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SPRING TBR 2020 | Books To Read During Quarantine | ivymuse [CC]

hi guys it’s Theresa welcome back to my
channel the day I’m filming this is the first day officially of spring and it
also is the first Friday in the first week of quarantine in Austria we’re on
lockdown we’re not supposed to leave our houses really unless it’s absolutely
necessary so I have a lot of time to read and actually have a lot of books
that I want to specifically get to I think this is such a great time to
tackle your physical TBR as well as utilize your library’s overdrive if you
can how you recommend I have like half the books I read this month we’re from
there so do that so in this video I just wanted to share with you the books that
I’m planning to reading over the next few weeks while I’m in quarantine I
don’t have a specific like spring theme for these books because my moods are
very volatile that sounds like I’m dangerous but I mean that my moods
aren’t always like easily predicted by the season so for example just the other
week like last month basically I had a huge mystery thriller craze all
throughout the last month and that’s not really something that you typically
associate with March unless you’re part of March mystery madness in which case I
guess I just vibe more with you guys than the Halloween crowd and so these
books aren’t specifically from one genre and more like all across
the board just stuff I want to get to soon the first two books are just books
I really want to finish I’ve already started them and that is the starless sea
by Erin Morgenstern I started this back in February and
where am I… page 250 and that’s when I stopped for some reason honestly I found
this book very difficult to get through but I didn’t want to like definitively
DNF it so I’m still having my eye on it and I hope that this is gonna be the
time I’m like actually gonna get to it and like pick it up because I do have
the time to dedicate to this monster I know it’s a very polarizing book so
some people really love it some people don’t like it at all
and I think I’m tending more towards to like I don’t like it that much
crowd just because it’s so slow and like I’m struggling to want to pick it up
most of the time but now I’m doing it I think this is gonna be like a good
homework for me to do while in quarantine because I like to torture myself with
reading big books I also want to finish finish sounds like I read a significant
amount the Goldfinch by Donna Tartt I haven’t read already a significant amount
I’ve read 70 pages I think I could get through this now, the thing with me
and big books is I don’t mind reading them unless it takes me like really long
and not necessarily in terms of like reading time but in terms of days
because I’m typically quite used to finishing a book like I don’t even know
like two books a week or something like that and if I feel like I’ve been like
already reading one book for a week it feels like too slow and I get bored it’s
a weird system I don’t know so I need to get to this soon and hopefully like sort
of binge read it as much as that’s possible to make me get through it but I
think it’s well-written and I am interested in the story it’s just like
long but luckily those are the only two books that I would consider like super
super daunting on this TV are because I didn’t want to like overwhelm myself a
maybe for the next one an argument could be made this is also daunting
in kind of like a different sense and that is American dirt by Jeanine Cummins
I talked to you guys about this book a little bit when I hauled it how there’s
like all this controversy around I’m sure this isn’t news to you but I really
still wanted to read it and find out for myself like just see what I thought of
it so I haven’t gone in depth on the actual like I know kind of what the
criticisms are but not specifically so I’m nervous to read this I always feel
that way when I like hear about a book before I even read it that it’s kind of
problematic because then I’m like hyper vigilant and it kind of isn’t a I would
say like super organic reading experience because I’m always thinking
like oh when is it gonna happen when is the problematic thing gonna happen and
it kind of taints the whole experience something a little bit more lighthearted
I think when we left Cuba by Chanel Cleeton this is that I think in the
1960s in Florida and it follows a Cuban heiress who has to go back to Cuba I
think to infiltrate the group around Fidel Castro and
I don’t know there’s a romance in it I have read a little bit already I’m on
page 40 but so far I didn’t feel like it was super gripping from the start maybe
it just has a weak beginning and it’s gonna get better so I’m still optimistic
it’s not like I’m writing the book off at page 40 at all I think the story
could be really fun I just hope we kind of get a little bit more substance soon
because so far it just seems a little superficial and a little too focused on
the romance almost which wasn’t exactly like my main focus of where I thought
the book was gonna go so hopefully things will get better then I also like
to read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott I also started this book
don’t shoot me I started all these books I feel like I don’t know how far I
got because I took out the bookmark and I just found it a little how should I
say maybe too wholesome at the time I just needed something that was more
fast-paced and like a little more like I don’t want to say interesting because it’s
still gonna be an interesting book but like just a little more like gut punchy
and it just it was just so cute and sweet and I was like this isn’t really
my mood right now so I put it off but hopefully I’m gonna get to it now so as
you guys might know I’ve been reading Liane moriarty books for a few years now
and there’s always like a pretty big gap in between because I don’t know why but
even though I love all her books I get oversaturated quickly with them somehow
so I need a little break but this time even though I just read one of her books
last week I’m really wanting to like pick something else up by her because I
think she has such a distinctive voice and you just always know what you’re
gonna get from her books and if you’re in that mood you can count on her books
to give you exactly that and it’s like family drama with a bit of mystery
there’s always some sort of plot twist it’s always kind of humorous but also
dealing with as I said like family drama related topic so such as like domestic
abuse trauma associated with families drinking problems drug problems a lot of
different things and I think she does a really good job of like balancing both
the humor and the tragedy I guess of these stories
really really well so that they’re never too heavy to digest but they’re also not
making light of the situation I don’t think that’s an easy thing to do at all
so I love her for that, sorry about this little love letter to Liane
Moriarty that was kind of not intended but I just wanted to kind of tell you
that I’m gonna read another book by her this is the last anniversary and it
follows two sisters who find an abandoned baby and kind of adopt it and
I think the story starts off with one of the sisters having passed away and then
the other trying to like uncover secrets about something or maybe they’re
covering up a secret I don’t know but I’m excited to read it it’s giving me
kind of three wishes vibes but maybe only because I read that one just the
other day like a week ago and it’s also about sisters but I’m definitely excited
to check this one out honestly if any of the things I said about Liane Moriarty
earlier appeal to you highly recommend you pick up one of her books
I still think big little lies is her best but everything else is also really
good really decent if if you’re in the mood for that kind of story the next
book I just bought the other day based on a really good Instagram post I don’t
know I liked the post I thought the book sounded interesting so I bought it it’s
hold back the tide by Melinda Salisbury and I honestly don’t really know that
much about the book even though it just said it sounded interesting but I just
says here are the rules of living with a murderer and then it’s about this woman
who lives in the mountains and it’s just a lot of cryptic stuff so it doesn’t
really give you much of a hint of what the story is actually about but it’s
very short and I think it’s just a thriller maybe I don’t know let me know
if you’ve read this book what genre it is and if you liked it because I just
love this cover definitely a cover buy and an Instagram made me do it buy and I
want to read it soon and let you now report back what I think as always and
then finally because it’s not really possible for me to put not a single
fantasy in this I wanted to read Empire of sand by Tasha Suri guess what
I also already kind of started this book I read like 30 pages a month ago and I
thought the thing that was most jarring to me was the main characters called Mehr
I think that’s how you pronounce it but it’s written MEHR and that just means more
in German and it’s so confusing I don’t know, that’s really a me problem I
recognize that but like oh my god it’s just the word more as a name like
capitalized everywhere it’s making me crazy I don’t know I don’t know what to
tell you but this is about this girl called Mehr
who has magic powers that she’s trying to hide from the ruling people in her
kingdom but they discover that she does have powers so she has to
like enter an arranged marriage for some reason I don’t know but it sounds
interesting I’ve heard good things about it and I heard it has a really good
slow-burn romance which I’m here for it as you all know so I’m excited to pick
this up again and actually finish it this time and that’s it for the books
I’m planning to read during quarantine we’ll see how much how long they last me
because up to now it’s what day is it today, the 20th
yeah the 20th I’ve read 13 books in March which is better than I think yeah
my best reading months so far in 2020 and this number is just gonna keep
rising so I’m excited to take you guys down for that let me also know now that
we’re in quarantine what kind of videos you want to see I’m always looking for
like new videos to do so if you have any suggestions of what you would want to see
from me leave it in the comments I am working on some things that just require
time you know me having to actually read the books in order to do the video
so if there’s anything else like that is maybe a little bit quicker like
recommendations or anything else that you can think of please leave it down
below let me know what you want to see from me and that’s it for now I hope you
guys enjoyed leave a like subscribe come back soon for another video and until
then have a lovely week and please stay at home and stay safe don’t be like
those stupid kids in Florida that can’t give up their Spring Break in order to
save their lives or that of their families

Reader Comments

  1. haha Little Women is definitely a wholesome book! hope you end up enjoying it ๐Ÿ™‚
    happy reading <3

  2. I get annoyed when finishing a big book takes me over a week lmao. Usually I finish a book in 2-3 days so.

  3. Do a tag shipping <75K booktubers with literary characters.
    Do a 50 non-bookish facts about me tag.
    Do an exercise vid to promote physical activity in the time of quarantine.
    Vid on talking to your future self about ur life in the time of Covid-19
    Do a vid on ideas put forth by (o no!) your commenters.
    Do a collab vid with another quarantined booktuber: promote social intercourse in a time of social distancing. (Naturally if u could travel u'd go to a place like though. ๐Ÿ™‚ )
    Do a vid on 'Love in the Time of Covid-19'. Title a nod the Love in the Time of Cholera/Marquez.
    Stay healthy and hopefully all this pandemic stuff will disappear asap.

  4. Now is the only time I'm regretting not having a big physical TBR :- D And no Overdrive either but since I have a NetGalley problem (and now free books on Amazon problem), I'm fine for now :- D Good luck with The Goldfinch, I still haven't got around to reading it :- ) I'm looking forward to reading some more Liane Moriarty books very soon as well!

  5. I really have been wanting to pick up empire of sands. I'm hoping to read more on quarantine but since I'm working from home and my kids are having to do virtual school, I may actually read less ๐Ÿ˜‚ and as a native Floridian, i would like to say we all pretty much hate the spring break kids who are mostly from out of state who are making our state look awful right now ๐Ÿ˜‚

  6. ooh I really want to know what you think about Empire of Sand.

    I heard great things from Sam from ThoughtsonTomes, and usually our taste in books matches very well, especially when thereโ€™s a good romance. But I find that lately my taste matches more with yours! So if you love it as well Iโ€™m 98% sure Iโ€™ll love it too

  7. I had a hard time getting through starless sea. But after the halfway mark it started to make more sense and the pace flew better

  8. Honestly, Mehr as a name sounds incredibly confusing to me as well. It might be spelt differently, but the Dutch and Frisian words for more (meer and mear) sound the same.

  9. Haha, I had the same problem when the Marvel movie Guardians of the Galaxy came out years ago and it has a character named Groot. This is the Dutch word for โ€˜bigโ€™ and the first few times it was sooooo weird to hear an English version spoken out loud, but now itโ€™s really popular and everywhere and Iโ€™m used to it. I hope you become used to it as well with Mehr๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜œ

  10. When you said: โ€œI donโ€™t mind big books I just get annoyed and kinda loose interest when they take me too long to read.โ€ I was like: โ€œfinally someone who gets me!โ€
    Iโ€™m reading IT at the moment and even though Iโ€™m enjoying it, it annoys me because it takes so long. Have to read other books in between to have some sense of accomplishment.

  11. Going by the Hindi/Urdu pronunciation, I think Mehr is pronounced 'meh her' (i am so bad at phonetically transcribing, so I am just using my way, its like say meh, then say her)

  12. hello theresa! i would always love to see your book reviews i love it and i love it haa haa and how about what you eat in a day as a vegetarian i would love to see that too! Love from New Hampshire USA <3

  13. Hi,
    Bibliophile friend,
    Rarely readathon, but ardent reader of the subject I like most.
    I like quaint, musty smelling bookstore
    And like to read works of foreign as well as native writers, improvement, language learning, but less read old detective noir, sci-fi, no rancour or despise. Read mostly on various topics and subjects.
    It seems this quarantine will make me bibliophile. No problem I too don't like to secede the membership.
    You are welcome.

  14. i like to read at least 3-6 books at a time (not at once) so i always have a big book as part of that haha i've always done it

  15. If you donโ€™t enjoy The Starless Sea, then I guess donโ€™t bother with The Goldfinch too LOL I hated The Goldfinch and it was a complete waste of time (as least for me) and Next Year in Havana is the first book, so read that first before When We Left Cuba! I enjoyed NYIH much better than WWLC!

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