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#SupGilbert: What’s Going on in Gilbert, Arizona this Fall?

Sup Gilbert! I’m Liz and I’m Jess and
we’re here in Gilbert’s Downtown Heritage District talking about fall
events. That’s right, there are a ton of great things going on this season. We’ve
got festivals, free concerts, all kinds of celebrations and we’re going to be
talking to a Parks and Rec special event coordinator. Please welcome Mike Leppert! Well we have some great Town produced
events coming up, the Gilbert Off the Street Festival right
behind us, we’ll have some live music going on, then we’ll have another large
stage up the street here on Ash and of course we’ll have vendors and artists
and all that great stuff as well too, so that’s a great fun fun fun event. And
then of course the time-honored Gilbert Days Parade is right here on Gilbert
Road, annual tradition, huge parade, everyone brings out the whole family.
We’ll probably have ten, fifteen-thousand
people out here just celebrating Gilbert’s heritage which is an awesome
thing as well too right here in Gilbert. These are some great town-hosted events
a lot of them are free. There’s a lot going on in the fall in Gilbert. What
are some of your other favorite activities to do with the family? I think
one of the things I like to do with my family’s go over to Mother Nature’s Farm
for their Fall Festival. They have great pumpkin-picking and hay rides and all
sorts of great things as well over there. They do, we did a national pumpkin day
video there last year and they have so many pumpkins to choose from. They do
it’s a great place and then of course Barktoberfest, which is so cool if you
have a dog then it is a fun festival. They have all sorts of different things
dog-related of course so you can go get your dog wash then of course the
most entertaining thing I think of course is the dog show and the best
category is costume contests exactly and of course there’s a lot of people out
there that looked just like their dogs and that’s my favorite category, a human
dog look-alike. It gets entertaining out there and then of
course there’s our Gilbert Farmers Market and the Art Walk that go
on right downtown we’ll have a variety of different artists and all sorts of
different things going on with that as well too right downtown. Great to
get a jump start on holiday shopping too at that Art Walk. Very much so it’s a
great place to get all that done. Yeah lots of amazing local artisans – yep and
they also have great culinary artists as I like to say sometimes as well as vocal
artists because I think they have performers and food trucks and it’s just
beautiful weather to be doing all of this stuff in Gilbert. Well thank you so
much for joining us thank you guys and we want to see all of your
for your favorite fall festivities here in Gilbert so follow along at the
hashtag #SupGilbert and keep discovering.

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