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Studio City Recreation Center – Studio City, CA – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures Inc.

[♪ ♫ ♪] I’m Marci Moran I’m the director of
community outreach and special events for Shane’s inspiration. And we are here
today at Beeman park at Studio City Recreation Center this is our 50th
inclusive playground that we have opened. So this playground it was completely
redesigned. My kids used to come here when they were little and it was not the
best playground. It definitely wasn’t accessible for
kids with special needs but now what’s great is we met with the community here
in Studio City and talked to them about what they wanted to have in their
community. They did kind of a nature theme here and it has a lot of like
wooded stuff so it was great to partner with LSI to create this playground. One
of my favorite things it has is the Omni spinner. When we were kids we had the
merry-go-round and this is much safer and what’s awesome about it is that kids
who need back support with special needs can be seated in it and they still have
back support while they’re seated so they can spin around and they can be a
part of it so it’s a great piece of equipment that’s inclusive. One part of
my job is that I help run My Play Club which is a community outreach program
that’s free to the community where we bring children of all abilities and
their families together at our inclusive playgrounds. We get sponsors like
Universal Studios Hollywood or Disney to help sponsor an accessible bus so we can bring kids with disabilities to the playground. We partner them with
typically be able kids and they play together on the playground.
Which is a great opportunity for them to eliminate their bias toward people with
disabilities and teach them compassion acceptance and it’s just a great program
and I love it and proud to be part of it. [♪ ♫ ♪]

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