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Testing Story’s bday gift – DOG TOY REVIEWS | Top Paw Knotted Rope with Rubber Tire Dog Toy

Greetings and welcome back to another episode
of Tough Toy Tryouts! If this is your first time here, consider
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new episode. This week we’re not only testing out a new
dog toy but a new tech toy as well! We recently purchased a new action camera
for some future vlogging but mostly for some cool dog POV shots while Story’s at work. Back to the toy at hand, we’re taking a
look at the Top Paw Knotted Rope and Tire toy that Story picked out for her birthday
from PetSmart. We’ve done cotton rope toys and we’ve
done a rubber tire toy, but never both at the same time… until now! So now that we know what we’re testing this
week, let’s toss this baby on over to Story for testing and see how it holds up after
a week’s heavy abuse. And here it is! Oh, no, wait… Here it is! Or at least what’s left of it. It only took Story a couple days to remove
the rope and then it pretty much became a fetch and tug toy but we’ll get into the
details shortly. On with the ratings! For safety, the toy receives a 2. Rope toys are generally not very safe toys
to play with and this one is no exception. You need to watch your dog’s play because
ropes can quickly become a choking hazard as bits and pieces—often large pieces—start
to come off. This is one of those toys you never want to
leave alone with your pet, at least until the rope part is removed. Moving on to design, I give this tire toy
a 4. As much as I don’t like rope toys, this
one was actually pretty good. The rope really kept Story’s attention and
even when she finally pulled the rope free, she really enjoyed playing tug and fetch with
the tire that was left. It doesn’t bounce as well as say the Kong
tire does and this is likely due to the thinness of the rubber and having large holes on either
end probably doesn’t help either. It’s also too large to insert treats, should
your dog need some encouragement to play with it. Next up is longevity and this Top Paw toy
receives a 3. It’s actually a combination of two scores
and since the rope would get a 1 and the tire would get a 5, the toy settles right in the
middle. Since we already have a better tire toy, this
one won’t be staying with us. And finally we have the price which lands
a 1. At 13 bucks at PetSmart—which was on sale,
mind you— and not being available on Chewy, it’s simply too expensive compared to its
competitors which have plenty of cheaper alternatives with the same concept. Unless you can’t wait for shipping and need
to grab a toy from a brick and mortar shop, I’d just go with one of those. So after plugging the scores into my S7 Edge—because
it’s 2017 and who has an actual calculator anymore?—we find that the Top Paw Rope and
Tire Toy receives a modest 2 and a half bones. Not the worst toy we’ve tested by any means
but there’s definitely better alternatives out there and at better prices. And that’s where we end this week’s episode. We hope you’ve enjoyed it and if you haven’t
yet, be sure to “Like” this video and subscribe. Check out our new series called Pet Projects
where we do DIY treats and toys that you can do at home for your pets. Until next time, we hope you have an amazing
week and thanks for watching!

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