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Spring-Ford Spotlight – Spring-Ford Area School Distrct Promo

Spring-Ford is is unique in the sense of
community that it builds community community community oriented community
where I grew up you can see it when you drive on to our facilities and you can
when you walk our halls and when you look in what’s going on in the classroom
Spring-Ford strives to be educationally relevant focused on
achievement and growth and have a priority on people so that students are
fully prepared to positively contribute to their society Spring-Ford has been
rated one of the best suburbs to raise a family in Pennsylvania and one of the
top 100 best places to buy a house as a leader in the state Spring-Ford is proud
to provide the very best educational experience to its students parents and
community we chose Spring-Ford looking toward our children’s education
once I get you should I once I get you to I think I’m really gonna like you you
have staff here that really truly cares and are willing to give everything that
they have to make sure that our students are succeeding and that our parents are
feeling supported and that that we have a place where kids can come to school
and flourish every day it’s a great place for my son at little school it’s a
great place to work again for that kind of community feel that I was looking for
I’ve chosen Spring-Ford in in many ways as resident Spring-Ford as an
employee and also as a parent it’s it’s the place to be we came here knowing
this is going to be best for our children and now I get to be part of
hopefully helping make this a great experience for all the other families in
the community as well the staff works really hard at
making it community oriented and encouraging students to be purposeful
and fulfilling their dreams I wanted to come back to the school and give back a
little bit of what spring Ford gave me they really do think springboard is set
apart by the way it’s services its community learn more about Spring Ford
Area School District at

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