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Chase: Did I… Did I tan? I think I tanned. I think… I look tan. (Aaron: You do.) Hello! (sudden adorable laughter) Hello! It is me, and Aaron is in the background. (Aaron: Hi!) Chase: There you go. There he is. (Aaron: It me!) Chase: There he is. Um. Today I am doing a story time video. Kind of, not really, but I’m calling it that because it’s a story, and I want you to have a time. (chuckle) Wait, have you? You’ve been here when I’ve done my videos. You’ve like, sat right there when I- yeah, okay. (Aaron: Usually I’m silent) Chase: I want your commentary. (Aaron: Usually I’m stealth.) Chase: *exhales* Today! I am talking about a story that happened yesterday, yeah it’s a story. Um. I went to the waterpark for the first time since having top surgery. Which means the titties were out, and by titties, I mean just the, you know- Ugh, you can’t see them. Eh! There you go, the scars Um I went with my stepmom my sister, and my sister’s “friend?” “boyfriend?” I don’t know, she’s ten, I don’t know what this is happen- I don’t know kids and their relationships with other people. I don’t understand it, so. Whatever! I went with them, okay, and I drove, and we went. So I have noticed more this year that people have been staring at my chest when I’m outside more. And I don’t know why this is happening, because all the years before, maybe I was like, blinded, and not like, looking at people and what they were looking at me. And I was just focused on myself or something like that. But I’ve noticed that this year, more and more people are staring. Like I went camping two weeks ago, people were staring, like REALLY staring. And, um I- I don’t know what’s happening. Okay, example; last year, I went to the beach in Vancouver, like multiple times, no one stared. No one. No one stared. Maybe it’s like, Vancouver’s like a cool place no one gives a shit. But like, I don’t know why. And then I’ve been to other places, even near here. Even when I have my shirt off here. I don’t understand why people *quietly* stare. I don’t get it. Un Beau- -ty. So! At the waterpark, Oh my goodn- I was telling Leti, my stepmom, was like, “Okay, honestly, I don’t know why, but we JUST got here and people are staring. She’s like, and you know what she said? And this is so cute, you know what she said?! “Anybody says anything,” *punching palm noises* And she’s like ‘I’m gonna beat them up’ or something. and she’s like from Mexico and she has threatened people before. Like at the club, you do
not mess with Leti. She has sliced people’s faces. Literally.
She got them nails, she got them nails. She slices… Anyways, that’s her. So don’t fuck
with me, you fuck with Leti. So I take off my shirt… blah, blah, like sunscreen… We go do these like rides which, can I just say I have so much anxiety. I literally
have no idea how I was able to do any of these rides. I did them all with no anxiety. What the fuck is wrong with me? Why do I even agree to go to a
waterpark? I usually have anxiety about like sliding and like rides and stuff
like that… But I did it. Hey, whatever… Although, there is one slide… I literally
thought I was going to die. I am like not heavy-heavy but I’m heavier than a child.
And once you go down this one slide like you’re supposed to like… lie down
and like put your arms here. But if you do that and you’re like – your weight is bigger than a child you go really fast. I didn’t realize this. I was like ‘ I wanna go fast’. Because in the beginning it looked like it was going really slow. So I
decided to go like this. I almost flipped over and it was an open concept slide. I know! Thank you very much! That dramatic face. Thank you. No one believed me. They where like ‘Ah you would’ve been fine. You would’ve been fine.’ – that’s Leti – I was like ‘ No, I’m not fine.’
Aaron: That’s like my biggest fear. That’s why I don’t go to waterparks’. I’m like: ‘Fuck that, I don’t wanna missile into space.’ Chase: No, no, no. I wasn’t like…
Aaron: (inaudible)
Chase: Oh my god… I don’t even know what happened. Oh, look at that. I have a tan for real. It’s disgu…- Also, Leti making fun of me for putting so much sunscreen on. I got a little sunburned.
I can’t get a sunburn on this side. It’s where I put my hormones. My hormones.
Aaron: (inaudible)
Chase: (inaudible) Anyways, so as I’m walking by with the fam[ily] I see people staring, and it’s not
like staring like… Like let’s say you’re my chest and they’re just walking and they’re like… They’re just walking and they’re like you can see that they have that little (…) after but they are not staring. THIS was… Like WTF?! People have different
bodies all over this fucking waterpark. Are you staring at them like you’re
staring at me? I don’t think so. I’m watching you. Also I noticed that
people with different bodies we’re also fucking crazy staring at me, like… Aaron: You should stare back.
Chase: I did. Aaron: (inaudible)
Chase: Fack that. I did. I literally did that. At one point I was sitting alone looking for – waiting for my sister to come back. I’m sitting down. I’m just looking around. I can tell that everyone
who gets off this one ride with the donut, whatever… They like go and the
first thing you see when they get off is me. So they’re like…
Like still talking to their friends, but they’re like they do the squint and they’re like trying to
figure out their head ‘What the fuck happened? What is this?’ And that’s fine. Probably no one realized that I was trans. Like that’s not even a thing that
even question…- But like why you gotta stare at me? Why you got to do it? Why you do that? *laughs But while I was sitting down there was like a family down there. And like ‘I can see you. I’m literally looking right at you’ . And they’re fucking whispering to each other and then looking back at me. I don’t even care if they weren’t even looking at my chest. Don’t do that! Don’t do that to
anyone! You’ll scare someone. *whispers
Don’t do that. Why you do that? Aaron: (inaudible)
Chase: I heard them talking shit! ‘Talk shit, get hit!’ Anyways, so even when I wasn’t realizing that it was happening… We’re walking with the doughnuts, whatever… The doughnuts, yeah! The guns! *kisses *laughs Ehm… my stepmom was like ‘Dude those people, everyone is staring at you’. I was like ‘I told you this would happen.’ I knew this would happen, but I didn’t
know what’s gonna happen on that scale. That scale…? That amount…? Fuck, I am
sweating like a pig right now. Aaron: Same.
Chase: You’re dying right now? Aaron: (inaudible)
Chase: Like my back is wet… hot… But the worst thing I think is… and I get that kids are curious… kids are curious… the curious… the kids… It works with the name. But Jesus Christ, do you not teach your kid manners, man?! Like literally children like… I don’t what height kids are. My sister is like overw… overweight? Over tall… over tall…? She’s tall for her age. The doctors also said that she was going to be like oversized and overweight, but she’s a stick. But… I know! She’s gonna be so tall, cuz she’s 10 years old and she’s literally like this on me. I think she’s like 5.1 or something.
Aaron: She’s like 5.2, I think.
Chase: 5.2
Aaron: She’s approacing my height now. Chase: Jesus Christ
Aaron: Not that I’m 5.2! I’m 5.4 for the record. Ehm… So they’re like… How old do you say this is?
Like 6? I’m gonna say 4… from the ages 4-7. 4-8? 4-8. From those ages, the kids would like They would like, just like… Do you not teach your kids anything?!
Like ‘hey, don’t stare at people’ ‘And if you’re gonna look at them, just like look quickly and then look away’. Which is what I’m used to. The… The little ‘huh?’ at the end. But you’re not going like ‘Show me! Show
me!’ But I was like… I’m not pissed off. I’m
not sad. I’m not like self-conscious. I feel a bit like I am gonna have to deal
with this for the rest of my life which kinda sucks. Like I am trying to get my scars lighter. I feel like if I had pecs I would hide them. But like… Who has time to deal with this?
I’d rather just run and work on the leg instead of the chest. I will say one more thing tho before this ends. This is not really a storytime… It is? Is it?
Aaron: It is, it is a story.
Chase: I told a story! I feel like it’s not in the like mood that everyone else does a story time tho. Like that one time I did…- Whatever. Deal with the story.
Ehm… So I’m scared of heights. Terrified of heights. I don’t know why I
did the…- Like scared of heights like if I’m in a building up high, I’m good. If
I’m in a um, what is it called? Balcony up high… No way! I feel like I’m gonna jump! It’s a normal reaction. Everyone feels that. But I literally feel like I’m about to go into the railing and fucking jump! I don’t want to. But it’s like (*yells). I don’t know… Whatever…
So they had these things and I really wanted to do them! Why? I don’t know. What’s wrong with me? Anyways, so there was a thing where you hold on – it’s like a Tarzan thing – and then you jump. And there’s another thing where it’s
like, what’s it called a… a zipline! and then you jump. They’re not very long at all. But like the water is really deep. Which is fine. Everything is like… It was fine.
So I decided ‘ I’m going to go’. Why the hell did I choose the Tarzan one, I don’t know! I should have taken the zip line! Anyways, so I do the Tarzan one. So
you grab on, you have to like bend your knees and then you go. I literally… When I got there I literally said: ‘Why am I doing this? I’m petrified of heights!’ This guy behind me, he’s like: ‘ Oh, it’s not that bad!’ and I was like: ‘You don’t understand!’. So I go and the woman says: ‘Go in feet first’. Now you know I’m telling you this story, there’s a reason why. I did not end up going feet first. So I go. And as I’m going I’m like –
screaming, because I’m terrified – It was really fun tho, until I landed. So I go in. Half of my feet go in and then – guess what hits the fucking water first?! This side of my body! This side of my body! Do you know what it felt like? Like my chest – not was being ripped open – but was stretching! That’s what it felt like! So
now this side of my body is really sore. Because I did it like – What’s it called
in English? Like a flat…? How would you call it? Aaron: A belly flop
Chase: A belly flop? But like a titty flop. Aaron: Oh!
Chase: Oh!!! It was not… It hurt. It still hurts. And then I was like: ‘Oh, I want to
do the zip line!’ Because no one has gone on their back at the zip line! Because when you’re going, you’re going this way. So you actually like project forward. Backwards? This way. Whatever. Feet first for sure. Maybe your back. But I was too scared. I was like: ‘I’m in too much pain.
I don’t want to do it. I’m to ‘anxiety’ to do this.’ So that was my story of the waterpark and how everyone is staring. I don’t know why everyone has like an obsession, especially at the waterpark. Jesus Christ, look at everyone around you, man! No one has the same body! Whatever. Whatever. Maybe if I went to a waterpark…-? Aaron: I think… last time you went you said people weren’t staring. Your hair is coloured and you have more tattoos. I think it was the whole
ensemble that had people like: ‘Who’s that queer?’ Chase: But last year I had the same thing.
Aaron: Did you have the hair?
Chase: I did! I’ve had the hair for over a year now. The hair was like purple. Maybe it
was blonde. Aaron: I think the hair is the first thing that draws them their attention, and then the tattoos and the scars… They’re like: ‘Who dat?’ Yeah, usually people around here all
have like coloured hair, but I was the only one. No, no, no. There was someone else. Older ladies have their…- I’ve done… Whatever. This is long. This is rambling. You don’t even understand. Don’t forget to watch our podcast! We did an episode about the pressure of being masculine. And then… That was fun. And by the time this is gonna be up our other podcasts will be up about conspiracy theories! Which is literally my favorite podcast we have ever done! You need to go see it! I’m scared shitless! Never want to live again! Never want to watch Spongebob! Don’t want to (inaudible). Why? Check it out! Okay, have a great week! Bye!

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