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SPRING Style ESSENTIALS! 7 Key Pieces to Add to Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe

SPRING Style ESSENTIALS! So I received a question the other day Antonio, how can I liven up my spring wardrobe? So in today’s video I’m going to give
you seven items that you can add to your spring wardrobe right now, you can wear again next
year, and the year after and they’re going to look great. Are you ready guys? Let’s get into it. [Music]
Tip number one. Change up your sunglasses. So, I’ve had these particular sunglasses
for a long time. But, guys, if you are sticking with the same
glasses again and again, break out of the habit. Bring in something classic maybe like a pair
of aviators. You could bring in just a different color
of something that you already like and that is enough of the change that people will notice,
they’ll start to give you compliments. There are so many different options out there
when it comes to sunglasses, guys. Try something new. Tip number two. Liven up those boots. So, I’ve been wearing the same dark-colored
Chelsea boots pretty much all winter. And I know a lot of you guys love boot, but
there are so many different options. Maybe go again for the same style you’re
already wearing, but go with a lighter-colored leather. Maybe look to bring in something that’s
not only lighter-colored, but actually has texture to it like a suede. Maybe go with something that has textured
to it, but also brings in a bold color such as blue suede. Guys, many options out there, but have fun
with your footwear. Tip number three. Downgrade your wallet. Now, I love this billfold, I had this for
years, but the size of this billfold encourages me to fill it up. When you go with a slim wallet, you actually
have a lot less room, you’ve got to make the hard choices. And I find when I’m traveling the slim wallet
works great, all of a sudden I’m able to get it down and I find that actually stick
with this sometimes for even weeks after I returned from a trip. Tip number four. Upgrade your wallet. So, I know a lot of you guys like to carry
a bit more and the wallet just isn’t going to do it. So, guys, look at a man bag. I want to go with something though that’s
got a nice strong masculine feel, something – actually, this right here has a canvas
or basically a cotton that actually has a little bit of a wax surface on it, so it’s
a little bit weather resistant, has leather accents, a little bit oversized hardware. Little things like that clearly send the signal,
hey, this ain’t no man purse. Whenever I’m traveling I love taking a bag
like this or even when I’m going around town and I need something to carry the letters,
important pieces of paperwork, other things I may want to carry, I have this bag to do
that. Item number five. A good insulated vest. Now, I don’t know how cold it gets in your
area, but here in Wisconsin it gets down to like -20, -30, -10. So, when it’s 30 degrees, that’s actually
good spring weather. The snow is starting to melt and it’s something
that, hey, I don’t want to wear a jacket, so I throw in this insulated vest. It serves the functional purpose of keeping
my core warm, but at the same time gives the guns freedom of movement. But at the end of the day guys, what I love
about these insulated vests is they’re just comfortable, they do a great job, they’re
very versatile if you go with a dark-colored that’s close
not exactly matching, but close to your jeans or to your pants. So, this one right here I’ve also got dark
blue, dark green. I like keeping them solid, therefore I can
bring in more color with the shirts. [0:03:14]
Speaking of shirts, let’s jump into the next point which is have fun with your spring
shirts. So, spring shirts you can bring in a lot of
color. Shirts in general aren’t going to be the
most expensive item, so you can have a little bit of fun here. This right here maybe you wouldn’t normally
wear purple, but in this type of pattern I think a lot of men could pull it off. A pattern like this though as you can see
it’s larger and it’s using bolder colors. Most guys are going to want to probably pull
into their wardrobe, but someone that’s looking for a little bit bolder of a look
could definitely pull this off. Now, pink, I think that this is an amazing
color that more men should bring into their wardrobe. The people that want to be careful of pink
are those that have a reddish complexion, it’s just going to bring that out a bit
more. But, if you got, you know, medium olive colored
skin, you may find that this is going to look great for you and you’re going to get tons
of compliments. Now, color isn’t the only thing that you
can experiment with, why not try changing up the fabric. Here we’ve got denim, more of a western
look, but this right here can really liven up a wardrobe. You can have fun with it or go maybe you’re
not a denim guy, you don’t like the western look, well, still look for something with
the double-breasted pockets, a very casual very airy very spring look. All right, gentlemen, so as you can see I’m
wearing a dark brown brushed cotton pair of trousers and I love these because they’re
going to go with almost anything in my wardrobe. When you go with the brush cotton, the cool
part here is that we see the texture. Basically, what they’ve done when they’ve
wove out the fabric is they treated it one more time and it created this napped surface. So, it’s actually going to trap air and
be a little bit warmer and it has this great feel. But, you also have corduroy is an option. I think more men should actually embrace corduroy
especially when it comes to pants or their trousers. Now, I want to be sure to mention gray flannel. Gray flannel wool is going to be the dressiest
of all three types of trousers I’m talking about here. This is something you can wear with the sports
jacket, you can dress it up, you can dress it down with a sweater. It’s going to work with any of your sports
jackets. It’s going to look just great with all the
shirts in your wardrobe. Gray is a non-color, therefore it’s going
to match pretty much anything and it’s one of the reasons I love this fabric. All right, gents, bonus round. So, casual lightweight jackets, the cool part
is that you can layer under this, you can actually stay pretty warm. Now, this jacket right here uses suede, you’ve
probably seen me wear this in the few videos because every time I do I get tons of compliments. The fabric, the color, everything is unique
about this. Something I can wear in the spring, look great,
and you’ve to love a great lightweight jacket. All right, gents, that’s it seven items
you can add to your spring wardrobe to really freshen it up and look great. Let me know in the comments what you would
have added, what you would have done to make this video better. And make sure go check out Vincero, they’ve
got that great discount code. I’m linking to them down in the description. That’s it, guys. Take care. I appreciate you. I appreciate everything we build here at Real
Men Real Style. I will see you in the next video. Take care. [Music]
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    I received a question the other day: 'Antonio, how can I liven up my spring wardrobe?'

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  13. Slim wallets are great, bulky wallets really obscure the form and fit of pants. It also makes me personally feel very organized.

  14. I've come to embrace corduroy pants, especially the larger wale style, but I don't feel they work as part of a spring ensemble unless you live in a part of the world with a colder, damp spring season. But that's just me. I do like your comment on the bolder colored shirts, I've started to add them to my wardrobe along with the vest, be it the padded vest, cardigan or separate vest under a sport coat. Keep up the good work, Antonio, it's appreciated.

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