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Spring Turkey Hunting – TENNESSEE PUBLIC LAND

the day is at day three here in
Tennessee not a lot happened for anyone’s yesterday we saw I guess we saw
a long beard off the road and then saw a few down the bottom when we walked in
there but nobody really had any major action yesterday so we are heading into
a different spot this morning spot that warbs actually been back in yeah basically right at the back this system
also runs back there’s just timber along the creek and we need to go he’s
gobbling huh let’s do it so it’s our first time in this little
area no we’ve never crossed the creek so I didn’t want to do that in the dark so
we’re just trying to kind of get the lay of the land so when we came in we got
close enough where we could hear birds gobbling on the rooster which we looking
at the map we thought it would be somewhere down in here but we don’t want
to come there’s a ferret or a mink see it don’t know the Sun okay anyway all
sorts of wildlife in here so we just found a spot where we could cross the
creek you know getting into this bottom it’s fairly open but we’re just gonna
kind of pick our way through well you’re coming into a brand new area sometimes
it’s smart to be a little bit more patient and put eyes on it in the
daylight so that way they want any come in the next time when it’s dark you know
exactly where to go understood up blowing something off the roost a bird
that we were on this morning on the gobble once or twice once he hit the
ground hopefully get up I’m able to hear something they’ve been pretty quiet
after that first hour day yeah I think he’s way back in you want to
drive up to the access up there I can get going
as well if he’s only got a lot I got 15-20 minutes before he even thinks
about flying down just get in there as close as we can be frustrating if we
drive all the way over there then they’re just gobbling right here you
know no one’s going crazy though I just
everything that made it sound gobbled on walls I can I snuck up to this Ridge
here kind of right above and across the river somewhere that bird was gobbling
we heard off the bridge gobble once or twice when we were getting out of the
car to walk in I think I might her to watch her play so we’re getting back in
here but since then we haven’t heard him gobble since he hit the ground for sure
because he can hear the highways right behind me so even if he is down that
private land field down there and he’s gobbling us had I felt like we’d be able
to hear the hope was that even though he stood on the private over there as you
guys saw in the first video there plenty willing to fly back and forth across
this river at any point especially if they’re in the right mode there’s a
bunch of scratching up on this Ridge here and I warmth under here in the past
I don’t know what the exact plan is here we might scoot up but it’s it’s hard to
deal with the tower right now especially if we can’t hear very go you know
but it’s a beautiful morning hopefully samurai John around somewhere found another little show crossing right
here there’s a turtle out there in it this could be a good spot for us to come
across quietly in the early morning we’ve got another open bottom here in
front of us looks like real good turkey habitat so we’re just easing along this
path right here right here along the edge of the creek
because as you can tell there’s a little bit of a rise and then it flattens out
up there on top that’s where we expect the birds or adders up top we just heard a gobble guys right over
here not very far within right there not yet do you where’s he at man that bird came by
clothes warm some probably about 45 yards I never got a look at him cuz I
was positioned a little bit different but we’re gonna cut back around to where
he was gobbling set up again and call and see if we need him to come back yeah
he just squirted us up through these woods looking for that him that’s what I
was worried about it in open woods like that yeah yeah once he get over this top
wide open it’s flat up there and y’all could probably see in the footage but we
let him move off now we’re gonna hook around the best spot that he was
gobbling then try to bring him back up through that it’s obvious he likes
something about that yeah the middle of those woods right through there so somewhere right in here is where he
was strutting around at when we were over on the other side so yeah it’s just
we could probably get it didn’t raise right up there yep yep in the shadows
gonna sit up at that double-chocolate yeah he’s definitely coming soon yep I mean probably 100 it’s right over here
see yep I think I think I do I think I see him he’s going left coming towards us yeah coming coming towards us I can see him he’s got a skirt just hair left you see
him yep I’ll have to swing okay 35 30 25 maybe I’ll have to sweat on him yep at least you didn’t take that shot yeah if you locked it when he was moving
laughs could you not keep it with you because I’m left-handed so you’ve won as
far as you could go yeah I should have just switched to
right-hander when he was out there it’s as good as it gets right there right
down there at us hey I can’t believe I messed that up it was like somebody missed that one that’s the person we’ve called in down
the gun goblin like that this year yeah he just did not want to commit over
there to our first set up he wanted to be in this little opening down through
this timber that were set up in and it’s there ain’t much room through here means
pretty flat y’all notice we let him work off bobbling and then picked up our gear
and circled all the way around in here right to the spot that he came from this
is where he came up out of when we called him in the first time and I just
got a little bit of footage of him moving through the timber and then we
got him fired up again I mean we saw him go through there with no hand goblin he
just didn’t want to commit to that first set up so then we got into the spot that
he wanted to be in after watching him come through this little low gap right
here whatever you would call it in the woods
circle around used the terrain to our advantage then got over here
did some aggressive calling to get him fired back up and then we put it away we
didn’t call again just scratching the leaves a few times as he was coming in
once we got to the spot that he wanted to be in
he was just bobbing right through here looking I just tried to wait for him to
get behind the tree and I’m swinging him at that point he’s looking at right
right now oh I know horizontally yeah I don’t know how you’d say that
well he’s basically paralleling us yes and then paralleling us and he’s looking
straight into us and Sam it’s almost silhouetted by that point you know if he
comes down the gun barrel he’s got that tree to break him up but by the time the
bird gets all the way over here behind the camera he’s looking at us from the
side these turkeys don’t mess around either so like if they see something
yeah that one was gone yeah he was gone peace how do you feel
defeated yeah just play that one wrong I blame my parents really for being
left-handed no that was my fault just not setting up on him right for not
being prepared for him to skirt one way or another I mean he could have come
across this and I coulda killed him all day I guess but just the way he was
coming across here it just sounded like he was gonna come back either straight
in or cut across this flat out to our right so sweet hunt oh that was awesome
yeah I mean it’s the first one really like responding to the call good and
like hammering all like the whole time oh well oh well you say go find another
one I guess Jake Jake Jake there’s a bird goblin in
this field right here I’ve heard him twice now Jacob sometimes you just gonna
have to take him out a couple are they that warm up let him fire up you got my
diary gobble that’s what sitting back there then you
definitely just did it like I was moving sign here
he’s right here that night straight to the right even if he’s got to be able
he’s straight down ourselves we can just loop around the steel no wonder the
south of him there he was yeah he’s a long way over there
let’s live down in the south let’s go ready around my mother like pretty quick maybe as
quick as we can I think this might be him guys might be the time right up there in the grass through the
hill is he by himself I look at that’s all I see is his head
he just popped it over there was a deer blowing at us but I’m gonna I’m gonna
crawl this decoy up here where he can see it no prob here I think closer he’s in trouble huh never get way closer yep we’re from the decoy whereas he’s at wait that’s why you on him yep I just want to make sure he’s not
getting it up because I shot through a lot of brush what I just want to make
sure he’s not good enough I’ll show you oh no I hopped out on the edge there and
I can just see his head and did you ever hear that deer blowing right he was pops
right up there and I can just see his head he’s just striding up there looking
back and forth and share on the highest point in the field well it’s exactly
where I thought he was I told you this is the one yeah sometimes I just got
taken off out an old pasture seriously though yeah you have to sometimes I mean
this time of day has been better for most of the people that we’ve talked to
you then right off the roost yeah me unless you can get right under one most
of the birds are with hens right now I think Fred shot every bird that he said
I just read his post today we just did that podcast with Fred down in Alabama I
don’t know if you guys know who he is but he’s killed three birds already this
year probably bore by today and he said I think I think he said all of them were
between 1:00 and 4:00 o’clock when the birds were kind of splitting up I could
have shot for the longest time but he never he got nervous there at the end
read at least turned around and I was like I’m not gonna let him get away but
until he got nervous I wasn’t gonna shoot through all that stuff I’ll show
you what I was dealing with but so off the bat I just had my barrel pointed
right off the edge where it’s thick there just because I knew there was a
chance that he was just gonna walk right into the decoy without holding up like
that so I just pointed right off the edge waiting for you to give me the
green light but he kind of hung up like right in there for me he just danced
around right in there and I just kind of slowly I know I was that this my right
shoulder left against this thing at one point and then
shot him I don’t normally like this luckily I like the two beads on this gun
that you can just line up so you know you’re down on it and everything’s good
and I can shoot sideways like that I have one opening that you said I could
shoot them I’m like I’ll just wait he’s not nervous yet had he got nervous I
could have made it work through there – just a one small spot but alright what’s
your final guess three is that pretty close I’ll say 31 okay 30 31 32 33 and a
half I think he was probably actually closer and that’s not so good work Zack
my favorite number yeah just your standard two-year-old he’s got a heck of
a snoot on though I don’t know if you guys saw I’m whipping it around but he
was ready that might up the flu he was very proud of that
yeah dude he was I think what school – the coolest is that was up there and we
were over there we worked all the way around yeah we were right and we were
closer to him probably when we heard him gobble actually we got to a point though
where he was more willing to come to her setup he was it will show you on the map
but he would have had to come through some thick nasty stuff to get to us and
I’ll I mean I’m sure he was down in this part of the field at one point during
today even it’s a lot easier to call turkeys to a spot that they want to be
in and I’m not much of a caller so I have to be in spots that they want to be
in I think another thing that I guess to me immediately it was like if we go
right at him we’re gonna be either bumping him because we got to come
through this thick it’s basically a thick hedge row I mean yeah the the it’s
not just a fence row it’s pretty deep which is what most fields around here
are mm-hmm and we walked all the way around and we
walked so far away that we couldn’t hear him gobbling anymore and I’m sure he
probably was and I think the biggest thing in in my head was that he’s
probably not going that way he’s probably not going back towards access
he’s probably coming down here rivers down here I mean there’s more habitat
down here mm-hm and we figured you know immediately like let’s try to get in
front of him especially early in the year I mean I guess he was he was by
himself that’s the first time but if you’re hunting like a flock of turkeys
hand up turkeys you’re gonna have to be where they want to be
and it helps even if it’s a lone bird but I mean I know a lot of guys are
probably dealing with Tricky’s that are hand up and as seasons start to open up
in the north you’re gonna be dealing with end up turkeys and the the biggest
thing is just being exactly where the whole flock wants to be right I’m not
opening up there though I can just see his head when I popped out on the edge
of the field and I guess like if you know that there’s a chance that there’s
birds in the field or if you know for a fact that there’s birds in the field you
got to be really really careful about how you go about getting into the field
listen if you’re gonna try to do that that’s the hardest part about fields one
of the hardest parts about field turkeys I think as if they’re already out there
and you’re not on them right off the roost it’s how do you get in there we
used the topography we use the shadows and we got all the way around them folks
I mean this time of day hunters start bailing off these fields you know it’s
the middle of the week people are going to work I was thinking about that
earlier today is like when these birds are going to the fields at least one
we’re hearing and I get out towards the fields after all the hunters are most
likely leaving the woods it’s good over spread to those guys you guys that money oh that’s why you’re
talking about we were wondering if you knew any photographers that would take
pictures of a dead turkey meet at camp that’s gonna kill it’s gonna kill war oh
we got to get out there yeah where’s the Gobbling you’re like so good doing that
dude yeah I was trying to hold on yeah I like the one that walk was like you know
it was your normal walk but that looks cool that’s a good closing shot there to
transition and us going back to people we can even do – I doesn’t got this
vision okay so that you can like get even like push his feet in and then shut
that after I close it it’ll get the black and then next time you’ll see us
we’ll be at camp with those guys just go ahead and put those push those in there
and then I’ll shut that side move these underwear how’s it going Sam Mike good to meet you
hi congratulations man yeah dude hey Mike nice to meet you nice to meet you
oh yeah we all wish yeah yeah shut up yeah the sad one I’m glad we could have
to the episode yeah yeah did you measure awesome no we haven’t done that yet we
should be that we gotta tape let’s do that I got a tape from the trunk
Vieira’s beaks a little rotten he’s got a long snooty shake if you shake it off
how do I get into you take that sneer too long oh he has a long Sneed guy’s
just shaking that it’s out of it this mystery yeah you can’t measure numbered
against against the no rules rules Oh Jake we’ve got us a good got a season
record got you’ve got a 48 inch your focus room
biggest fantasy work four footer well the height is pretty awesome
that’s hilarious we were just talking about that fun night it’s like the
majority of weird high 48 all right guys like I’m gonna cut this clip well take
some photos you guys can see some of that all right well I got back to camp
showed those guys the bird and we got Sam with us who was a professional
photographer so we figured he’d give you a little bit of the rundown maybe how it
goes about taking trophy photos and maybe some of the gear he uses sure
that’s easy well it’s not easy but first trick is to
try to like turkey or shoot a deer whatever try to keep it in as good a
shape as possible if you have a turkey and shoot a turkey don’t just throw it
in the back of the pickup and jam a bunch of stuff on it and then expect to
get good photos after so when it comes to shooting trophy photo locations it’s
like definitely shoot some photos right there in the field like that’s when
everything all the memories and everything the smiles are gonna be the
biggest at that very moment but if you’re hunting a specific location and
there’s this place that kind of gives a lot more story to the entire trip move
the animal there shoot some extra photos just so down the road you can look back
and it’ll bring back just that many more memories and the reason we’re shooting
them here is because zach and i pretty much started on this bridge behind us
every day that’s where we’ve been listening so yep probably 60 years we’ll
be able to look back and we’ll remember exactly where I was from 50 60 years
we’re gonna be old man know also like at camp – can’t be good one – so yep I
guess I’ve always just liked getting really nice trophy photos for a long
time now is because I don’t really know anything I just would rather have a nice
picture because the mountains just gonna deteriorate over time yep pictures
keeping lasts forever that’s right snaps um all right go ahead so we’re gonna move Jake around a lot
but right now I’m shooting on a little bit longer lens a telephoto lens and I
almost always shoot I get back far but then so I can zoom all the way in with
the lens to keep work Jake is still gonna be in the frame and what this does
it doesn’t really compress the photo but that’s what they say basically it
flattens out the foreground in the background a little bit it allows you to
blur out more of the background and just gives it a little bit better overall
feel for like just a real clean crisp photo so that’s why we’re standing yeah
that’s my way from yeah the other thing a big tip is never shoot the photo from
above like always be at least level if not down a little bit if you only do
that your photos will be a hundred times better I mean I think I think and one of
the other tips that we haven’t said yet is you’re gonna want to say a lot of
things like work it may be mentioned what just lends oh so I went from one
extreme to the opposite so this is a 14 millimeter just super wide and this
allows you to just get incredibly close but you can also tell there’s it brings
it so much info from the background that you’re able to tell a little bit more of
a story that single image and it do some kind of unique shots read you
know I can shoot down here I still have Jake’s face it’s a frame even though I’m
shooting at the neck so it just gives different perspective everything

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