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Summit Springs Guard Station on the Ashley National Forest in Utah

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We are here at the Summit Springs Ranger Station which was built by the Civilian Conservation
Corps, the CCC in 1934, 1935. And it was used as a main district head quarters
for almost thirty years up until about 1960’s. After the district head quarters was moved
down to Manila, in about 1960, this ranger station continued to be used as
a staging headquarters for fire, for the maintenance crew, and other staff.
When we decided to turn this into a cabin rental program, we thought, let’s go back
and restore it to the original grandeur. We started a program, we internally went in,
we took out the fake wood siding, and restored the interior to what it would
have looked like historically. The upstairs, we repaired all of the interior
fiber board that was originally there, and the interior was restored.
On the exterior, we went through and replaced all the windows, took out the old aluminum
windows, replaced them with wood windows that match
exactly to the original plans, and also changed out the doors.
They also replaced the roofing on both the bunk house and auxillary buildings to restore
them also to their original. So the Summit Springs Ranger Station like
other ranger stations on the forest function as the headquarters for the district.
The district ranger typically would live here with his family,
and they would administer all of the forest activities going on throughout the area.
The Summit Springs Guard Station has now been restored and is available for cabin rental.
The main house has an up floor that has eight bunks, so sleeps eight individuals,
it also has quite a large kitchen with two stoves and two refrigerators, a large unisex
bathroom. The bunkhouse also has bunk beds and can sleep
twelve. So renting both the bunkhouse and the main
building can sleep up to twenty individuals. Plus there’s areas for people to bring in
trailers and to use outside, the outside facilities. And then there’s lots of room for tent camping,
and RV spots, so we can accommodate about fourty people here at one time.
You really get a sense that you’re here in the forest.
A family fire pit for gathering around in the evening and telling stories,
several picnic tables, so those larger groups or even smaller groups can really spread out
and not feel cramped all the time. So the electricity at the guard station is
basically just lights only. Which is from a timed battery generator system.
But there are no plug-ins for charging computers, phones, tablets, or plugging in hair dryers,
so it’s limited in that nature. You’re secluded in the woods, you get a true
sense of how early forest service employees such as rangers used to work and live.
Summit Springs is really a nice central location on our district for everything we have to
offer. Right out your front door you have access
to the Sheep Creek ATC trail that will take you all over the mountain.
You’re approximately thirty minutes from the High Uintas Wilderness and Spirit Lake.
You’re approximately five minutes from Ute lookout tower.
And you’re anywhere from five to twenty minutes from numerous mountain lakes, hiking, mountain
biking, horse back riding. Red Canyon visitor center is located approximately
twenty minutes away. And if you keep going for 45 minutes, you’ll
reach Dutch John and Green River access for world class fishing and floating down the
river. We stayed here a few days at the Summit Springs
Guard Station, and it was nice because we were able to bring
our entire family here. And it was gorgeous.
A lot of close outdoor activities, Flaming Gorge and a lot of ATV trails, fishing, and
all that, it was a really good time. And it was fantastic.
We love that there is the seclusion here. Just playing and enjoy the quiet and the solitude
with our family. There was about eighteen of us.
Some slept in the bunkhouse, some slept in the Guard Station,
some brought tents and some brought RV’s. We brought our own linens, there were no linens
provided. So we all had sleeping bags.
The kitchen did have some pots and pans provided, but we decided to cook outdoors mostly. So
we brought our own plates and towels and stuff like that.
We did dutch oven one night, just grilled hamburgers another night.
Cooked hot dogs over the fire, smores, things like that.
We brought up a lot of our own yard games here to play on site,
bocci ball set, volleyball net, things like that to play around with the family.
There’s a lot of close things to do nearby, we went up to the fire tower and went to Flaming
Gorge and swam there for the day at Sunny Cove.
And then we went and rented some rafts on the Green River and floated that all day and
that was a really good time. This was the perfect place to bring our family,
a large group, had a really good time with everything outdoors
and it was absolutely ideal, good time. It’s been great!
While we were here, we went to the visitor center and were able to see the outlook.
We did the dam tour on the Flaming Gorge dam which was amazing.
And we saw a lot of wildlife, we got to see some deer, we got to see about six big horned
sheep, and that was really neat. We’ve just been having a great time.
We roasted over the fire pit, we did pancakes for breakfast, and there are a lot of meals
that can be prepared here. We loved spending time here together at the
Guard Station. It was ideal in the seclusion.
The yard is nice and big, it’s beautifully surrounded by all of the trees and then it’s
right in the center of the forest. We really enjoyed spending time together as
a family here at the Guard Station. (Music)

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