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Spring Tulip Wreath Tutorial on Grapevine for Front Door

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  1. Couldn't catch you live. I was wondering if you could repost the information for the greenery "you would marry if you could marry greenery." I thought that was cute. I would really appreciate it. Thank you. PS I love, love, love your wreaths.

  2. Love the colors in this tulip wreath 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽This is truly beautiful and gives me a joyful feeling👏🏽👏🏽💕🌸🌺🙋🏽‍♀️

  3. Hi Julie, My goodness what a gorgeous wreath for Easter with the cross.Your variety of colored tulips are fantastic. Beautiful and very pro. Thanks Julie for sharing. 🌷🌷🌷🌷

  4. Hi Julie I love all your wreaths. Have you ever made topiaries? I would love to see your version of one.

  5. This is Donna from Shelbyville KY. We are getting snow today thru tonight. Only 3 to 6 inches forecasted but I am past having winter weather. Winter has been a mild one this year luckily.

  6. Love this wreath! Where did you say you get your greenery and what kind is it? It is gorgeous and fills everything out so well! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Hi Julie, I’m Anita Dillard—I live in Boiling Springs SC and my daughter lives in Lexington SC—glad you’re so close!! I’m really glad I found your site and I love your work—You’re so talented!! I hope sometime you can find your way up here for a class-/I would love to come—or I can come there!! Do you even do classes? I hope so—I want to learn to make a pretty bow—they just make such a pretty addition to a beautiful arrangement, as you show us—Thank you for sharing your talent and your knowledge—

  8. Wow, that's gorgeous. Love it!!
    Would love to know the name of the greenery used, I didn't see a link for it. tfs

  9. Can you share where you order your greenery and floral from? Your wreaths are gorgeous, thank you for sharing how we at home can attempt to make one!

  10. Allergy season🤣 it’s -4 degrees where I live in Iowa, and I’m definitely allergic to cold weather. Lol

  11. Hello, I’m Thelma from Gastonia North Carolina and I love watching you make your beautiful wreaths and it’s a rainy day here great day to craft

  12. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I don't Facebook so will only watch what is uploaded to YouTube. HaPpY DaY!

  13. I am from Oviedo, Florida and am a part of your Success Group and Wreath of the Month Club. Thank you for all you do. Love this fun wreath!

  14. Hi Julie. I'm from NW Arkansas and love all your tutorials! Have made many of your swags and wreaths along with you. Even made your Halloween swag with my daughter and baby grandson! Thanks for your channel.

  15. Hello from Glendale, Arizona. I just found you tonight as I was looking for a wreath to make for my Mom. Your tutorials are amazing. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us. #subscribed #liked #shared #notificationsbell

  16. I went to your supply list and clicked on Mixed Greenery Bush. It took me to the Trendy Tree website. It says: Page Not Found
    . The page you have requested is not available. (Product may be out of stock, or no longer available). Do you happen to have the case with that shows the item number for the green bush? Thank you.

  17. I am from Livingston, Texas close to Houston. I just found your channel looking for way to make tulip wreath for the door of our church. My Pastor's wife loves tulips. I promised to make one for her for the church. I would like to know what kind of greenery you are using. It looks like something I would use also. I looked on your blog and that place no longer carries that product. Any sugustions as to where else I might look?

  18. Watching you on YouTube from Carlsbad NM . Love love love the look of that wreath. Going to try making it. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Hi Julie, I love all of your videos.  Thank you so much for sharing.  Quick question – what is the name of the tool that attaches the silver spikes to your florals? Thanks in Advance!  have a blessed day!

  20. Simply beautiful.I was not able to find the link for your greenery. Could you please provide this information. Also what type of glue are you using and where did you purchase.

  21. Hi! I've also watched one of your older tutorials on this same style wreath that you did with styrofoam instead of grapevine. Which one as far as styrofoam vs grapevine do you prefer as far as holding up better with shipping etc..? Thanks!

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