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Surprising Mom with Giant Inflatable Backyard Waterpark!! (Pond Monster Injury Revealed)

– (Stephen) Uh oh.
(ambulance sirens) What’s going on? Oh no.
(beep) Hey, Siri, call mom. – (Siri) Calling mom, work. (phone ringing) – (Mom) Hi, Stephen. – Hey, mom, where are you? – I’m driving home with the pups. – Okay, how much longer
until you get home? – Um, I don’t know. How far is the drive, 10 minutes? – 10 minutes? – Less? 10 or less. I don’t know. It depends on traffic, I’m zipping home. – Okay, sounds good.
– All right. Okay
– I’ll see you. Okay, bye. A lot of you been commenting and wondering where my mom has been the last couple of vlogs. She’s actually been up
in my grandmas house with baby Otter and Cooper. So, she hasn’t been home. And let’s just say, a lot has happened since she’s been gone. The pond monsters moving, look. He’s hiding. – (Grace) Oh Yeah. – Yeah, the pond monsters still around. But the crazy part is we
have an insane inflatable backyard obstacle course
ready to surprise my mom with. She left and the pond was clean and clear, and now it’s filled with
a bunch of inflatables. I mean, I don’t want to give
you a full preview yet, and Sharers the pond
looks absolutely insane. We have our own water
park in our backyard. And if you’ve seen in
the last couple of vlogs, we’ve been setting up the cool things. So, comment down below which vlog has been your favorite so far. And we can order more
of the inflatable stuff. But today, it’s time
to reveal it to my mom. And, oh yeah, check it out we
have our Share The Love merch, July fourth style ready to go. Just in time for our party because, that’s right,
next video July seventh. Set your alarms. Turn on post notifications. Hit that subscribe button because we’re going to
have the world’s biggest slip n’ slide. Starting from up here, going all the way down to the pond, which I don’t want to show all yet because we have our water
park we gotta unveil. And Sharers, whoever gets
first comment on that video, will be receiving a swag pack. Oh yeah. Aka, YouTube play button key chain. So, if you haven’t already
turned on post notifications, oh, and I have really bad news. If you’re wondering what this is, I got a giant, giant scrape on my arm. And this is how it all went down. Hold on, somethings going
on Sharer fam house. (intense music) We got fire trucks. (ambulance siren) This is not good. What’s going on? Oh no. So the good news,
Sharers, is the firetruck is not at our house. It is actually at our
next door neighbors house. And it’s smells like what happened is, um, they had construction
going on with their house and they hit a gas line. ‘Cause it smells like natural gas. If you ever wonder what
natural gas smells like, it smells like really gross. Like really stinky. So, that’s why the firetrucks here. They’re in their yard right now. Over there. Everyone’s out in the
yard checking out to see where the gas is leaking. And our house is right there. But I think everything will be safe. They’ll turn the gas line
off. They’ll get it fixed. So, good thing they caught
this before it got out of hand. That’s the hole right there
that they were digging. I’m not sure what they
were digging for earlier, but that’s where they broke the gas line. And the gas started pouring everywhere. – I wonder what they were digging for. Maybe some lost treasure. – They’re heading back to
their firetruck right there. So, I’m gonna go sneak up. And check it out. (shushes) Don’t say anything. – Okay, be careful. – I made it so close to our house. It’s literally right here. I gotta know what’s going on, right? Let’s see. Massive hole right here. Oh, it’s wet. Pee-yew. It smells so bad. It smells like natural gas. It’s definitely leaking like crazy. I don’t know what their
digging progress is. It smells so bad. Do you smell that? – Yeah, I smell it really bad. – Ew. You can probably see the
gas like leaking out of it. That’s nasty. – Yeah, that’s bad. That’s real bad. – So, the Washington gas people
are still working over there trying to fix the whole. There’s a gas guy right there. Oh, by the way, Sharers check this out. This is gonna be the
backdrop for the giant slip n’ slide that we’re having. Oh yeah. Oh, Grace, here you are. – Oh hey, Steve, how’s it going? I just found this new fan mail that I’m gonna put on the wall. And it’s from Morton
all the way from the UK. And I think I’m gonna put it, right here. – Oh yeah, looks so good. So, Grace, you ready to surprise mom with the giant waterpark in the backyard? – Yeah. I think she might go
crazy ’cause it’s huge. And it’s not built for like our backyard. It’s like really, really big. – It’s absolutely huge. But first we gotta show the Sharers, how I hurt myself with the pond monster. – Yeah, that was pretty bad. – So, let’s go down to the pond. Let me show you the scene
where it all happened. It’s absolutely crazy. Okay, so Sharers this
all started yesterday. I was going for a run because I am training for a
bunch of triathlons this summer. And on my way back, I decided I was going to use
pull up bar down by the pond. And that’s when things
got a little bit crazy. Check this out. And here it is. This was the pull up bar. And it was stuck in between
these two trees like this. Now you gotta remember, look at this, it’s metal all in here. (tapping metal) That’s super thick metal on both sides. Right there and right there. So, I was doing pull ups. (grunts) Getting my workout in. Really good. It was a really good workout too. And then I was looking like this. And I do a pull up. And I saw the pond monster
pop out of the pond. So, I went (grunts) ’cause I got scared. And I yanked the pull
up bar so hard that it broke free from the tree. I fell straight down onto this thing, and I broke this plastic thing like crazy. And it scratched my arm all up and down. Super deep. And that’s how I got hurt. If it wasn’t for the pond monster, and I never got scared, this thing never would’ve broke. So, we know that the pond
monsters in the water somewhere. So, we gotta get it out. Grace, can you get my net real quick just in case it comes out right now? – Oh yeah, I’ll go grab the net. – So Sharers if you want to
see the real results to this, head on over to my Instagram. I’ll post it on my story. (sighs) I gotta warn you
though it’s pretty crazy, how much I fell and how hurt I got. We’ll get this stuff cleared up, outta the way. We’ll get the pond monster out and my mom should be home almost. So, let’s go up and let’s
check on her real quick. Grace, you see the pond monster at all? – Um, I don’t really
see anything right now, but I am searching
around to see if it might come out anytime, but I got the net ready. – Whoa. What was that? – (Grace) Stand back Stephen. We’ll get him with the net. – (Stephen) Careful Grace. – What was that? – I don’t know. – (Grace) It like poked it’s head out. (splashes water) – I’m hoping that was just a koi fish. – (Grace) I don’t know.
– I don’t know. This is bad. It’s definitely the pond monster. And mom’s about to come home. She’s not only gonna be
surprised with the pond monster, but she’s gonna be surprised with the giant inflatable backyard
water park that we have. This is not good Grace. What are we gonna do? – Steve, I don’t know what to do. We gotta capture this monster. We have to. (car honks)
– Sounds like moms home. I’m gonna go grab her. Grace, I’ll be right back. I’m gonna go grab mom
so we can surprise her. (car honks) – (Grace) Okay, I’ll stay here. – Shares, even though we
have the pond monster, we’re still gonna surprise mom with the giant backyard waterpark, because it probably the
most epic thing you can possibly have in a backyard. So, Grace get your suit. I’m gonna go surprise mom, let’s go. (Stephen) And check it out, my mom is home. Mom, are you in there? Hey, mom. – What are you doing, Stephen? – What are you doing? – What are you doing? – Welcome back. How was grandma’s house? – We had a good time.
– Is the dogs back in here? – Yeah, but I gotta surprise for you. – You have a surprise for me? I have a surprise for you.
– I have a surprise for you. – Are you vlogging? – I am vlogging you because I wanna see what your
reaction is to my surprise. – Oh, Sharers, should my
mom started a vlog channel? Comment down below. Hashtag mom, she should
start a vlog channel. – The dogs been someplace very special. Coppers first time. And here they are. – Oh, they got hair cuts. Hi, Otter. Hi, Cooper. Welcome home, welcome home. You look so good with your new haircuts. You look so good. Yeah.
– (Mom) What do ya think? – It’s a crazy surprise. And guess what mom, we
have a surprise for you. – Uh oh. What kind of surprise could that be? – Uh, let me go grab Grace real quick. It’s gonna be a big surprise. Let’s just say that, right Sharers? – I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. – So, I know you’ve been
away for a couple videos. You’ve been at grandma’s house. But Grace and I have been
getting ready for our party that’s gonna go live next vlog. So we set up a lot of
cool things in the pond and we want you to see it. – We kind of bought some new stuff. And uh– – New stuff? We have tons of old stuff. – Yeah, well, this year
we’re not only going to have the world’s biggest slip n’ slide, but we’re gonna have the world’s biggest backyard inflatable waterpark. So we decided to step
it up two times over, so mom let’s go this way. – All right. Let’s go look. – Time to start this, you ready? So, first things first, actually we need to put this in the pond. This is another thing we have.
(Mom gasps) Giant hamster ball. – Oh my gosh, this is so cool. (laughing) This is crazy. What do you do?
– You can roll around in it. – (Mom) But there’s a hill. – (Grace) Like a hamster. – There’s a hill down there. Oh, like a hamster? – (Stephen) Yeah. – (Grace) There you go. Do
you feel like a hamster? – That’s what we’re talking about. This is on land, but
it’s gonna go on the pond so we can play with this too. That’s what I’m talking about mom. – It could work. – (Stephen) Uh oh. – It wants to go down. – Careful. That’s not even the surprise. That’s just a warmup to the surprise. – I thought this was the surprise. – Oh no, no, no, no. That’s
definitely not the surprise. We got a lot more. – And a lot bigger. – Should I close my eyes? – Yeah, we’re talking about 24 feet big. Keep your eyes closed. Going down to the pond. Also, Grace, watch out
for the pond monster. – Oh, yeah. – Just so, she doesn’t notice that, okay? – How close are we? – Um, we got a couple more steps. – I feel the hill. – Couple more steps. – Almost there.
– Okay. – It’ll be worth it once you get there. Shares, if you haven’t already, smash the like button ’cause
we’re about to surprise my mom with the craziest thing in anyone’s backyard ever possible. And when we’re ready, we’re gonna open the eyes, but hold on one second. – Okay, I’m ready. Where did everybody go? – So, before we show my mom the inflatable waterpark surprise, Grace, we gotta make
sure the pond monsters not anywhere near. – Oh yeah, good idea. We can’t let her know
it’s still in the pond. – We can’t have two surprises in one day. Just one big one. Okay, so let’s go search real quick. – Okay, yeah. Surveillance the area. – Remember Sharers, we record
live so we don’t always see everything. So, if you see something
comment down below. (intense music) – Okay, you go right, I go left. – I don’t see anything. So far, so good, Sharers. It’s all quiet on the pond. Very quiet actually. Almost too quiet. But I think we’re just gonna
reveal the surprise anyways. And hopefully the more we
start playing in the pond, the more the pond monster
will just get scared, and move somewhere else. I think we’re good. Grace, I think we’re good. – Yeah, every thing looks
good on the left side, Steve. – Stephen, Grace, did you forget about me? I can hear you. What are you doing? – Oh, right here, we’re ready. – Finally.
– (Grace) Okay. – It’s been a little hard
to keep my eyes closed. – Hopefully you didn’t peak. – Not at all. I’m I’m excited to have a surprise. – Alrighty. – All right, should we
get a little closer? – Yes, come closer. – Okay.
– A little closer. – Am I gonna touch something? – No.
– (Grace) No. – Wait, is it going to be scary? – No, you’re good.
– Are yo gonna push me in? – No. – Will I get wet? – No, you’re fine.
– (laughs) Okay. – You’re fine. Just keep going. – One, two–
– Is it going to be dangerous? – Three.
– (Stephen) No. Not this.
– Right here. – Okay, the big surprise. You can open your eyes in three, two, one. – Oh my goodness. It’s awesome. I like this surprise. This is one surprise I like. – Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. – Well, what are we waiting
for? Let’s get on the waterpark and let’s show you the tour. Alrighty, let’s climb to the top. This thing is so tall and it’s a little hard to climb up. Whoa, okay. – (Stephen) Right behind
you Grace, I’m coming. – (Grace) Alrighty, come on up. – I’m gonna beat you to the top. I’m really good at climbing this thing. – (Grace) You’re like a monkey. – I’m already up here hurry. – (Mom) Grace.
– (Grace) Whoa. – Hurry Grace come on up. – I’m coming. – (Stephen) Hey, mom. – Oh my goodness. I wanna come. – (Grace) Okay, come on up.
– (Stephen) It’s so high. – We are at the top. This is tall. Wow. Look we’re already at the tree line. – This is how tall we are. We’re
at the height of the trees. Sharers this is the first
time testing it in the water and I’m about to go down. (Stephen) Here we go Sharers. Going down in three, two, one, go. (screams) (upbeat music) I don’t
wanna get my arm wet, but this is crazy. It’s so fast. Grace you gotta come down it’s crazy. – Okay, I guess it’s my turn. We are so high this is crazy. Oh boy. I am so scared. I guess I just gotta go for it. – (Stephen) Three, two. one, go, go, go, go. (screams) – That is crazy. Whoa, that was so steep. – Oh yeah, this is what I’m
talking about, front flip. – (Grace) Whoa. (water splashes) – Oh yeah this is awesome Grace. Let’s do the blob right now. – (Grace) Yeah.
– The blast bag. – Oh yeah, blast bag, let’s do it. – Oh my gosh, what are you talking about? What is that? – All right Grace, come on let’s do this. – Oh yeah, okay, climbing right on up. – The hardest part about the blast bag is getting out to the blast off zone. So, Grace what you want to do is lay flat, climb like a jellyfish out there, and sit on the very end. The blast bag is super hard to get onto, but once you can get onto it, it’s all fun and games from there because I’m about to blast
Grace sky high into the air. It’s gonna be crazy. All right, Grace you look like
you’re locked into position. – All right I got the handles. I’m ready. – Now the question is
Sharers, how high should I go? Level one? Level two? Level three? Or level four? Grace, how high should I go? – You gotta pick it. – All right, I’m gonna do a
high level than level one, I’ll tell you that much. ‘Cause this is not that high. We’re gonna go a little bit higher. Mom, get ready for this.
– I don’t know if I can watch. – This is gonna be awesome. We’re definitely going to level two. Check this out, Sharers. Oh yeah, I’m about to
blast Grace into the air. This is what I’m talking about. Okay, here we go, you ready Grace? – Oh boy, I don’t know. – Here we go Sharers. Jumping in three, two, one, go. Hi-yah. Hi-yah. Oh my goodness, Sharers, that was awesome. (laughing) Grace, are you still there, where are you? – I am, I’m right here. – Oh yeah. I am stuck on this blast bag now, but that was incredible. Oh yeah, that is what I’m talking about. And Sharers, that was only level two. We have two more levels after that, to go all the way up to the very, very top. We could jump down 24
feet onto this blast bag. That is what I call absolutely incredible. – Stephen that was crazy. I went flying. I was not expecting that. – Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. – Whoa, that’s the blaster? Oh my goodness it looks like so much fun. I have a feeling that this
party is gonna be full of fun. – (Stephen) Whoa, Grace,
what’s wrong? (intense music) What? – Something was like biting me. – What? – I don’t know, It was right there. – What is it? – (Grace) I have no
idea, I couldn’t see it. – I don’t see anything. – We’re all gonna have to get in this pond and check it out before the party. – Yeah, we gotta get whatever it is, out. – We’ll each take a corner, swim around, and find it. – Okay, mom, go ahead. Hop in. – Oh hop in now? No way. I’m waiting for the party. – Yeah, Sharers, no
matter what’s in the pond, we’re still gonna have our massive party. And that will be our next vlog, so if you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button because we’re gonna
have the world’s biggest inflatable waterpark. As well as a slip n’ slide
that goes all the way up from the top of the hill, way up there, slipping and sliding all way down here, into the pond. Here’s a little scene from last years. It was totally insane. (upbeat music) – And this year, we’re doing a new technique
for the slip n’ slide which will be even longer, faster, and funner. And we have a surprise at the end. – So, there’s gonna be
a bunch of surprises, so get ready for next vlog Sharers. We’ll see you then. So, until then, – You know what to do.
– You know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love peace.

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