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Spring Thrift Haul 2019 + Try On

hey everyone it’s Pazao, if you’re new here
welcome if you are subscribers and you may realize I haven’t uploaded in a
while but I’m finally back with a spring theft all for 2019 to share with you
guys so let’s go ahead and get started alright so the first piece I picked up
is this sleeveless v-neck line ribbed shirt and it’s in this tan beige color
which is currently very trendy right now with the beige and neutral like a sand
beige II but this one is just like a slightly different you but I do like it
because it’s very simple and it looks nice by itself so meaning if I just pair
this with a didn’t Ojai wasted in him Jane it looks great already and just
paired with some gold accessories I think it looks super very simplistic
chic so I got this for 95 cents which is a still definitely next up I picked up
this more simple cut top right here but I love the color and the pattern about
this top it’s very feminine and girly and it has like this little little bit
of romantic vibe going on so for days where you know if I want to dress a
little bit earlier this is the top and I just love the color combination going on
and then I also got this short sleeve floral printed top as well this one is
more of like a bigger print size so it’s definitely something that I don’t have
or own too much I usually pick up smaller prints on my top but I think
this one is super cute and for me these are the kind of fuss-free tops that I
like to throw on especially when it’s super hot or humid and I can just throw
this on with like some shorts and I think it’s already a cute outfit on its
own so these are my go-to so most of these top or basically all of these tops
I’m going to show you guys are just printed so this next one
is this mini polka-dots long-sleeve and it has this like fret not thinking going
on so it shows a lot of cleavage and it is plunging depending on how you style
it but for me I’m not into showing too much cleavage so I actually decided to
wrap this around the hallways instead because the straps were the strings were
long enough to do that and it just kind of looks like a wrap top instead but I
think this is also cute with something like maybe a bralette or a bando
underneath if you want to wear it as like a fat knot kind of type of thing
what even if think it looks very great paired with like some strap dress that
you can just flip this on on top so there’s a lot of ways you can wear it
with this top which is very cute alright so the last top I have is the one I’m
wearing right now it’s just a basic button-down wait no but enough white
monthly and I actually picked this up from the men’s section as soon as I walk
into the thirst or this was the first thing that I saw and picked up and I
thought it was very cute it’s super soft and it’s a little bit oversized but not
too oversized for there’s just a whole bunch of fabrics I’m bagging up and I
love this kind of tops for days where I don’t want to dress up or I don’t have
any idea what I want to wear for the day and basically there aren’t this on with
even trousers or jeans just make it look for effortless and very smart so I
really like this one it’s super soft and he’s very cute prints on here and I’m
thinking this is definitely a vintage because there were some like words
printed onto the shirt as opposed to having like tags to show you like you
know what kind of fabric it’s made of and how to wash it it was actually
printed onto the bottom of the shirt which it’s nowadays you don’t see that
anymore the last clothing piece that I got for
this haul is this dress right here it looks red on camera but it’s actually
these small little flower prints that makes up the whole dress it has this
stretchy like not sure shirred upper-body binging
going on so it has the chest and upper body wine very nice and I really like
this this hits me at a Maxie Lane I’m sure if you’re taller this would be more
of a midi dress but I’m only five two so as long as it’s not dragging on the
floor I’m fine with it and I just and this just really reminds you of
something like vintage retro light depending how you style it for me I
personally will wear this with some slides and a little straw woven Bucky
bag and it’s a cute spring summer outfit maybe take a look down the beach or down
some flower fields in a way I really like this dress so that is all for
clothing pieces I did pick up some accessory and I found this belt which I
usually don’t find any good belt start good qualities but I saw this one and it
actually looks pretty new look you can tell if it’s used or not when the holes
are either like very wide open you know you know I’m talking about and I
actually really like this buck buckle on this belt and I usually have a lot of
black belts but none brown and I’ve been on the hunt for like really a nice belt
that has a little bit of width to it usually the ones I have are either like
you know know most sites or tiny ones but I really like this guy and it says
that it’s Sarah ranch leather so I don’t know if that means this is genuine
leather or not but it’s very good quality and I like it a lot it looks
really nice with your denim so I love this the very last item of this haul is
this straw woven bag and I was quite excited because usually these are a must
for spring and summer they look really cute with are your spring and summer
outfits so I decided to get this and I love how the handles are at bamboo so I
think that’s a very nice touch of detail and as you can tell there’s these woven
flowers intricate on the front which I’m not totally
digging to be honest I’m on the fence about whether I want to cut these out
but this is somebody’s hard work so I might just leave it maybe it’ll grow on
me but I do like it playing like this
instead so anyway I was so glad I only picked this up for about three dollars
it was 295 so yes I remember alright guys so that concludes the
spring thaw for 2019 I hope you guys enjoy I know it’s been a while since I
uploaded so part of me if I sound a bit rusty and I kept repeating some words
over and over again but I promise I won’t get back into the hang of doing
this in a way if you enjoy this video make
sure to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t and also go follow me on
Instagram but yeah that’s it I will catch you guys in the next video bye you

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  1. I absolutely love the way you edited this! So cute & my fav is the red dress 😍🌹 I had to subscribe, I hope we can support each other ✨

  2. all the shirts were especially amazing finds!! also did you find all of these at the same store and which store(s) do you usually thrift? 🤔

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