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Spring is here, pick a handful of fresh tea leaves to make two dishes

The halt good Let’s pick the tea together Go here The tea My sister, my hands are full Okay, put it in Today was a great day Home to good food Mom, is this tea ready to eat You can! This tea leaves can be brewed into tea How to eat You can also cook food How do you eat tea when it’s hot The tea You’ll know when it comes to cooking, okay good But how do you cook the tea You’ll know when mom burns down Fresh tea leaves finished tea leaves Make tea Filtered tea bass Tea water Yellow rice wine Soak for 10 minutes to remove the fish Ginger slice Garlic piace thenminto The onion egg salt Yellow rice wine Fresh tea Spring onion Ginger slice Tea leaves after soaking Yellow rice wine The soy sauce Steam for 15 minutes oil Chopped green onion garlic oil Ready for dinner What’s this, mom this This is us In the tea Mother that tea is a little bitter A little but very fragrant Would my sister like to have a taste Don’t don’t You can eat this fish mother This fish is very, very good It’s not fishy at all Clip yourselves There will be wine and tea tonight Is the fish good I got garlic Hot is it It’s not spicy Is it good Mom, did you take all the spines off the fish This one is smaller This piece is good I want one, too You give it to you, too Look for thorns

Reader Comments

  1. Хорошая семья, дружная ,трудолюбивая . Девочки просто Чудо 👭😍❤❤ !!!

  2. А эта мадам любит выпить! Ни дня без бухла! Так и спиться не долго.😒

  3. 原来你还会喝茶喔。。。我以为你除了喝葡萄酒,黄酒,烈酒,桃酒,酒酒和酒,就不喝其他的了。。。。 妳切姜时是不是喝过酒了

  4. ну и вкусовые пристрастия……….,даже чешую с рыбы не сняла.Опять бурда…….

  5. The tea leaves and egg looked delicious, I would try it!
    Little baby bit the garlic, I know how she felt about that because I react the same way if I get the garlic too, lol!

  6. You are too drunk and you let the young one bite garlic when you know she doesn't like it and then you laugh. Shame on you.

  7. Hi Lee, what a awesome dish. I've only heard about cooking with green tea. Her unfortunately it is impossible to get some. Mom and I send you much love and thank you for sharing this with us 😀 Greetings

  8. Cool.Интересно омлет с зелёным чаем . Жать у нас не растёт (в Центральной России)

  9. Elder daughter is like grandmother and smaller is like u, GOD bless u U R good mom and gud daughter-in law

  10. 😁😁😁 2children 1 mother .You look healthy your food is delicious ,your children really enjoy it .

  11. Ola linda familia. Por favor mostre nos mais deste lugar marabilhoso. Faca um sobre voo c. Dronne e muoto lindo este lugar . Si. N. For pedir muito . Obrigado linda familia. Bjs . Ate breve.

  12. 茶葉の芽の使い方素晴らしいですね。魚のお腹に入れる❗臭みとりでしょうか…お子さんが にんにく を食べて泣くのわかります。苦いですよね。茶葉で これだけの料理が出来るのが良いアイデアですね。

  13. The girls r great they r very very helpful to u they knows what to do they r beautiful and will take over from u pretty soon smart girls they r awesome 👍💙⭐💕

  14. 第一次知道茶叶可以炒鸡蛋,我有一包没喝完的绿茶,挺苦的,不知道能不能炒了

  15. Drunkard Lee you and your husband are wonderfull parents,ur daughters are sooooooo cute and lovable 😙😙😙💞💞💞💞💞

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