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Springfree Trampoline Installation: Installing Mat Rods

So I see its now time to install the mat, which is steps 6 and 7 in your installation instructions. So to find the first rod position, you need to look for the blue tag on the mat. and match that with the blue sticker on the frame. People generally find installing the mat rods as quite difficult but there is a technique that makes it a bit easier. What you do is you get two people, One person is on the inside, and the other is on the outside. If you’re the outside person, step up to the trampoline with your palm facing upwards. Take hold of the white mat rod. put your elbow into your hip, put your right foot forward, and then use your hip to push your elbow. It is much stronger than your arm, so it gives you the strength you need to push the mat rod inwards. The person underneath takes hold of one of the rods, and pulls it in towards the center of the trampoline, while the person on the outside grabs hold of the end by the ball and guides it into the mat rod holder. The inside person should visually confirm that the black ball is inside the holder, before either person lets go of the rod. A lot of this technique is not about how strong you are, but about using your body weight in the right way, and using your hip and legs to apply the force rather than using your arms. what you’re intending to do is to push it in towards the center of the trampoline, lift it up against the trampoline mat, then let it come back, moving your hips backwards so that it clicks into the mat rod holder. the mat rod holder may have moved in it pocket, so check that its tag is out side the pocket before tyring to insert the rod into it. always grab the rod with your palm up, so grab it from underneath. Remember that once you’ve loaded it, its got a lot of energy in it, and you don’t want your face anywhere near it. so always keep your face on a different level than the end of your rod. Removing a rod is really the reverse of putting a rod in place. you need to out your palm up, take hold of the rod, put your elbow into your hip, and push with your hip. As you’re pushing in towards the center of the trampoline, you need to lift the rod upwards so that it can go over the edge of the mat rod holder, and be released. Once it releases, you push it towards the center of the trampoline, lower it down, and keep hold of it as you step back. It’s important not to twist or rotate the mat when removing the rods. This is likely to damage the mat rod holders, and be a safety hazard. So once you have assembled all the rods, You want to check that they are properly seated. One way of doing this is to go around the edge of the trampoline, pressing down heavily on the edge as you go. and that’ll make any of them that might be not seated properly it will ensure that they are properly seated. It may push any of them that are not quite firmly in the frame, it may push them down into the frame as well. Congratulations you’ve installed the mat. But before you start jumping, the next thing to do is raise the net.

Reader Comments

  1. same, my wife bought it previously owned, colors are fading. also are you doing each corner first? then going around?

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  3. Replacing the mat and net on our 11' Springfree trampoline was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. It takes three guys and a ton of strength to do this. Very, very difficult. I hope I never have to do it again in my lifetime.

  4. poor video regarding how to start off installing the mat, the video showed when they were
    nearly finished. Where do you start when you've had the trampoline 5 years and stickers have

  5. Replacing my mat after 5 years
    Is there a certain sequence to putting the rods in or do you just work around the mat like a clock?
    Cant remember from set up when I purchased

  6. Here’s a tip for those of you with an old spring free and the stupid colored stickers are faded. If you are replacing the mat, put the net and springs in like the video shows, then start on the side where your zipper door will be. Temporarily install 1 net pole on the left side of the zipper door. Now install a spring into the mat to the right of the net pole, ensuring that the zipper door will be just to the right and clear of the pole. Now install another spring beside that first one. Then go to the other side and install 2 springs, then 2 on each end. Of course you’ll need to count your springs and saddles so you don’t get off, but one you get these initial 8 installed, then you can just fill in the gaps.
    I installed all springs by myself from underneath the trampoline. It’s really not that hard.

  7. There’s a lot of force to pull – I used a ratchet strap with one end kitty corner on the metal frame and other on the rod with a vice grip to stop it from sliding up the rod. Then just manoeuvre it in (or out) of the plastic holder. Really useful to take apart

  8. We have been building one of these today…..absolute nightmare and I have a nasty bruise from one of the poles that sprung back in to my stomach, very painful, absolutely horrendous design!

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