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Surprising My FANS!!

Hello good afternoon everyone, Happy New Year 2020… it’s 2020 already omg I feel like 2019 only had 2 months in it. I’m really excited to film this video, because I’m going to my fan’s house to surprise her for her birthday. My boss’s daughter is a big fan of mine, she always tells her mum that she wants to meet me, so my boss and I have planned it secretly to surprise her today is an exciting day, I can’t wait to see her reaction. My boss and I have secretly planned it for a month now, her daughter has absolutely no clue that I’m coming to her house. She’s deaf just like me I’m all ready to go to London to her house. Her daughter is called Hazel, it’s her birthday weekend with her deaf friends so I’m going to surprise all of them I will also talk about YouTube because Hazel has her own channel she’s struggling to make videos for her channel so I thought why don’t I encourage her so it’s exciting. You probably notice something different about my hair… yes, I dyed it grey… to cut a long story short I attempted to dye my hair purple I had pink hair for New Year’s Eve 2018, so I was planning to have purple hair for New Year’s Eve 2019 unfortunately, it has failed, it turned grey… omg. Let’s go woo! I’m walking to the train station, omg, it’s absolutely freezing today, it feels like -3 literally. When it’s cold, my eyes are always watery… really bad. I’m just eating my lunch on the train… buff. I just arrived at their local station, I’m walking to her house now I’m really excited to see her reaction. I was going to mention that earlier but I was distracted, so I’ve booked to go to Iceland next Friday I’m really excited, only a week to go I’m going to Iceland for my sister’s birthday with my mum I’ve heard that it’s going to heavily snow every day we’re hoping to see the northern lights but it will be hard to see because of the snowy weather but hopefully, we’ll be successful seeing them. I’ve booked all attractions such as blue lagoon the well-known place to visit in Iceland I really can’t wait to go there. I can’t believe it’s going to snow every single day, it says it feels like -10, it’s 7 degrees here but it feels so freezing imagine Iceland will be double freezing I’m not looking forward to the cold but I’m looking forward to the mini-break with my mum and my sister it will be a great girly holiday, just what I needed. I will let you know the update when I get there. I’m all ready to surprise her daughter, Hazel this is Hazel’s sister, introduce yourself. M: Hello, my name is Molly, my little sister will be surprised because she looks up to Jazzy. Paula: There are going to be four girls, you will recognise which is my daughter as we look alike. Ready? I’m ready. Paula: I’m going to tell them I have a special guest to visit you. J: They saw me! *they screamed* J: Happy birthday! What all of your names? S: I’m Summer. Paula told me about you all, are you all best friends? They: Yes. J: What’s your name? D: I’m Daisy. J: Daisy, lovely, what about yours? J: I’m Jasmine, same as you. J: It’s really lovely meeting you all. I’m here to talk about YouTube, it can be anything. Your mum told me that you wanted to meet me, so I’m here to surprise you for your birthday. Your mum also told me that you have a YouTube channel, then you haven’t uploaded anything in a long time I’m happy to encourage/help you with YouTube, even build up your content would you like that? H: Yes. J: Sure, ask me any questions I’m happy to help. Tell me about yourselves. What do you like to do? D: I like gymnastics. J: Gymnastics? Wow. D: I also like swimming and all the sports. J: So you like sports. J: Do you all go to the same school? H: Yes but Jasmine lives far away so different school. J: So do you all go to a different school? D: Same but apart from Jasmine, she might join us next year. J: Ahh lovely. J: I have a YouTube channel. J: Really? What are your videos about? J: Mostly challenge videos. Jazzy: Ahh fantastic! Have you filmed a video with Hazel? H: Not yet. J: What would you like to learn? H: I would like to learn more about deep editing. J: Ok, what do you use to edit your videos? H: I use subtitles from YouTube. J: Yeah I use subtitles from YouTube too. H: I use iMovie to edit my videos. J: When I first started my YouTube I used iMovie. S: I always use iMovie, I’m still learning. J: Same I’ve taught myself how to edit videos, I’m using Final Cut Pro to edit my videos, I paid £300 for it because it’s my job. Maybe you can film some clips from your phone, and I’ll show you how to edit it, yeah? Who wants to start first? Jasmine: You’re the birthday girl so you start first. J: That’s right. J: This is Hazel… are you 10 now? H: Yes that’s right. J: So did you have a good birthday? H: Yup. J: What did you get for your birthday? H: I have lots of presents but my favourite one is my new phone. J: iPhone 6? Yeah, that’s great, show me. H: I’m 10 years old now yay finally, it’s weird how fast does time go, it’s 2020 now, I remember when it was 2017,2018 and 2019 last year on my birthday, I was 9 remembering I felt excited for my 10th birthday and now I’m finally 10 wow. J: So that means you start your secondary school in 2021, exciting. D: I’ve been acting on TV before. J: Really?! What programme? D: You know what? It’s called sticks and stones, it’s about bullying, to stop from bullying. J: When did it go live? D: It’s on TV last December the 26th Monday to Wednesday from 9pm to 10pm. Jasmine: You’re filming another film soon. D: I will be filming another soon, exciting. J: I want to see the clip, do you have it? D: No. J: No, maybe I’ll ask your mum if she has it, interesting. This is Daisy’s brother. D: Yes he’s my brother. J: Sweet, is he 2? Yes, aww cute! *singing happy birthday* H: I made a wish. J: We have been discussing my nickname Jazzy, I don’t have a sign name for Jazzy but they all gave me this. Tell them why? All: She always does the “woo” in her videos and she loves glitter. J: I also like glitter. Both: Yes! Jazzy, I like that sign name, so is it confirmed? All: It’s confirmed. Jasmine: We have a YouTube channel, my YouTube name is Jasmine Black, if you see a picture of me doing the peace sign in black and white, that’s me. H: My YouTube name is Hazel, if you type it up it won’t show up my channel so maybe it’s for the best to type up Hazel deaf and it’ll show up with a picture of my cat laying down with the blue blanket but I might change it, wait see. J: I’m going home soon, I want to say thank you for being so lovely. All: No problem, thank you to you. D: I defintely enjoyed it. S: We had a wonderful time with you. J: Aww thank you! Jasmine: I hope we will see her soon. J: Yeah definitely. H: It was such a lovely surprise. J: Yes definitely! D: I didn’t believe it at the first, I was so shocked like oh my god, Jazzy I’m so excited. All: Thank you! J: I hope you all have a lovely weekend, will you go to the trampoline tomorrow? All: Yeah! Night mode which is going to be fun, exciting. J: That’s very exciting, I hope you have a great weekend. I really hope you enjoyed it, thank you for watching byeee!

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  1. I’m not deaf, but I love watching your videos! I always have the subtitles on because I can’t understand sign language yet, but you have inspired me to go to lessons to learn it, because I think it’s so important! You spread such a good messages and I love your videos so much!!💜

  2. Aww you guys were so cute! I don't understand sign language but it was so happy to see you guys having fun. Kids were so cute too. Also congratulations on 200k. 💛

  3. This is the best gift that she have ever got. U r so amazing. You cute deaf ❤😘
    Wow 😮 the London is so amazing💕😍💕😍.
    And That kids….. May the God bless them.

    But you again didn't make your voice. Still miss it 😍😍

  4. This was such a sweet video! What a wonderful surprise for Hazel. Seeing the girls' reaction to you, Jazzy, was heartwarming. You are so generous to visit with them and share your experiences & advice on growing their respective YT channels. It looks like a fantastic day was had all around.

    Thank you for sharing this video, Jazzy! It was an absolute pleasure watching. Enjoy your trip with your sister and mother to Iceland. Sure to be an exciting adventure. Take care!!

  5. Awwww this is adorable! I love watching your videos but I can't understand sign language so I put subtitles on. I'm not deaf but I still really enjoy your channel. Love you so much ❤️

  6. You've probably already thought about it and asked their parents permission, but just wanted to check about the video telling everyone where they go to school?

  7. Been waiting for this video and it didn't disappoint. You've brightened my day big time Jazzy. Congrats on 200K. So deserved

  8. Wow, I’m really enjoying watching you. I’m learning BSL on my own due to my school not offering It as a class. I like to watch you because of your personality and your signing is easy to understand. Some deaf people sign too fast so I can’t really read what they’re saying properly but I can understand you very well!! Thanks

  9. Wow! Keep going Jazzy! People love you and, of course there are fans that want to meet you. You are truly the greatest.


    This is a wonderful idea surprising her though! She was so happy! 😁

  11. Love watching your videos they always spark so much joy for me 🙂
    Also – your boss's smoke alarm needs to have its battery replaced, either that or someone had squeeky shoes 😛

  12. Cool lucky you guys , I am deaf and using BSL I really want to ask u few questions so how u edit subtitles on YouTube ? When u start YouTube video? And can u sub me pls ?

  13. Jazzy first i want to say sorry maybe i was rude.. I want to ask you how you can understand a finger thing and you are a deaf person right? I want to learn a finger thing if find a deaf person i can interract it..

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