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Talking Business with Bavarian Inn’s Dorothy Zehnder’s

So Dorothy, you are about to turn 98
years old, you’ve been working in this restaurant now, the Bavarian Inn for over
70 years. Yes. What does it like to come to the same place to work every day for
70 years? Oh it’s like home. It’s not a burden. I
must admit I love to come to work. Well I worked with my husband all the
years before he passed away. And I must admit we never had an
argument. When we first started he said “Would you like to take the bar? Or would
you like to take the dining room? Would you like to hire the help or
interview or would you like to take the kitchen?” So I said I’ll take the kitchen.
And he said I’m glad because I didn’t want the kitchen. In addition to working
with your husband for so long a lot of your family works here too. Yes. I would bring
Bill to work with me. Judy then was in school. Well, he’s the
president of other company and Amy, his daughter is our general manager. After
the grandchildren came along their first job was always in the kitchen with me.
Let’s talk about the chicken dinner. Okay. Do you still eat chicken every day? So
it’s some form of chicken it’s not always fried chicken. Today we had
chicken and rice for lunch but yes I eat chicken every day and people say “well
you look good how do you manage that?” I said I eat chicken every day. I’m gonna
start eating chicken every day! You’re located right across the street from
Zehnders. Yes. Also known for chicken dinners but also part of your family. My
husband and the gentlemen across the street were brothers. Okay. So you’re
kind of friendly competitors with each other. Oh yeah. We are friendly. We all belong to
the same church, we do things together. It’s friendly competition. So what do you
think your family’s impact, the Zehnder family’s impact has been on Frankenmuth
and the community here? I don’t want to brag but I think we’ve been a big
influence. A very big influence. In fact it was my
husband that really Bavaria-nized this town. And I think when people come into
Frankenmuth and see how the town looks, and the word of mouth spreads…
It’s just something about Frankenmuth. It’s on the map now. And people come to spend
their vacation here. A day to spend in Frankenmuth and it’s
a enjoyable day

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