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Telltale: The Human Stories Behind the Games – Trailer

(acoustic guitar) – [Male] When I started I think the studio was maybe 80 people. It felt really small and
scrappy, like we kinda did, it was before Walking Dead had hit, right, so we were still making basically fancy point-and-click adventure games. – [Female] We had a
very, very strong family atmosphere at Telltale. I made incredibly close
friends who are still some of the dearest people in my life. We would go out for
drinks or dinner together almost every evening. (acoustic guitar) – [Man] Telltale changed
dramatically after The Walking Dead came out. We moved to the new, bigger building and the studio started
expanding and expanding and they were hiring
more and more and more. – [Woman] My favorite
thing that I’ve ever done at Telltale was I suggested
something for Wolf 2 that they were gonna do. – [Female] The thing I’m
most proud of is absolutely Batman, both seasons of
Batman: The Telltale Series. I worked on eight out of ten episodes. – [Man] The review process
where you had to show the game to the executive
staff was the worst. That’s when the episodes would blow up. – [Male] Telltale hadn’t
been profitable in years. It became a formula and
I think people started to recognize that and everybody wanted to break away from that. (acoustic guitar) – [Man] I was actually
in the middle of a voice recording session when it happened. I was recording Clementine
for her final scene in the final season. – [Male] Pete’s goal was
we need to secure funding and he did that tirelessly until two days before the company closed and I know this because I was booking
all of those meetings. – [Woman] And I still have
like anxiety like to this day. It’s just like I just like
developed it like that day. It was like congratulations,
you’re whole brain works differently now because
of this traumatic experience. – [Man] Hindsight, wish I
had known we were not going to have employment after
September 21st because I had put a down payment on a house. (acoustic guitar) [Man] There were so many talented people at Telltale there was genius oozing out of
almost everyone who worked there. I want them to remember the games I want them to remember that we put forward experiences that helped them feel… something (acoustic guitar rises)

Reader Comments

  1. If you’re interested there is some context on what the project entails and how it came together in our latest blog:

  2. The wolf among us and Tales from the borderlands were my favorites from telltale. Its a shame they closed down in an unceremonious way.

  3. There must have been some SERIOUS fucking MISMANAGEMENT going on there!!!! I get it if ur gambling on an IP and it FAILS!!!! But fuck me… TELLTALE had a winning franchise!!! Everyone knew and LOVED their games.. how do u fuck that up???? The first thing these people do when getting bigger is move into NEW LAVISH surroundings… This does fuck all of the game production.. it doesnt make it faster.. the artwork isnt more vibrant… as long as the roof isnt leaking.. STAY where u were when ur original success started.. expand AS and WHEN u have the fucking money… NOT BEFORE!!!

  4. There was no creativity at that studio after their first point and click game. Everything else was just a clone of it. It wasn't anything unique. It was a rehash of an older genre that was a flash in the pan. The only reason they lasted as long as they did is because of the shady dealings and workings of the ownership and management. Going to unsub now, this channel is nothing more than a bunch of people complaining about the past and a situation that you can't change.

    Move on.

  5. I never liked Telltale games, just not really my thing. But I'm interested in watching this as a deep dive into the state of the games industry at large.

  6. This story really illustrates the need for developer unionization. I hope Danny and team make a video spotlighting the people and organizations at the forefront of the union movement like Game Workers Unite!

  7. The Walking Dead Telltale series will go down as one of my favourite series in gaming!

    I just wanna thank Telltale for creating my favourite character in all of entertainment medium in Clementine.

  8. I hope you guys do a deep dive undercover exposé on the scourge of "crunch time" in the gamedev world. It might start a movement for a much needed change in the industry.

  9. I hope they talk about their experiences on making Tales from the Borderlands. Easily my favorite Telltale game 😀

  10. Wow.. I actually used to deliver food to Telltale on occasion, I enjoyed visiting their studio. They had a cool Walking Dead Pinball machine. Wish I caught you filming some of these location shots. I live just about 15-20 mins from where the studio was. Looking forward to this one.

  11. Just to state the obvious, but that some may overlook : this is a tale about odd management, not warning employees at all, and therefore not about the gaming industry as such. This brutal closer can occur in other industries and it is about worker's rights really (funny, just realized I say this on May 1st).

  12. My friend used to work at Telltale Games. It's been amazing to see the outpouring support for all the people who lost their jobs, when they usually are just names in the credits.

  13. I still can’t believe that a company like that can just collapse so suddenly without warning. Someone really messed up big time

  14. It's been quite some time since you guys posted anything even remotely interesting to me. Such a strong strong start and now meh.

  15. This one is a serious, a heartbreaking and a very important story to tell. A great topic for a Noclip series, the idea couldn't have ended up in better hands, looking forward to this one because I know it will touch me and others that will watch this. People need to know and understand what some people go through to make the games we play, how much that is at stake sometimes and how bad it can all turn out if things aren't constantly a hit.

  16. I think the last comment fits perfectly. What I felt playing the TWD series were emotions and experiences I never had contact with before.
    Telltale changed the world of Gaming for me by creating games that are so emotionally immersive, games that pull you in so much that you spend your free time wondering about what might happen next, unable to stop, feeling with the characters.

  17. Pure… Pure GOLD
    I….. don't…. know how to…. describe it

  18. Looking forward to this one Danny. I remember reading the story drop so suddenly and the two weeks after when it struggled for a bit and ultimately closed

  19. It will be nice to see one of your docs that has a critical take on a developer. Don't get me wrong, I love your stuff but all the ones I've seen are practically fawning over the studio. Even ones that have a lot of baggage, like Bethesda.

  20. It’s awful how they closed down. Their games were amazing and I was really looking forward to season 3 of Batman after the huge cliffhanger at the end of season 2

  21. From the about page: "All of work is funded entirely by our fans and free of advertising or sponsored content."

    If this is the case, why is it I got an ad on this video? Is that YouTube's own doing?

  22. Loved the back to the future series. Even brought the collectors box set – with the extra little things. amazing. Sad that the company folded. :-/

  23. Oh well this is just gonna break my heart. I hope it's willing to criticize what's been pretty thoroughly reported on mismanagement in addition to the feel good stories about what was lost, though.

  24. This is a great documentary to come out around now, with the increases in exposing awful studio business practices & employees getting fucked over. Definitely going to be a harder watch, can't wait!

  25. Ha, I recognize some of those voices of people I used to work with. Also weird to see the building all empty. :<

  26. This is the kind of shit I want to see, get interviewing former Anthem devs and former destiny devs or anyone failed EA/Activision product, let's hear about how shite they are from the inside

  27. damn!! talk about topical!!

    also, interesting choice not to show any faces in the trailer for doc ABOUT PEOPLE 😉

  28. As a former Telltale employee who wasn't in the office when the closure happened, this is giving me some serious "survivors guilt". Good on you for putting this together noclip 🙂

  29. thats more like it ! Curb that elder scrolls episode into the bin where it belongs and throw that out, thats going to be epic!

  30. You best do this right, if you sensationalize this, just remember peoples lives were destroyed, people killed themselves. Keep it accurate and listen to all the voices, not just the ones shouting loudest.

  31. I really wish there would be at least a single mention of Sam&Max. That'd make me happy they remember their roots

  32. maybe their ceo was related with Ea. should check out that. bcs gamers were not pleasant about last 5~6 games while they keep doing bad games. then ppl saw your decisions change nothing, no branching. and telltale end has come so fast.

  33. Netflix is now coming out with their interactive "games", including some of Telltale's previous work. I really think they should hire the remaining teams and start their own "Netflix Gaming" studio with the Telltale team. They certainly have the funding, and a great platform with their own shows they could even use.

  34. I worked at Telltale for 6-7 months as a QA and I decided not to extend my contract when they offered to me right before the massive layoff. There was one lay-off right before the closing and it hit the morale hard. As much as they try to make Pete sound like a good person, one thing that he said will always stick with me as disconnected and insensitive, "When I was at Zynga I had to send a thousand people with boxes to the street". He was saying this to a group of individuals who truly did bleed for one another, the TellTale formula was crunch time 24/7 that meant weekends and 12+ hour days and when you go through stressful deadlines and long hours with people it creates a special bond. He tried to dismiss that with "you could have it worse" comparison.

    The Management mistreated my friend after she came forward with an accusation and they took it into my friends performance review. They made her feel alone and drove her into a deep depression, making her question her self-worth. It was hard to see because she was one of the most positive people I knew before that incident. Fortunately, she is doing better now.

    upper management would drive everyone to the absolute edge of what they were capable of and then ask more, just in my dept I had co workers get up and storm out in frustration and because of lack of sleep, my direct manager quit because he had a nervous breakdown from the stress and expectations, he would be working so late most nights to try to meet deadlines that most of the time he would be falling asleep in his chair the next day. Specifically in the QA dept, we were looked at as disposable and one particular moment sticks out in my mind when I dressed for the halloween contest and my upper manager yelled at me in the middle of the floor because I was going to go participate in the photo contest for best costume. He took out his frustration with the deadline on me in front of our department, and he never apologized. This was all while upper management was telling us that the future was bright and everything was great, we were going to have a deal with Netflix, the company is going to make it!

    Anyone that you worked with was awesome and I met some of the nicest people working there and developed a love for the amount of work that goes into a video game and for secret hitler. But the management style was lies,exploitation and disconnection.

  35. I'm so glad you're doing this, with this specific angle on the story – doing something good with a bad situation, telling a story we don't get to hear enough of. Can't wait to watch the final piece.

  36. TellTale told such great stories, my Girlfriend was always excited when I told her I bought us a new Telltale Game to play and was super disappointed when they closed.

  37. Looking forward to this. I feel like this should be a very sad cautionary tale, especially in light of events with studios like Bioware.

  38. I feel terrible for the devs affected by it, but fuck that company and what they did to their employees. I hope all of them find work at companies that aren't so brutal and horrible, but I'm glad at least they can't do that to anyone else anymore.

  39. Telltale need to give up the rights for 7 days to die for consoles seriously it's killing fun pimps player base

  40. Just from the trailer this looks like it could be the best work you have done. I can't wait to see this.

  41. I feel like this one is gonna break my heart, not just because I was a huge telltale fan, but because of the human stories behind it all crashing down.

  42. Sadly most younger 'gamers' don't care about games with stories, they care only about loot and micro-transactions.

  43. Can we please all take a moment to appreciate the amazingness of this trailer?
    The static or near-static shots that give us that sense of… emptiness; sense of lack of movement/progression.
    The timing of the titles and the crescendos of music with the v.o. hitpoints.
    The fact you never see who is talking at any point; adding to the feeling of abandonment and disconnection.
    Great job NOCLIP!

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