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Spring-Summer 2019 Haute Couture Show – Savoir-Faire: The Macramé Dress

The dress comes back from the fitting, there aren’t a lot of alterations apparently. I have some finishing touches to do, the fastening to sew and then the little stitches. So these are dresses
that are woven by hand. It’s the same fabric
that goes from top to bottom, the same strips. We weave it,
which means interweaving the fabric in warp threads and weft threads,
making diamonds. We get a Fifties body shape. Slightly pointed chests,
slightly narrowed there and like that. This is silk tulle, which has all been
gradient dyed by hand. This strip here starts off very dark at the bottom,
becoming lighter, and if we follow it, it ends like this,
very light. There are 22 different shade gradients there, and in the small one,
seven different shade gradients. We spent five days on the bodice alone.

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