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Are ya ready kids? eye yahi Captain I can’t hear you !! eye ahi Captain ohhhhhhh Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ? Arleth square head do it Hey guys I’m in the restroom again I’m at Raging Waters right now .. I don’t even think you can hear me *This is just a meme don’t mean to offend anyone* ahhh that was great thank you woahhhh its gonna be fun thanksss did you like it ??? You guys wanna get on again ? I don’t know aww this hurts are you okay ?? Twelve Seconds Later now that was something I HAVE WATER IN MY EAR HEY GUYS so now we’re gonna get on this slide Its like these racer thingies I have water in my ears and its bothering me so much shoot damnnn I don’t think I wanna go on ohh holy cow. Lets just watch one more time. oh my gosh this is scary zayyum That little kid almost flew out !!! I believe I can fly That was freaking scary dude what the heck Imagine I fly out like that !!! I’M GONNA FLY OUTTT Here it comes (the drop) I was not expecting that I got a wedgy awwe that hurt my head

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  1. New subscriber love this video the quality and editing did it’s great 💙😊😊 hope to see a new subscriber, stop bye any chance you get !!!

  2. I'm going to raging waters tomorrow and that's how I found this video I looked up raging waters vlogs and I found this and now I'm pumped can't wait till I go to raging waters tomorrow and also what did I say

    Evol eht ortni!

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