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What’s up, guys! I’m fanno and I’m back for another skate video Here’s the thing… we came here today to try the Side Flip to Skate challenge Translating Side Flip to my Brazilian viewers. How are you today by the way? I only landed this trick three times my whole life and only once on camera. I’m very excited to do it again First I’ll try to land the flip onto a still skateboard. Which is the basic challenge. Then if I get it kindda quick. “Yeah, fanno, that’s easy! You got that with only two tries” Then I’m going to push the skateboard to make more difficult and then I’ll try to land the side flip while the skateboard is still moving. Let’s go?! See if it’ll work. Let’s do it! Now I’m going to land this new trick I’m learning. Check it out. I’m going to do a quick warm up with some skate tricks Then I’ll get right into the side flip challenge. Guys, I think I’m warm enough. Those tricks did the trick really well. I’m about to try my first side flip to the skate. Let’s do it! “Power fis” This guys singing in the back is really annoying but he’ll go away soon. Thanks for being patient! The ball! The ball! The ball! OK, so now I’m going to something harder. I’m going to push the skate Then I’m going to try to run and jump onto it while it’s still moving, you know So, I’m going to push it like this Then I’ll run and jump onto it with the side flip. Hands touching floor will never count! To those athletes who know how to do side flips, don’t just go for this right away, OK? The bails can be much worse than this And everything is on concrete. You “can’t” make mistakes, but when you do you need to quickly figure out how to fall. If you don’t… You could hit your head on the floor. (Be safe!!!) It’s a lot harder to land the flip on a moving skateboard, you know Because you have to try to foresee where the skateboard will be when you land But I think I’m getting the hand of it now… It’s cool, but dangerous. Don’t just go for this too quickly unless you really master the flip. Let’s do another one? I want to leave here today with at least two of these No! It went too far… If you’re watching this and you don’t know anything about Parkour or Skateboard What I’m trying to do here is a hybrid trick combining a freerunning trick (side flip) with the landing on a skateboard. This isn’t a skateboard trick… Nor a freerunning trick… It’s a trick from… Free… Running… Skate! I’m joking. I don’t there’s a name for this yet… Let’s go, Brooke! One more! Take 47 It’s deviating again, it’s deviating a lot! Oooooooooooooooh! Just kidding, there’s no translation for oooooooooooooooooh! Zum, zum, zum (killer bee sound)! Capoeira mata um (capoeira is “deadly”) Zum, zum, zum (killer bee sound)! Capoeira mata um (capoeira is “deadly”) First time I fall back, right? (We live and learn… how to fall differently, I guess) That one didn’t even count because my hand touched the floor. Why even bother and try a skate trick afterwards? It’s good that I dind’t land it either! You might as well fail everything all at once! Again! (Wait…) Subscribe! Turn on the notification bell so you don’t miss the next video. When this channel reach 100k subs I promise to shoot an entire video 10-15 minutes with pure parkour and skateboarding. I’m going to go all over the city looking for cool spots and cool things to try and I’m going to focus on this crossover Until then I’m going to keep this channel alive with skate videos/vlogs every week And every time I think of a cool challenge like this, I’ll bring it in as well! Deal? Leave a thumbs up if… if… (stupid sound) Leave a thumbs up if you want to help me get YouTube to recommend this video to other people Now I’m gonna get me some water then I’ll come back for more skate tricks And I’ll fill the rest of the video with skateboarding, OK! If you don’t like skate (and prefer parkour). Head to Brasil Trix instead! Stay here if you do like skate, though! Thank you!!! Oh, if I landed like that, it’d be good! (I know, I know… it’s ’cause the volume was low there) It wasn’t a impossible, guys. As you can see here, it starts like an impossible but ends like a big spin I’m going to try one more time It wasn’t it. I know that already! That wasn’t it again… This one also wasn’t it. In case you’re still wondering…

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  1. Muito top fano! Graças a vc aprendi o ki pup! E vou tentar aprender o side flip! Mais fano cara, toma cuidado brow, sei q vc ja é profissa, mais ter cuidado é sempre bom! Abraço fano! 😀

  2. Poh Fanno um conteúdo top assim tinha que ter um título de vídeo em alta "Tentei virar um mortal no skate e olha no que deu" kkkk tamo junto!

  3. O cara do parkour do filme "Esquadrão 6" tinha que ser era o Fanno, iria ser muito dahora véi. Abraço mano, sou seu fã desde o inicio do BTX (to a uns 3 meses tentando pegar o jacknife😂) flw mano bons treinos ai

  4. Fanno, o que é pior passar de um side ( girar muito ) ou girar pouco.
    Sei que os dois sao ruim, mas gostaria de aprender o side e tenho um certo medo quanto a isso.tmj.

  5. Nem sou tão fã de skate assim, vim aqui só pelo Fanno mesmo. Porém tô curtindo bastante esse canal novo.
    O Fanno pode virar até um streamer de My Little Pony e eu vou continuar assistindo, tu é um cara foda demais, te admiro muito

  6. Cara você e Show uma inspiração pra todos que treina o lê parkour e também o freeruning…cara você tá de parabéns….. contínua trazer seus vídeos…#FaNooSenSacional…manda salve pra mim….Valeu…

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