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TF2: Advanced Rocket Jumping Tutorial

Hey guys, how are you all doing? My name is Nate, and today I’m here with an advanced rocket jumping tutorial. This is the second part of a rocket jumping tutorial, So if you haven’t seen the basics part you should go check it out here. This little video, Right here, See it? Go check it out. And if you have seen it, Good for you! Today we’re gonna be covering all of the advance stuff to rocket jumping Such as speedpogoing, surfing up ramps, and syncing and all of that Let me tell you, the advance part of rocket jumping is so much more fun than the basics. Your mobility is increased, you can fly around the map, and you can do all sorts of crazy insane tricks and stuff. So hopefully you can get something from this video, so that one day you can be a professional rocket jumper! So first off we’re gonna start with the speedpogoing. This is kind of like normal pogoing where you just hop up and down on the ground, But this time we’re gonna add a lot of speed to it. And this is probably what you’re going to use the most when you rocket jump Now when you’re in a pogo, you’re basically just looking straight down at the ground and holding down the fire button of course, But when you’re speedpogoing there’s a whole lot more to it. The timing is a lot different, and you’re going to be aiming in different places so that you can keep your speed the whole time. Now when you start of with a normal pogo, you’re just going to be looking straight down at the ground, but once you start gaining speed, with every jump you’re going to have to look slightly more upward. And as you can see when we get really fast, we’re going to be aiming a lot higher than just straight down Because when you’re moving forward, you need your rocket to catch up with you. If you look straight down, your rocket’s going to land far behind you and you won’t be able to fly forward. So really if you just practice this, you can get the hang of it really quickly. I would suggest before starting a pogo that you aim a bit behind yourself, so that you can give yourself a lot more speed. This sets you up for the other jumps, and you can go really fast really quickly. The way I like to pogo is to just shoot off of a wall and immediately follow that up with a speedpogo. Now like I said before there’s going to be a lot of timing when you do this as well. Because you’re not only going to be using pogo on flat surfaces, you’re going to be doing it up hills and stuff like that. So you’ll have to get the hang of shooting the rocket and knowing when it’s gonna land Now pogos are going to be especially useful when you want to get to the front of the line quickly. And you can basically keep all of your speed up in the air, and it’s a whole lot faster than just walking everywhere. Now figuring out where to aim is kind of hard to explain. It’s sort of one of those things where you have to practice over and over, and you’ll sort of get the hang of it, like you’ll mess up and you’ll be like, “Oh, I should probably aim a little bit more behind myself that time,” and then you do it and it works, and then you’re like “Oh, maybe next time I should aim a little bit higher.” So it really just comes down to practicing it and trying it for yourself, and then you’ll really understand how it works. Next up we’re going to be talking about surfing. And basically surfing is done by getting a lot of speed and sliding up a ramp or set of stairs. Now surfs are really convenient to know. Because it will save you the trouble of shooting another rocket at your feet to get somewhere. It’s basically just giving you more distance without having to shoot another rocket. Plus you can stay low to the ground and still keep all of that speed. And you can also use surfs to set you up for cooler jumps and stuff. Now the basic way you’re going to surf up a ramp, is you’re going to get a lot of speed first, and you’re going to want to stay as close to the ground as you can. Right before you get to the ramp or the set of stairs, you’re going to shoot a rocket right down at your feet, and once you hit the ramp you’re just gonna slide right up, just like that. Now sometimes if you shoot too early or too late, you may hit the ramp at an awkward angle, and you won’t be able to slide up. So it’s kind of about getting the timing and being in the right spot for it. And remember to stay at the lowest angle that you can. When you stay at a lower angle, it’ll be a whole lot easier to slide up. And obviously if you come from a really high angle, you’re not going to slide up. This can be a little bit hard to pull off if you don’t get enough speed. Now remember that surfs can also work on stairs; it doesn’t just have to be a ramp. Next up we’re going to be talking about rocket jumping in the water. Now I probably could have explained this in the basics video because it’s actually really easy to do, but I figured I’d mention it anyway. When you’re in the water, all you really need to do is hold space, and you can stay floating for as long as you want. And all you really have to do is shoot at walls and floors and stuff, And as you can see by just holding space and shooting at different surfaces, I can keep my speed for as long as I want. And all I’m really doing is just strafing around with ‘a’ and ‘d’ And basically I can just keep shooting and keep gaining up my speed as long as I hold space. So it’s really not that hard, and it’s like a super easy way to get a lot of speed. Now it isn’t as useful as many of the other jumps of course because there aren’t very many maps that have water, but it’s something important to know for other jumps maps and stuff like that, and it’s actually a lot of fun to do. Next up here we’re going to be talking about ctapping. Now you may have heard of this before and you have no idea what it is, and basically all it is, is getting a bit more height than you could with a normal rocket jump. Now it’s not super important to know how to ctap but you can actually use this in a lot of jumps, and the little distance you get can actually make a big difference. And basically all a ctap is, is you’re tapping the crouch button, and you’re using the upward momentum from the crouch into your rocket jump. So you’re just getting a tiny bit more distance when you go up into the air. So instead of pressing crouch immediately when I rocket jump, I’m just lightly tapping crouch, and as I come up from the crouch, I rocket jump up into the air. Now this is actually really tricky to pull off, and a lot of people have trouble doing it… Especially me. I can barely do ctapping. But once you figure out how to do it, you can actually pull it off quite a few times. So what I would do if you want to practice this, I would just practice lightly tapping crouch while you’re walking. If you do it good enough, you won’t lose any speed while walking and you can see yourself move up and down, just like this. And this is basically where ctapping comes from because it’s “crouch tapping,” and this is one of the trickiest jumps you can learn in rocket jumping. Next up we’re going to be talking about syncs. And basically a sync jump is when you’re jumping off multiple rockets at the same time and in the same place. And again, this isn’t going to be super useful in most games, but you’ll really want to know how to do this for future jumps, because they are in almost every jump map you come to, plus it can actually be really useful when you’re market gardening too. Now sync jumps are actually kind of tricky to pull off, because mostly, it’s just timing. It’s just about getting enough rockets to hit the same place at the same time, and usually, you’re only going to use two rockets. The first rocket you shoot is the one while you’re still up in the air and you’re falling towards the ground. The second rocket you shoot is the one you use to jump off of the ground. And basically what you need to do, is when you hit the ground from shooting the first rocket, you’ll want to jump as soon as that rocket hits the ground, so then you’re *jumping off two rockets at the exact same time. Now a sync jump doesn’t just have to be vertically down, you can also use it at different angles too. Now when you’re aiming vertically down, you’ll want the most height that you can get, so then you can hit the ground at the same time with the rockets. But when you actually have enough speed, you can aim more in front of you as long as you can hit the place at the same time. Like right here in this example, I’m not exactly super high enough to aim straight down for a sync, but I’m going fast enough so that the rocket will take a little bit of time to travel before it hits the ground. ‘Cause obviously when you shoot a rocket straight down, it’s going to hit the ground sooner than you would at an angle, and I especially like to do this when I’m market gardening, because with the rocket jumper I don’t take any damage of course, and I can get used to syncing rockets all the time and I can just fly across the map. It’s really cool. So really you just need to practice this as much as you can, because the timing is really important in syncs. You’re not only limited to two rockets, I mean, you can actually do syncs with 3, 4, or 5 rockets! Now when you want to do a sync with 3 rockets this is going to be more tricky of course. You’ll actually want to shoot two rockets in the air, and you’ll want to jump off of those two once you touch the ground. So when you’re just starting to gain speed from falling down, you’ll want to shoot a rocket so it kind of stays on you as you start to accelerate. So basically the rocket is going to be about the same speed as you’re going while you’re falling. You’ll want to shoot the second rocket almost exactly after you shoot the first one, so the rockets will be in about the same area. And if you shoot off of the ground at the right time you can go incredibly high. It’s really cool actually. And although it’s kind of tricky at first you can really get the hang of it if you just practice. Last but not least we’re going to talk about speedshots. Now speedshots, kind of like syncs, require a lot of timing to do And basically a speedshot is when you’re using one of your rockets to gain a ton of speed right before you hit the ground. And it’s especially useful when you’re coming down from a high angle, because when you’re falling down, you’re not going to be able to easily get into a speedpogo. But if you can time it just right, right before you hit the ground, you’ll propel yourself forward and actually get a ton of speed. Most of the time you’re just going to be aiming straight down at the ground when you do this, but of course, sometimes you’ll want to aim behind yourself too. It’s really frustrating because there’s no real way to explain how to do these jumps. I can kind of show you how it works, but really for the most part you just need to practice. And of course if you want to learn how to use these jumps really well, I would look up a specific jump that you want to learn, like the upward jump that everyone knows about. ‘Cause in the first part of the jump you may need to do a pogo or something, maybe a speedshot, maybe you need to surf up a ramp or something, and you may need to use all of the advance techniques just to complete a rocket jump. But once you learn how to do it and you really get a hang of it, it is so much fun to do. Like for fun, I like to just create a server, and just get on a map and just sort of rocket jump around. Like, nothing super serious or specific. Really when it comes down to it, you just need to practice. You need to get the hang of it, you need to teach yourself where to aim and how to do the timing and everything. There isn’t an exact way to do rocket jumping. So really, just go find a jump server or something. Create your own server! Get on a map and just practice. Just put the time into it, enjoy rocket jumping, have a fun time doing it, and you will really get the hang of it. Anyways, that’s going to be it for this video, thank you guys so much for watching. I hope in these past two videos you maybe learned a little bit from rocket jumping. Anyways that’s all for today. I will see you guys next time! 🙂 jfdkal;fhguiorqjwnrn;jdfuiauoi

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    Use your enemies face as a wall.
    And while you are at mid air use this opportunity to head shot them.

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    This comment has nothing agents this channel I'm just saying

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  17. Tip: Type in console "Bind mouse1 "+attack; impulse 101"(To unbind it just type "unbind mouse1" and type "bind mouse1 +attack"

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