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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate IMPOSSIBLE Jump Challenge w/ the Wheel of Fate | Nintendo Minute

-We’ve cooked up a little
challenge for each other, -Mm-hmm
-to see if we can make some
particularly tricky jumps! [Krysta] -Impossible jumps!
-Some might say.
-Maybe. -Alright.
-I actually think mine
is actually impossible. -Now see R.O.B.
can just go. Oh, oh, oh! [Nintendo Minute jingle] [cheery music] [Krysta]
-Hi guys. Welcome back
to Nintendo Minute. Alright, today,
we are going back to
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. -There it is! Check it out.
-You have the beautiful, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
controller. Uh we have been… -Delving deep into this game.
There are so many ways
you can play this game. We’ve cooked up a little
challenge for each other,
-Mm-hmm. -to see if we can make some
particularly tricky jumps!
-Impossible jumps! -Some might say.
-Maybe, maybe.
-Some could say. -We’re gonna find out.
-So, we each picked a stage
with a difficult jump.and then, we’re gonna jump into
just a normal match,
and, uh, see if we can do it.
And each person gets five tries.
-Can choose characters.
-We can change characters or–
-How ever much you want.
-or stick with the same one.
-That could be
the big difference. -Whatever your strategy is
you can do it. But of course, there’s always a punishment
with a challenge.
-Yes. A consequence. -A consequence.
-What do we got on here? -So we have, our wheel of fate
is back here. There’s some, uh,
pretty embarrassing, consequences on the wheel,
that the loser will have to spin
twice at the end of the video. -We might both have to spin it,
if we both go belly-up.
[bell dings]
[Krysta] -Or not.
I don’t sound confident.
[laughter] -Alright, who’s goin’ first?
-You go first. Oh, wait. No. [Kit] -I’m gonna
choose my stage.
-You choose your stage. -You have no idea what it is.
-I don’t know what it is. -This is on one of
my favorite stages.
-But maybe it’s– -Tada! Corneria.
-I knew it! Ugh.
[relaxing strings music] -And–
-Your favorite stage is not
one of my favorite stages. Let me just get that
out of the way right now. -Maybe this’ll be
one of your favorite jumps.
[Krysta sighs] Alright, I’m just gonna choose
little Mario so I can
just observe. -Yes, you observe in the corner.
-Yeah, I’ll observe
from the background. I’ll stay out of your way.
-I am gonna start with
my favorite, Kirby, with the beautiful, ah, ability
to have multiple jumps. -Right.
-Just to see how it goes, but
I may change my character after. -It’s a solid choice.
Honestly, it is. Yeah.
-Solid choice, solid choice. Oh, boy.
-So, now I have to show you
what the jump is. -What is the jump? Yes,
please show me what the jump is.
[fast-paced strings music] -So, I’m not gonna do the jump,
obviously, so you need to start
somewhere down, down here on the,
anywhere you want
on this kind of tail– -Tailpipe? …Area? Okay.
-tail exhaust vent
sort of thing. And you need to get all the way down here, to the little turret. -Okay.
-In one, unin– Oh, my gosh!
One uninterrupted jump. -Can I just try
one thing without– -You have five tries, so you can
try as much as you’d like
with the five tries. -But can this not be part
of my five tries?
-No! -Ah, dang it. Okay. Really?
Try the first. We can just cut,
you could just spin the wheel– -No, no. No, no, no.
I feel, I feel confident.
-Okay. Great. Go. -Here we go. Kirby.
You and me.[buzzer alarm]
-Oh boy. You need to know
how many jumps Kirby can do. -He can do five jumps!
I know that!
-Alright. -You don’t know.
-I’m observing you from
an Arwing right now. -See, what I wanted to try
was to see if–
-Whoa! Don’t get distracted by– -Could you go through the fin
or could you not? Cause
sometimes you can. -Sometimes they’ll,
make you grab on.
-That’s what I wanted to try, but you were so mean! And you–
-I thought you did
exhaustive research. -I did some. But–
-I thought you,
you were in the lab. -Okay. How do I do this?
Maybe it’s too risky, right?
-Whoa! -Oh no!
-That is something you
need to contend with, cause there is some stuff
going on here. Oh boy.
[buzzer alarm]
What did Mario do
to deserve that?
-Maybe I can go underneath it, but maybe I don’t even
wanna use Kirby.
How do I do this? Oh! -So you’re on your
third try right now.
-No! Kirby, why?! -I will show you at the end if
you don’t do it, just to prove
that it can be done. I’ve done this.
-You have?
-Oh yes. -Like, you can do it
over and over again?
[cricket noises] On command. I thought this was
one of the whole you had to be
able to prove you could do it. I’m not sure that you did that.
-Oh! I mean, I feel like
someone out there can do it. -So, my jump is not impossible,
if you’re me.
[bell dings]
-Change characters, change
characters, change characters. -Maybe you need to put yourself
in the mindset of me.
What would I do? -You’re a troll, so I don’t know
what you would do. You’re mean. -But the exhaustive practice!
All the time in the lab. -R.O.B. has a little rockets
in his little feeties,
which is good. -You sent me a text message
that said, “In the lab,” with a little emoji of a little
Bunsen burner or something.
[laughter] -What about Pit? He has wings.
That could be something
that’s good, right? [Kit] -Alright. I’m just
gonna give you a thumbs up
to show you can do it. -There’s no, oh, see,
that is good.
[buzzer alarm]
Up B is good.
-You have one more, chance here.
-Okay. Quick, Pit. Oh… [Krysta][slow motion] -Oh!…[buzzer alarm]
Close! Oh darn.
-Oh, geez! -Okay, show me how to do it.
-Change characters? -Well,
I’m not doing it with Mario.
-Oh, okay. So not with Mario. You do like Mario.
-Definitely not with Mario.
-Is it Wario? Do you have to, like,
throw the motorcycle somehow? -So, as I get this setup, maybe
you should consider what wheel
you do and don’t want here. -Ugh, geez.
-Because you’re gonna spin it.
-No! -Alright. was there any other
character you thought,
“Oh I should’ve tried that one”? I’m thinking about all the
characters. I mean, like– -Oh, I’m circling one. Uh, oh.
-Yeah, oh, Meta Knight?
That’s a good one. That’s almost like Kirby.
[laughter] It’s like the opposite of,
I was thinking, like, even, even
like King K. Rool would be good. I’ll just be the Kirby
to your Meta Knight. [Krysta] -Do you go underneath?
[Kit] -So, you were really
onto something with that. -I knew it.
That is the trick isn’t it?
-That is, that, I’m, I’m– -There’s probably
other ways to do it.
-I’m sure that is the trick. -That is. You gotta just
float underneath there. -You just start by kinda
getting on like this. -Oh. And then you drop down? -Oh, oh! I got shot.
-Okay, but I see
what you’re doing here. -Yes. That’s the idea there.
I gotta be able to
do it here, though. -For realsies this time? Yes!?
-There we go. See? Tada! -Okay, fine.
-Is it impossible? NO!
-No! You guys should try it.
Okay, my turn.
-That was fun. Alright. -I actually think mine
is actually impossible.
[record scratch]
-Then why am I doing it?
-I just want you to,
it was impossible for me. -You have so much faith in me.
-But you’re a better
Smash player than I am. -Wow! Wow.
-Yes, I gave you a compliment. -I mean, sometimes
it happens guys. But
let’s see if you can do it. I mean, I feel like
somebody probably can do it. Palutena’s Temple
which is where?
Here we go. Okay. Palutena’s Temple.
-So, I did spend some time
looking at this one. This is a good stage
to try it with, because, to do this,
this type of challenge
’cause there’s a lot of options. -Maybe certain people that
you might challenge,
[bell dings]
to a Smash battle when
you spin the wheel?
-Maybe. Maybe a friend
that you might wanna challenge.
Okay so here’s what you gotta do So, you gotta come
all the way down here,
and then you need to get– -Yes?
-from this little,
little tree stump. -Okay.
-You gotta get…
-Oh. -all the way up here. -I’ll just stand here.
-Um, can you stand up higher, just so I can see the stage
a little bit better? ‘Cause I’m
thinking of a route here. Yeah, get on that.
There we go. Perfect. Okay.
-Oh, here we go. This is my helpful thing
that I’m doing for you.
-Try one. Here we go. Let’s see if R.O.B can just go–
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh![buzzer alarm]
-Oh! Okay, that’s good though.
That’s good. Oh, R.O.B.? -R.O.B.
-See, and another thing is, you have to understand which
ones you can go through and
which ones is an obstruction. -Yeah, and there’s some that’ll,
you’ll just automatically
grab onto. -Right. Which is what happened
in the, I think, on the Arwing. For me. I was like,
“Oh, this is, this is like a”– -Alright, so,
I’m gonna try a little bit
of a different route here. Let’s go up. Oh!
[buzzer alarm]
-Oh, see, those are the ones
that you, I did try that too,
where you can grab onto it. -I’m gonna switch characters.
So, R.O.B got me
the vertical clearance. -I think he could
kind of do it, though. I think King K. Rool
has a good amount of… -Helicopter brain.
-Again, I think he can do
the vertical clearance. Again, the horizontal
is a question.
[Krysta] -Yeah. If you could just
get high enough, you could
kind of like float down to it. -Here we go. Here we go,
Oh, oh, oh. Oh!
[buzzer alarm]
-You bumped your head, though.
-Did I? -Yeah. On that little
platform right there.
-Oooo. -You gotta get in the little–
-I’m not sure. We’re going back
to R.O.B. for one more time. I feel like that’s my only shot. [laughter]
[Kit] -Alright here it goes. Oh… Aww!
-Oh no!
[buzzer alarm]
-Oh, I really thought
it was gonna happen there -You went too high.
-Since, it’s been, unresolved
whether this is even possible, I’m gonna just go.
-Okay, fine.
Do it one more time. I need to wait for that platform
to come back down. I think
that’s where, my failing was. -There we go.
-Here it comes. Okay. -I did it for you.
I was helpful.
-What? You did what? -I jumped on it. And then
it activated, do it now.
-Oh, I see. Great. [cheery music]
-‘Cause you can go
through the platform– [Kit] -Oh! YES!
[Krysta] -Ah!
[crowd applause]
-I’m not spinning the wheel!
-Oh my gosh!
That was really good. Do you think Palutena
could do it–
-Is it impossible? NO!
-NO! See, I was like,
“Someone can do this.” -You have to
spin the wheel right now.
-Do I have to do it two times? or one time?
-Uh, once. -I’m so scared.
-You know who doesn’t
have to spin the wheel? Me. Okay, now, we have to explain
a little bit of this. We already revealed our
Super Smash Brothers Ultimate
crushes. Chrom, Zero Suit Samus. This is a secret crush though.
This is the one that you have,
not shared? This could be weird. [Krysta]
-It’s King K. Rool.
[laughter]I know! Don’t judge! Come on!
I really like him. He’s so cute.
-I just wanna be, like,
snuggled next to him. [Kit] -I’m thoroughly confused.
Maybe a little disgusted.
-I want the crown. I like the little helicopter.
I wanna use him to take me
on a helicopter ride. I need to stop.
That’s really embarrassing. This game has so many
different stages and characters,
-Find your own jumps. -Find your own jumps. And I
would love to see, like the
really good players that can do, the crazy technical stuff with,
with, like, Samus or Sheik
or something like that. Try some of these really
crazy ones, and show it to us.
That would be really cool. Alright, we are going to wrap it
up for today, and remember: -Nintendo Minute
is never a minute.
-We’ll see you next week. Bye-bye!

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