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Sweet Minerals Waterpark Test

– Headed out to the pool today. It’s 87 degrees out here, so checking out the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face to see how good it holds up outside, in the water slides, and playing around. See you soon! Lazy river. How’s the makeup holding up? – Makeup looks great. – Going on four hours here at the pool, makeup is still holding
up perfectly, beautifully. Oh my gosh, the Sweet
Minerals Flawless Face covered perfectly! It’s been six hours. I was
playing in the pool all day. My air conditioning broke on the way home, I was sweating my you know what off, and look at my flawless
face, it stayed perfectly. It even covered, I am
breaking out like crazy, I’m, I have hormonal breakouts, I’m breaking out like crazy. It covered it up perfectly
and I didn’t have to reapply greasy sunscreen
all day at the pool. This is what I had on. I was in swimming under water, I was in the water
slides, in the lazy river just hanging out, laying out, and look, the coverage is perfect,
applied one time this morning. I haven’t reapplied anything since. I ate Jimmy John’s for lunch. And look. Look at the difference. Like, my body is starting
to burn and my face is perfectly covered,
so very happy with the Sweet Minerals Flawless Face.

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