You For Attending the Troxell STEM Playground

This is awesome! I think anytime we can, you know, add some fun with education especially for kids today who are stimulated non-stop by technology is good. I’ll be honest, as an adult, it’s kind of exciting. It’s like Christmas in here and, uh… I think that’s definitely a path that we need to keep going down, and… and be okay with that, that we’re going to have a little bit more non-desk sitting in our classrooms and I think kids will love it and I think adults will love it, too. I think this is a great opportunity supporting our new superintendent’s vision of really finding technology that supports her vision for taking education into the 21st century. I think this is, uh, you know, taking Poway Unified just to the next level, so we can provide things like artificial intelligence, and augmented reality, and makerspaces for our students. This STEM Playground is amazing, it’s… an opportunity to see the amazing technology, the robots, the makerspaces that you can imagine, and have in your classroom for students, and I’m so excited for the opportunity to bring it back to my students. This is an amazing event. I am so excited to see all of the teachers and the administrators, and the staff here to come out and find out what’s new and innovative in STEM, and… and 21st century learning spaces, and I’m excited for continued partnership and moving in the direction of personalized learning opportunities for kids. It’s been amazing so far connecting with colleagues, learning about new, innovative ways of building our curriculum to allow students to really become the learners that they are able to be. Well, this is, this is amazing, it’s like a park, like an amusement park. I feel like a seven year old in LEGO Land. Because I want to learn how everything works, and try everything and then apply it to my classroom, because… that’s what I like. To learn things, and then apply them and enjoy with others, and share with others. And it’s amazing, like, technology is the future, and we are a part of it. Uh, this is an awesome thing, um… I’m really getting to see… how I can use this product in my own classroom, so thank you, Terra. I think this is very exciting, uh, there’s a lot of great technology that will better engage students on our campuses. And, uh…supporting our teachers who need the training and instruction and ongoing support to see why this type of technology can help better engage students. Great event, awesome to see all these incredible opportunities for kids to… engage in STEM activities, um… really excited about the robots, and the programming opportunities for kids, and… Looking forward to bringing that to our classrooms. It’s a wrap! Four days and five districts, over 450 people came out and played with us at the STEM Playground. Teachers, administrators, principals, it’s been an awesome week. So, I just want to say thank you to the vendors that came out and supported us, um… to all the teachers and all the attendees. It’s been amazing, and we look forward to the next one.

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