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Take a Field Trip to a Playground | KidVision Pre-K

(happy music) – Here we go! But before
we go on the playground, let’s talk about things we might need to be safe today. I have a bag! Come on over here so you can see everything that’s in the bag. What do we have? – A phone. – A cell phone, what a good idea! In case there’s an
emergency, we need a phone. Good thinking. What else would we need? – A first aid kit. – Great idea. A first
aid kit in case someone needs, gets hurt. Let’s see, what do you think we need? – Water. – Perfect. Water’s very important to keep our bodies hydrated. And one more thing. – Tissue! – Good idea! You never know when you need a tissue. And sunscreen, sunscreen is a great thing. And now, we are ready for the day, Let’s go! Come on! Before we swing, let’s
talk about swingset safety. Swings can be fun, but you have to swing safely so it’s not dangerous. What’s a swing safety rule? – Watch out for others. – Watch out for other
kids, very important. – Keep your bottom on the swing. – Sit on the swing correctly, good job. – Hold on tight! – Hold on tight, you
don’t wanna fall down. And what do you think? – Watch out! – Watch out for other kids. And now I’m gonna pump
with you, I’m gonna get on this swing and we’re all going to swing together and talk
about how to swing. Okay? Swing up, Swing up, push your feet back, swing up, toes up, toes down, toes up, toes down, whoo! Hooray, we’re on the monkey bars! But before we go play on the monkey bars, let’s talk about monkey bar safety. Who knows a monkey bar safety rule? – Hold on tight. – Hold on tight. – Don’t let go. – Don’t let go, watch
out when you’re jumping down so that no one’s down there. – One at a time. – Yes, everyone go one at a time. – How about you? – Everybody goes on the same direction. – Everyone starts on the
same side, you go one at a time, hold on tight,
and before you let go, watch and look to see if somebody’s underneath you. Are you ready to try it? – [Children] Yes! – Alright, here we go. Now we’re gonna walk on the monkey bars. To walk on the monkey bars, you put hands, go ahead, hands over hands,
moving his arms and his legs, he’s got it, he’s got it! You’re doing good, you’re doing good, walk with your arms. One more, hooray! You did it, give me five. That was perfect. Okay we’re here at the seesaw. Seesaws go up and down and
we can go fast and slow. But before we go on the seesaw let’s talk about safety rules. Who knows a safety rule? – Keep your hands on the bar. – That’s right, hold on
to the bars, don’t let go. – Don’t stand on the seat. – Stay seated. – Don’t push down when, when someone’s trying to get on. – If someone’s going to
get on, don’t push it, you could hurt them. – Play safe. – That’s right we need to play safe and be careful with each other. How about if we do girls first, and then boys, and we’ll see how to play on the seesaw. Would you like to? – [Children] Yes. Okay girls go first, get
on, we’re gonna play. Come over here, let’s watch them. Oh I like how you got
on together so safely. Can you go up and down? Up and down, use your
legs, good, use your legs. Can you go fast? Wow! Can you go slow? Can you balance? Wow, look at that! That’s it, good, keep going up, that’s a good pace. Okay now balance, can you balance? Wow. Okay go slow, go slow, feet on the ground. Good, now go fast. Wow that was fun playing seesaw wasn’t it? – [Children] Yeah. – Yeah. It’s important to drink water while we’re exercising, especially when we’re outside. This has been a great day. Hey! You wanna play hopscotch? – [Children] Yeah! – Yeah, I have chalk, let’s go play! Here’s a good spot. (funky electronic music) One, (laughing). Good! Good girl! Look at you! Wow! It’s time to play! Tell me a safety rule. – No roughhousing. – No roughhousing, go play. – Watch out for others. – Watch out for others. – Don’t jump off the seesaw. – Don’t jump off the seesaw. – Feet first. – Slide with your feet first, great job! Let’s play! Go Joseph! Good, thank you for listening. (screaming and laughter) Oh no she got me! I’m gonna get you, I’m gonna get you! We’ll play together. (screaming) (laughter) (laughing) I got you! Did you have a great
time on the playground? – [Children] Yes! – Yeah, me too. We played safely and we had a great time exercising our bodies. (happy music)

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