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STOP Back Pain & Hunchback from Stenosis! At Home Exercises

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  1. I kindly would add that you have to address the hip flexors. Being bent forward so much into positions of comfort leads to tightness in hip flexors. Then when the patient can stand up straighter or walk faster, the tightness in the hip flexors will anteriorly tilt the innominates and increase lumbar lordosis, which may trigger a return of the stenotic symptoms. Therefore hip flexor stretching early on is a must. I find the Pretzel stretch with a stretch out strap to be the easiest and least pain generating. Love the videos!

  2. After watching all of your videos, I bought a massage table for my exercise. Getting on the floor was too hard, the bed too soft. The table has been very beneficial in achieving my goals and I am felling so much better. Thank you 1,000,000

  3. You guys are always so fun to watch! I keep a rolled up beach towel in my car from watching your videos! You always have great advice. 😊

  4. What about using an inversion table i bought the tetter at what angle do you think would be best for my stenosis and herniated disk and bulging disk l4 l5 and l6also s1 my back is tender to the touch i take cyclobenzaprine and naproxen but I’d rather therapy and prevention exercise . Please help me i live in New York City so i cant come to you , i wish I could but any advice i would appreciate, and thank you for your videos please keep them coming

  5. My lumbar spinal stenosis (central spinal cord) got so bad I had to have a laminectomy. They got me up walking the following day, pain free. I thought I’d never walk again but the surgery saved me. I feel so fortunate. 🙂

  6. I'm curious to know have you done any videos on back injuries caused by using a tennis ball to massage the back, it caused a injury where the spine got pushed in towards the stomach? The chiropractor who advised the tennis ball massage can't fix the injury.
    Would love to know some exercises to help it get into place again and heal. Thx

  7. You two are great. I started a WATER walking class because of the stenosis. I can only tolerate 3 minutes of walking so far. I'm going to try these excercises and hope for the best.

  8. I had ACL surgery 6 months ago with a quad tendon graft. My quad tendon is still in pain. I can’t do a leg extension without pain. What should I do?

  9. are there any pre beginning excercises? i am pretty beat up and have lost a lot of weight so there is a lot of empty skin i can neither move nor afford to have retailored. the only thing in this video and can even approach is the leaning against the wall. i am poor and trapped in florida where there are no social services nor valid medical care

  10. I really am finding your videos fun and helpful. My stenosis is not like you described. My doctor did a procedure recently because he thought it would help. But it did not. My pain is along my left side and bending forward does not help at all. The leg exercises help a lot and I have been doing those for some time. What do you do with the Booyah? Thanks so much! Judy Meer

  11. Another great video guys. I have a question, I try to do quite a few of your stretches for but I do struggle with some of the prone ones due to having a larger bust (probably something many ladies struggle with but they're too embarrassed to ask), it can be quite painful to attempt to lay flat. Could you provide some modifications for this issue in some of your videos please? It would be really handy. Thanks!

  12. Thank you for the great info. I've been watching for a few years now, and love the practical information. Makes a super difference!

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