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Strapping down trampoline before the storm

Hey everybody Saturday January the 11th 2020 a little winter time. I got a t-shirt on 70 degrees outside. We got storms coming in When it’s going to be coming in from the south That sound I’m really hoping that the trees back here and the hill behind us block off some of the wind and protect us but I’ve got this thing To worry about hoping it don’t go flying around. So what I did was I went ahead and pulled the boat trailer around and So don’t roll very well and we ranch it strapped this side of the trailer Do corners Pull the other trailer around Drop the gate on it Just more straps and that gate should act like a Like a pretty good break on this trailer keep it from rolling Add two more straps another corner, I’m gonna hit up the back of the Jeep That should keep this thing from becoming a Projectile at 70 miles an hour and landed in the neighbor’s yard or on the neighbor’s house

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