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[Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another clean with me marathon where you guys are going to be getting an hour-and-a-half straight of cleaning motivation I know you guys love these videos whenever I share them so if you are new to the clean with marathons I created this several months ago and what I do is I link together several of my recent cleaning videos and I put them all in one video so you guys can just go ahead and stick it on your TV put it on your tablet however you guys want to watch the video and you guys can clean along with me and get all of the cleaning motivation you need all in one video you won’t have to worry about clicking on two different videos or anything you can just go ahead and get all of your cleaning motivation in one spot so if you guys like these cleaning videos be sure to give it a big thumbs up and leave me a comment down below if you guys are going to be cleaning along with me today or using this video to go ahead and just give you a little bit of that boost of motivation and then getting to cleaning later so I hope you guys enjoy this cleaning marathon today and let’s go ahead and get on into it [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today we are going to be filming a whole house clean with me I shared one of these about a month ago and you guys loved it so much I wanted to go ahead and film another one for you guys Kyle and I are going to be going on a date tonight we have a new babysitter coming so I want to just make sure the whole house is kind of cleaned up for her and looking pretty nice and like those first impressions and things so I want to go ahead and get that done and I figured taking you guys along with me would give you guys some extreme cleaning motivation so that is what we were going to do let’s go ahead and get on into it so I wanted to start out in my bedroom today I usually always start out in my kitchen as you guys know but I just felt like my bedroom had so much going on in there right now that I really needed to tackle this space first so if you watched my complete disaster maybe a few weeks ago I was actually finally going through all that stuff we have just not had the time or honestly the energy to go through that entire bin so Kyle and I had gone through earlier in the day decided what we were keeping and what we were getting rid of and then I just needed to kind of organize those items and put those away and then we also had some items that I’d picked you up from the Dollar Tree the day before that I had just not gotten put away so why don’t you go ahead and put those away as well [Music] we are [Music] if you watch my videos all the time you know that I make my bed every single day pretty much without fail I feel like my day just cannot really get totally started until my bed is made and I feel like my day is so much more productive once it’s made as well I know I’ve challenged you guys to do this before but I seriously will challenge you for one whole week every single day as soon as you get up just make your bed I guarantee it will make such a big difference for you I know that it will make you feel so much more productive so try that out and let me know in the comments if you’re taking me up on that challenge and then let me know in one of my future videos or come back to this video and let me know how it goes in one week because I’m really excited to hear what a difference it will make for you guys once my bed was made I just seem to tidy up the rest of my room and I just wanted to point out those sheets right there are actually folded sheets including the fitted sheets I did it you guys I love you sent me so many video links and told me how to fold my fitted sheets and honestly these didn’t turn out absolutely perfect but they were really pretty good so I just wanted to let you guys know I worked out at this last week and I am now able to fold some fitted sheets so I’m pretty proud of myself right now because this is something that I have just never been able to do so thank you to all of you who kind of pushed me into doing it [Music] what’s my room was pretty tidied up and everything was off my floor I just needed to put away the rest of our clothes I’ve shared my laundry routine in the past so I will link that up above and down below for you guys in case if you are interested in seeing that but we do our laundry about every day I do have a few days off where I don’t do any laundry and it’s really nice the way we work it out for our family so if you are interested in seeing that definitely check out that video I needed to clear off the tops of our dressers I feel like these usually don’t get too terrible but lately they have just become the catch-all in our room so I’m really excited to be declaring our entire house come the stubby wary we are going to start that journey together you guys have been really excited to see those videos and I’m really excited to film them and share them with you I know that it’s going to feel like a breath of fresh air once our house is totally decluttered and I just feel like I’m going to have to spend so much less time and effort focusing on cleaning and organizing everything and I did ask you guys in my last video what areas of the house you would like to see you decluttered first but if you guys missed that video or didn’t leave me a comment let me know what areas you would like to see me declutter first because I’m pretty much have to go through my entire house and I’m really excited to go on this journey together [Music] moving into the kitchen I just seemed to clear everything off of our counters I felt like it was mostly dishes in here today but we did have a lot of them so I just wanted to put all of our dishes in the sink and then once I got everything cleared off our counter I would go ahead and tackle those if you’ve seen my morning routine you know that our older boys usually unload the dishwasher every morning but on this day we had just had such a busy morning and they just didn’t get around to doing it so I just figured today I would go ahead and do it myself since they had already headed out [Music] even though I try to get you off my mind you know that I’m thinking about you all third time like when we were driving in the car looking at the stars made us stop at every bar we found [Music] I always get so many questions and comments about our dishwasher whenever I’m loading it because we do have this top rack as you can see up here and that just makes it so nice I have not seen another dishwasher like this but this is a Samsung and we got out and moved into this house and we just love having that top rack so much it’s really nice to put like anything really shallow or any lids or anything you have and it also cleans everything really well I don’t feel like I have to scrub all of our dishes off really well before we put anything in there so if you are in the market for a new dishwasher definitely check out the Samsung’s they have really good ones [Music] we were talking in the car looking at the stars made us pop at every bar [Music] [Music] I hope you do it no no it’s been a while but you’re still in my I wonder if you think Obama now and then like I do right now about you even though I get you [Music] looking at the skies made us stop at every bar [Music] once I cleaned all of our dishes and our sink was emptied out I really wanted to clean our sink now most days I will just clean our sink with dish soap but once a week or so I like to use this mrs. Meyers baking soda cream cleaner and this is really good for cleaning it and making it look really shiny and I don’t know what it is but I’ve said this so many times every time I clean my sink it just makes me feel like my kitchen is so much cleaner and so much more peaceful so scrubbing out the sink is one of my favorite things to clean [Music] come on you’ll see briars tightening already member brizi I just don’t really care what you feel what you feel what you felt [Music] to wipe off my counters I’m just using the mrs. meyer’s all-purpose cleaner in the basil scent this just smells so good it smells like the perfect spring scent to me because it’s so fresh and bright and clean so this has definitely become my favorite mrs. Meyer scent that is available year-round and I do get all of my cleaning products from the girl collaborative and I do have a link down below where you can get some free goodies I believe the link I have right now will give you a free web lop dish brush as well as a glass hand soap dispenser and a hand soap refill and also some walnuts firmer sponges so it is such a good deal if you guys have been looking into girl I definitely recommend swiping up this deal I wanted to get you guys a deal that was a little bit different that I’ve done before so I reached out to them and they gave me this one so I’m really excited to share this one with you guys [Music] what you say [Music] okay so I wanted to pause for a minute and see if you guys have any tips for me I’ve talked about how we kind of have some hard water if she’s in their house and I could not get this clean I haven’t tried everything I’m sure but let me know if you guys have something to help me with this okay so this is how it looks after I’ve wiped it done this is like our water dispenser in our fridge but you can see there’s just like hard water stuck on there I cannot figure out how to get it off so if you guys have any tips please leave them down in the comments I need some help with this but on a better note look at how good that you cloth did I’m telling you guys they are like little magic cloths they just work amazingly just water awesome [Music] moving into our living room it looks like a tornado had hit a little bit there were diapers everywhere there were toys everywhere I think we’d asked Noah to get a diaper out and he decided to just get lots out for later on so I needed to go ahead and pick those up of course the throw pillows were on the floor because I don’t know about you guys but in our house our throw pillows are on the floor at least 80% of the time I probably put them back on the couch maybe four times a day it’s kind of ridiculous I think Kyle doesn’t really even know why we have throw pillows anymore because they’re almost always on the floor but it’s a labor of love I love throw pillows I think they look so nice and they’re so nice to snuggle up with but I am actually looking for some new ones that I can use year-round if you guys have any tips on where your favorite places to shop for throw pillows are leave them down in the comments because I am really picky on throw pillows but I want something that’s kind of neutral that I can use all year round next I just wanted to get our diffuser going in our living room since we’re having the babysitter come over tonight I just wanted our house to start smelling really good for her and just make it smell really fresh and clean so I wanted to get that going early on in the day and then after that I needed to vacuum our couch and our couch cushions we do have a dog and two cats and usually I feel like they don’t shed too much we do brush them pretty often but Emma especially is really blowing coat right now just with the weather changing so she has been shedding like crazy I feel like everything in our house is just totally covered in her hair so vacuuming is becoming such a daily thing I already vacuumed everyday anyway but I feel like I’m having to vacuum different things a lot more often like I don’t vacuum our couch every day and I feel like I’m having to vacuum it like every other day at least because her hair is just getting everywhere in other words I Oh [Music] Oh next I went into our little powder room that we have on the main floor and this bathroom I pretty much never show you guys just because it’s so small it’s hard to get a good angle in here but because we were having a guest tonight I wanted to make sure that this bathroom was really clean in case she needed to use it so I started out by cleaning off the toilet and then letting that disinfectant spray just sit on there for a few minutes so it could actually work and then while the toilet was disinfecting I wanted to go ahead and clean off the sink and the countertop [Music] [Applause] [Music] and while I was doing that I went ahead and added my new hand soap dispenser in our bathroom I thought this was so pretty and it smells really good I shared this in my recent grove hall and this is one of those items that I was talking about that you can get for free if you used that link down below and I love that I’m able to change out the scent and still have this look so pretty and so simple in here I’m kind of thinking I might get another one and put that in my kitchen to make it look a little bit more seamless in there [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] love you from the first time you call me lay loved it from your Winston you ain’t gay games coming upstairs it was a mess up here the boys have totally had free rein up here earlier in the day and I had not even come up here earlier to see what all they had done so the boys beds weren’t terrible but I feel like they haven’t really even been sleeping in here recently because ever since I redecorated our guest bedroom / playroom they have been sleeping in there and having sleepovers almost every night it’s been so fun to watch it’s just been so much fun seeing them sleep together all the time I know there will be a point when they don’t want to sleep together and they want their own room but for now they love it and we are really enjoying this time with them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I could being in when you’re miles away moving out of the boys room and into the guest room / playroom this bed is pretty hard for them to make because of the sights that it has on it and because it’s so big so when they sleep in here they usually don’t end up making the bed sometimes they try it looks like they didn’t even try on this day but it doesn’t really bother me just because they do do their other chores in the morning but I wanted to go ahead and make sure that it was looking nice even if they are going to be sleeping in it tonight because as I said the babysitter was coming over for the first time and I just wanted everything to look really nice next I moved on to the toys and they had a ton of toys out if you watch my recent playroom declutter video we got rid of a ton of toys and I still feel like we have too many especially because we did have Christmas after that and they got a few more toys for Christmas but during my decluttering process I am planning to go back into the player and get rid of even more toys because I do feel like having too many toys for kids is just almost too overwhelming for them and they will really be able to enjoy their toys even more when they actually have less let me know what you think about that if you agree with me on that one I’ve seen so many people get rid of so many toys and when they have a lot less their kids play a lot better and they just enjoy it more so that’s what I’m planning on doing at this point is coming in here and making their toys much more minimal because although most of the toys that they have for all three of them fit into these bins I feel like they still have a lot of toys and really they have way too many toys for just three of them so I’m really looking forward to that point and we just have very minimal toys where it doesn’t end up looking like this every day forget anyway yeah yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the last area that I wanted to clean before I went downstairs to do the floors is the bathroom upstairs this is the boys bathroom and I do have to wipe the toilet down basically every day I don’t think there’s any hack around that really other than just doing it because until they get older it’s just going to be a little bit of a rough area for us but I wanted to make sure it looked really nice in here and I just paid a little extra attention like getting under everything I didn’t just wipe the counter around the items I wanted to make sure that I really got under all the items so I took everything off the counter and got that completely wiped down and then to clean the mirror I’m just using my eat cloth so I have the e clock all-purpose cloth which you just use water with and then you just wipe it down and dry it off with a glass and polishing cloth and it will get your mirrors and your stainless steel and any shiny surface like that completely streak-free it’s so amazing and I love that it uses just water ages Oh [Music] and it’s all because [Music] [Applause] the last thing I needed to do in our house was just vacuum so since our Roomba was upstairs vacuuming that area for me I wanted to go ahead and vacuum our stairs I do not vacuum our stairs every single day this is more of like a once a week type thing because we don’t eat upstairs but it really does make such a big difference to get them vacuumed [Music] [Applause] [Music] the very last thing I needed to do is just to mop our floors I do have a steam mop that I also love but when I’m short on time or when I’m short on motivation or I’m just a little tired I do really love using this eClass spray mop it just makes it so easy and convenient and because it has a cloth technology in the cloth it actually does disinfect your floors even if you’re only using water so that’s another thing that I really love about it [Music] Justin I thought I was done I remembered I still had that load of laundry that I needed to fold so I went ahead and just folded the rest of our towels and then I just got to enjoy the rest of the time before Kyle and I went on our date [Music] to swallow it take me away never because say my disbelief and make me forget so I hope you guys enjoyed this whole house clean with me and I hope you guys got some extreme cleaning motivation don’t forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and also head on over to Instagram and follow me over there and I will see you guys in my next one hey guys welcome back to my channel so it is really late right now it’s just past 11 and I’m getting ready to clean our main living area so we are gonna do an after dark clean with me today we had a really really busy night we just had to get a ton of Luke schoolwork done he had like several projects that we kind of put off throughout the week because we also had a busy week and so because of that I just did not get any cleaning done this evening at all we also are having Kyle’s mom come into town from Montana tomorrow night like late tomorrow night and we also have a busy day tomorrow so I know that I’m not gonna have a chance to clean the entire house tomorrow so I really wanted to just focus on getting the main living area cleaned up and that way I can just go through the bedroom just go through the bathrooms and stuff tomorrow and get it kind of nice for her to come stay with us everyone is sleeping right now Kyle is sleeping because he has to get up super early for work tomorrow and then the boys are sleeping of course because it’s 11:00 at night and Luke has school tomorrow and they’re really little oh they are sleeping already but I really just need to get this done tonight I don’t really mind being up late cleaning this is like my favorite time to clean not really at 11:00 but once everyone’s gone to sleep it’s really just nice and peaceful we don’t just clean and get things done the cats are meowing but I know you guys love these after dark clean with me so I figured I would go ahead and take you guys along with me and give you guys the cleaning motivation that you’ve been left to get so without further ado let’s go ahead and into this [Music] [Music] all right we have a lot to get done so I’m going to put my hair up you’re gonna get to work so the first thing that I started with in my kitchen is just clearing everything off the counters this is what I do every time I clean my kitchen I just feel like getting everything off the counters is the first thing to do and then I start working on the dishes [Music] I did decide to take a little detour and go ahead and clear out our mail area we just have this little mail caddy or mailbox whatever you want to call it but anytime we get mail in we just go ahead and put it in there and then Kyle and I will just go through it once a week or so but sometimes it ends up getting a little bit too backed up and so today I just needed to go through it and see what things could be tossed away and what things we still needed to go through together and it just looked so much better once I got that taken care of [Music] [Music] I get so many questions about our little to do and done list this is the chore chart that I made for the boys several years ago and as I said I do get a ton of questions about it so if you guys want me to share a DIY on this on how to make it let me know in the comments below because I would love to share that with you guys if there’s enough interest for it moving on to the table I had a lot of things in here some things were from Luke’s projects other things I’m not sure where they came from but they were just sitting on the table leave a comment letting me know where is your catch-all in your house is it your dresser is it your table is it a desk I feel like our table used to not be the catch-all but it’s starting to become that way as the boys get older and older so this is something that I’m looking forward to decluttering so we don’t really have such a problem with these catch-all areas [Music] so I had a sink full of dishes tonight to do I usually don’t let it get this bad I usually try and load our dishwasher as the day goes on but for some reason I just could not get around to it today and I just had all the dishes from the day waiting for me but I really did not want to leave them overnight and have to deal with them in the morning so I do love cleaning all of our dishes at night and just doing my quick nighttime cleaning routine and even if I don’t have a chance to do my entire routine I really do love to focus on the kitchen at night I feel like once your kitchen is clean at night it just starts the next morning so much better off when you wake up to a clean kitchen and you don’t have that already hanging over your head in the morning so to me the kitchen is definitely the most important thing to get clean at night but let me know what area of your house is the most important to be clean for you is that your kitchen is that your living room is a bedroom I’m just curious if you guys have the same views on this as I do and think that the kitchen is the most important for that or if you guys have a different area of the house that makes a bigger difference to you [Music] [Music] since I had all those dishes sitting in the sink I wanted to give it a good scrub so I’m just using my mrs. Myers basal dish soap to give that a really nice clean and there’s something so satisfying about having a clean sink I know I’ve said it a thousand times but it just feels so so good to me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] once my sink was clean I like to finish it off with adding a few drops of essential oils you can add whatever scent you want a few of my favorite ones are grapefruit and peppermint I just ordered some more basil so that is going to be what I’m going to be using next but if you guys have not tried this little tip definitely try it out it makes your sink smells so so good the next thing I needed to do is just refill my dish station so I’m just taking my bubble up sponge dish and my bubble up dish brush and getting that filled up with soap and water so it’s ready to go and I get these from Grove collaborative along with my stoma tree that you see underneath them and I do have a link down below where you can get this bubble up sponge dish for free along with a few other cleaning goodies so definitely check out that link below and get yourself some free products and I did just want to mention I know that a lot of people have been kind of apprehensive about try and grove out because they do use the auto-ship but I actually shared in my recent grove collaborative haul I will link that up above for you guys right here but they actually have an option now where you can completely turn off auto ship and just order as you want so I explain how to do that in that video so as I said I will have that linked up above and down in the description box so definitely check that out if you have been interested in ordering from Grove but you don’t want the auto-ship I completely understand not wanting that auto-ship on so I love that they are offering this feature now [Music] to clean up my counters I am just using the basil mrs. Myers all-purpose spray and I’ve gotten some questions on if you’re able to use the spray on your countertops and I have been okay with it but we do seal our granite countertops about twice a year so because we do seal our countertops we haven’t had any problems with it and we have been using Alcaraz sprays on our countertops for years [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] once I got all of our counters wiped down I just went ahead and rinsed my cloths off and then I pulled out my e-cloth because I’m going to start cleaning off my stove and my other big appliances if you’ve watched my videos before you know how much I love eat cloths they work so well and I always get questions on which ones I use so to clean my appliances off I just use the all-purpose cloth and that just really cleans and sanitizes with just water which is really amazing and then to wipe it off and shine it I just use the glass and polishing cloth and that always gets my stainless steel so so shiny so if you guys have not checked out a cloth I will leave their link down below check them out you can get them on their website you can also find them on Amazon and then also even grove sells them as well so you can find them all over if you don’t want to order online I believe that Ace Hardware even sells them I’m not sure if they do anymore but I know a long time ago I did see them there so really you can find them all over the place now but definitely pick yourself up some you guys will not regret it [Music] [Music] okay so I wanted to pause for a second and update you guys if you watched my whole house clean with me last week I shared that I needed some help with the hard water issues that we were having on here it looked really really bad and a lot of you said to go ahead and soak like a paper towel or some kind of towel in white vinegar and just let it sit overnight or for like a couple of hours so I did that the other night I could let it sit for overnight I just soaked it in vinegar and let it sit and the next morning I wiped it all off and it was like gone so if you guys have any hard water shoes definitely try just soaking up for a really long time with white vinegar I had tried wiping it off with vinegar before but it didn’t work so definitely just letting it sit for a while makes a big difference so thank you guys to all of you who gave me any recommendations if I have any other issues and that one doesn’t work I will definitely be trying the other ones but I just wind it up to you guys because I’ve been having a lot of questions about that [Music] the last thing I needed to do in my kitchen was just to wipe down my cabinets I don’t do this every single day but I do find that I have to do it more often because we do have white cabinets in this house and although the upper cabinets don’t really get too dirty those are just mostly dusting them the bottom ones do get pretty dirty pretty often because we do have little hands in this house and they are perfect height for them to just get all of the mess all over them all the time let me know if you have little ones if you find yourself having to wipe down your cabinets regularly or if they don’t seem to bother them I don’t know what they get on their fingers but I feel like they just get something sticky or something colored on them all the time [Music] you [Music] you can find me [Music] once I was done wiping everything down with my e-cloth I just moved into the dining room and started wiping down my table with the all-purpose spray [Music] without juice assuming moving into the living room it was not too terrible in here at all if you guys have seen my videos you know that it’s been way way way worse than this before but I did have the kids kind of pick up their toys before they went to bed so I think that’s why this room is not in terrible shape right now so I just needed to pick up a few little stragglers they must have missed and of course to move the throw pillows back where they’re supposed to be because they just do not ever stay where I actually put them for very long the last thing that I needed to take care of was just our floors so I am just sweeping tonight you guys know I love using my Dyson I usually use my Dyson any time I do my floors but because it was almost midnight it might have been midnight at this point I think I was cleaning for about an hour and fifteen minutes tonight and so because it was so late and everybody was sleeping I didn’t wanna risk waking anybody up so I just decided to sleep on this night [Music] [Music] I know [Music] to mop my floors tonight I’m just using my e-cloth spray mop this is something that has become such a staple in my house I got it several months ago and it has just made mopping so much easier for me I really don’t mind doing it all that much anymore because this mop has made it so convenient but all you do is just fill up the container with some water and because each cloth has the technology to go ahead and disinfect with just water in their cloths I love that it’s still cleaning my floors while it’s still so convenient and the pads are also reusable so you’re not having to waste any product [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoy this after dark clean with me and I hope you got all the cleaning motivation that you are needing today I also wanted to let you guys know that I’m starting to bring out some of this crazy life merchandise you guys have been asking me for quite some time about this so I will leave the link to those products down below and please let me know in the comments what kind of merchandise you would like to see from me we’re slowly adding more and more items so I’d love to see what you guys actually want to see be sure to subscribe down below if you are not already and also head on over to Instagram and follow me over there as well and I will see you guys in my next one [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel so today we are going to be doing a kitchen clean with me and then after we get everything all cleaned up I’m actually gonna go through all of my cabinets and drawers and reorganize everything if you saw my decluttering video it was a kitchen Conroy decluttering video that I shared last week but we got rid of a ton a ton of stuff it was super motivating and it feels like such a breath of fresh air to just get all that done but now that we don’t have a lot of things in there I know that some of the systems that I was using before are not really working anymore some cabinets and stuff just didn’t have any systems so I want to go in today now and just kind of reorganize everything and make sure that the items that we are keeping are really organized and easily accessible and just making life the easiest that I can be in the kitchen so that is exactly what we’re going to do today so I hope that this video can give you some good cleaning motivation and then also give you lots of different organizing ideas and one more thing before we get started as I said I did share decluttering my kitchen video last week but that is actually the start of a whole house decluttering series and I’m super super excited and I’m super excited that a lot of you guys are coming on this journey with me so if you are not already subscribed be sure that you hit that subscribe button and also the notification button down below and I’ve said this before but youtube is being kind of weird lately so if you are not getting notified of my videos then make sure that you are following me over on Instagram and also Facebook because I do update on their whenever I have a new video so that will give you the best chance to keep following along in this process with me but now let’s go ahead and get on into it okay so the first thing that I want to say is if you see me talking to myself I am actually on the phone with my mom I was just on my ear pods talking to her kind of making the time go by but that is why I am talking sometimes I am NOT just talking to myself let me know what something you guys like to do to pass the time when you have a big task at hand do you guys listen to podcasts do you guys listen to music do you watch a show just let me know in the comments what your favorite thing to do is while you’re cleaning if you watch my cleaning videos often you know that I usually always use my dishwasher clean our dishes and then I just wash my pots and pans and knives by hand but on this day I really wanted to make sure that I had everything in our cabinets cleaned so I just wanted to go ahead and hand wash all of our dishes once I got our sink filled up with some warm soapy water I just needed to empty out the dishwasher this is something that our boys usually go ahead and take care of in the morning as one of their morning chores but it turns out that I forgot to run the dishwasher the night before I got an it all set up I even put the soap in there and then I forgot to turn it on so that was a bummer to wake up to dirty dishes when I had done all the work to get it done overnight but that’s just how life goes and I feel like things like that always happen and we just have to roll with it [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] to wipe down the counters I am just using the cal tracy salt neroli countertop spray this is hands-down my very favorite scent ever I have smelled so many of the different products and so many of the different scents and nothing rivals this one this one is hands-down my very favorite one I don’t know how to explain it I’ve explained it to you guys before and I feel like it smells kind of like a beachy men’s cologne but honestly that just does not even do it justice it just smells amazing if you guys have smelled the sea salt neroli vouch for me down in the comments and tell everyone I am NOT crazy for how much I love this stuff it is amazing [Music] once the counters were all cleaned off I just wanted to do a quick wipe down of my stove I do usually use my eat cloths on my stove but just because this was a pretty quick clean and I already had these products out I just went ahead and wipe them down with the spray [Music] moving on to our other appliances I did decide to get our eighth cloth out because this is really what makes such a big difference on my fridge I do have to do this pretty regularly because we have small fingerprints in this house but all I am using is just the e clock all-purpose cloth and you just get it wet with water and then wipe down your appliances and then you follow right behind it with a dry glass and polishing cloth from a cloth as well and this combo is just amazing I’ve tried so many things I’ve told you guys a thousand times and it leaves zero streaks on your stainless steel appliances it is awesome [Music] so once all the counters were cleaned off and the dishes had been soaking in the sink for a few minutes I went ahead and just started washing them off let me know if you guys enjoy hand washing dishes or if that is one of your least favorite chores I actually don’t really mind hand watching dishes when I have a little extra time or for some reason I actually really enjoy washing dishes when I’m at my mom’s house visiting I think just because I grew up helping her out with dishes so maybe that’s why I just kind of enjoy that when I’m at my mom’s house but at my house I am very happy that we have a dishwasher I do really remember the times when we didn’t have dishwashers so for those of you without dishwashers right now I know it is so much work and you guys are doing amazing hand washing your dishes every single day [Music] [Music] once all the dishes were cleaned I just wanted to clean out my soap station so this is just the bubble up dish brush that I’m cleaning out and then I also have the bubble up sponge dish that I’m cleaning out and below all of those is the stoneware tray from Grove collaborative I have gotten all of these from grofe collaborative but I believe the two dishes are also available on Amazon I will link them down below but if you are interested in checking out girl that’s where I get most all of my cleaners from and I do have a quote for you guys that will actually give you this little dish along with the glass hand soap bottle and a hand soap refill and a few other little goodies as well and then I believe even if you spend $39 then you can go ahead and get that stoneware tray for free as well this is like one of my favorite offers I have ever seen them offer so definitely check that down in the description box below and I also have mentioned a few times but if you don’t want to be on the auto-ship with Grove you can go ahead and turn that off and I will link that video right here for you guys up in an I card and also down in the description box in case if you want to turn that auto-ship off it’s super super easy and then you can go ahead and get some free products save some money on grow and also get them delivered to your door which honestly anything that keeps me out of target is probably a good thing although it still is like my favorite store [Music] the last thing I want to do once my sink is all clean is just add in a few drops of essential oils I have heard from you guys so many different times that you guys try this little trick and how well it works so if you’ve not tried it try it out just grab yourself some essential oils and pop them in your drain and it will really fresh number your drain you will not believe what a difference it makes [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] next I just wanted to take out the trash I noticed that it was getting a bit full this is something that I usually have Kyle do but I just decided to go ahead and take it out since it was full let me know if you guys have kind of designated chores in your house or if you guys just kind of take turns taking care of everything Kyle and I usually kind of divvy up the chores a little bit but we do tend to have certain things that pretty much only I will take care of and pretty much only he takes care of so let me know in the comments how you guys work it out at your house okay so I just finished cleaning the kitchen it is looking nice and shiny won’t last but feels good for now so I’m gonna go through everything that I got and then I’ll tell you where I got them and if I can link anything below I’m not really sure if I can link much but I will tell you about that more I got them and everything and then anything I can link I will link for you guys and then we will get on into organizing all of these cabinets okay so these cups I actually had decluttered last week when I declared everything in our kitchen but then I ended up pulling them out because I decided I could actually fill up a lot of things with these and I have these lids I really like these lids as well so I just decided to go ahead and use these in my organization these next two items are actually from the Dollar Tree but they were not black when I got them you can kind of see the color right here they were like a teal blue and I just wanted everything to look a little bit more uniform so I actually just got these and then took them home and spray-painted them I would have actually spray painted them white but we didn’t have any white spray paint so I just went ahead use the black that we did have these next items are just some cutlery trays that I got from Ross I love shopping for organization items at Ross they are a little bit more expensive than I like to spend on my organization items but sometimes it’s just worth it and then I also got some sticky tack and I will show you what I’m gonna be doing with that later and then this other bin actually just came from the Dollar Tree as well I didn’t feel the need to spray-paint this one because where I’m gonna be using it it’s gonna be kind of off in the back and you won’t really see it too much and I also didn’t mind the color at all and then these last items are actually going to be for a tea station I asked you guys over on instagram if that would be something that you were interested in seeing and almost all of you guys said yes so I’m really excited to show you guys how that turned out we have been loving having a little tea station so this is all the stuff that I needed to go ahead and organize my space and I honestly feel like because we declared so much I just don’t have that many places that need like a ton of organizing or a ton of systems which is like awesome it feels really good so let’s go ahead and get to it as I’m opening up some of the cabinets I know that I’m not going to have to touch all of these cabinets because like this one is my favorite it just looks so peaceful to me and I got a lot of questions about these I have this one over here and then also in my cup cabinet but these actually came from Ikea you just kind of like screw them together and they are really really nice I love how sleek they are I love their whites they actually match our cabinets perfectly I just love them so much but this is like by far my favorite favorite cabinet and these I was thinking I would end up pulling them out but I put them in there just to kind of like store them but I don’t know it’s just like a little surprise when you’re looking in there and you opened the cabinet and see that greenery and it sparks joy so I decided to go ahead and leave them in there for now the next cabinet that I really don’t think I’m gonna have to do much to is our cup cabinet it kind of looks like we still have quite a few cups it’s hard because like these ones up here are homemade cups that are really special at these ones we will probably only use around Christmastime they’re like a Polar Express Cup kind of thing and then these are the ones that I use so two are a duns and then one was actually sent to me by my sweet friend that I met through YouTube and then these are just the ones like Kylie uses and I wanted to have a few extra four in case you have company and also have a few of our extra of those ones up there so I’m not sure if having to keep all of those but that’s what we were left with okay so I’m not really going in any particular order and you can kind of see my thought process on a lot of this I’m just kind of moving things around and seeing how they fit how they look [Music] and then once I have things where I want them I’m going to go ahead and take this sticky tack and actually just secure the organization systems that I have in place because I’m sure you guys have noticed this but when you don’t secure your items in place they move around and even if it’s kind of organized it ends up looking a little dismayed when everything is moving around especially when you have them in drawers so this is my little trick that I like to use in our bathrooms also in our kitchen cabinets and I have been out of sticky tack so I’ve just kind of not done that ever since we moved in and I have really missed doing that so if you guys have the chance run to Walmart run to your Dollar Tree run to Hobby Lobby they have sticky tack everywhere go grab yourself a pack and just kind of secure your systems down and I’m telling you it will make such a difference [Music] so as you can see some of these doors were already kind of organized a little bit from my old systems that I had in place and honestly when I declared everything last week it really made the systems that I had in place work a lot better for me so that was really nice they didn’t feel like I needed to do too much to organize my kitchen now that we got everything kind of decluttered [Music] okay so this drawer was such a mess last week and I feel like after I declared it it was still kind of a mess it wasn’t something that brought me a lot of joy just because this is sins that I had in place in here we’re not really working so this is one of the chores that I have been so so excited to change up so I’m just using those cutlery trays that I got from Ross that I showed you earlier and what I’m trying to do here is just organize them as minimally as I can and what I mean by that is only putting just a few items into each slot and that way each little slot doesn’t get overwhelming and I really love how this drawer turned out [Music] you break down Oh brings back [Music] next I’m just moving over into my silverware drawer and I’m just pulling everything out and I feel like this store is actually pretty well organized now since we do cluttered in here so the main thing that I’m gonna be doing in here is just adding that sticky tack to the bottom of some of these trays just to help keep them in place a little bit better [Music] [Music] you break [Music] these metal bowls I have kept for years and years and I never really use them I’ve actually tried to declutter them before and then I’m like you know what they are super nice bowls I should just keep them and start using them and I keep them and then I try and cutter them and I put them back and I keep them for longer and they end up making my cupboard look so much more cluttered and I never end up getting use out of them so instead I’m gonna go ahead and give these to my mother-in-law when she comes in visits and I know that she is going to get a lot more use out of them than I do because I just don’t prefer those one for some reason I am letting myself be okay with just letting them go and it feels really good down in this drawer I didn’t really feel like I could organize this space too well just because there was not really much room to go ahead and put any systems in place but one thing I did want to mention and I mention it last week as well but if you have cooling racks stack one of them up and slide some things under them it just gives you a little bit of a shelf down there and you can go ahead and organize a few things that way as well [Music] so one thing that you can see I’m doing here is actually just kind of pulling everything out and re-evaluating it why I’m doing this is just to see if there’s anything that I missed that I wanted to declutter and then if there’s not then I just go ahead and put it back and even if I feel like I don’t need to go ahead and reorganize this area I just want to make sure that I’m not keeping anything that I don’t want or don’t need so moving into this cabinet up here this is kind of like my miscellaneous cabinet I have all kinds of things in here from serving dishes to our cookbooks to supplements that we take or things that we add into our smoothies we also have a bunch of herbal teas in here as well so this cabinet I definitely did a lot too I feel like it turned out totally different and I’m also going to be taking all the teas down and showing you guys how I put together that tea station in a few minutes so one trick if you have a lot of bags or boxes of things it is so inexpensive and it looks so nice to use mason jars to store items i’ve used this system a lot in our pantry and i will be showing you guys that in a future pantry video that will be up within the next few weeks I believe I’m really excited for that one too but this is a way that looks really really nice it looks really clean you can also see everything that you have and then you can also go ahead and get labels and label your items as well in case if you’re not really sure what’s in them or if you just want to always see what’s in them for sure if you end up having a lot of mason jars like this but I really love the look of the clear jars and I think it ends up looking really high-end without spending very much money at all and I’ve also had these white lids for years I love them so much I think they make the jars look really nice and clean and it’s also just a bit easier to use without having to use the traditional tube piece mason jar lid so I will link them down below but I believe that you can get them at Walmart and also on Amazon so they are something I really really love not a smooth talker under pressure sweaty palms ain’t making it much better [Music] we just met the other night but I can get you off my mind not a smooth talker under pressure sweaty palms and sometimes you okay so for the tray like the base of it I actually found this board super super pretty it has like the bark kind of still left on it and this was the threshold brand this one was from Target so you guys will be able to find this but I just thought this was so pretty and you know I just loved it so this is gonna be like the base of our t-bar and then to hold the t’s I actually found this little thing at Walmart so I will try and link it down below but I thought the little slots in here we’re super perfect I think this is actually like in the bathroom section so I’m not really meant for the kitchen but that’s why we use it but it has like different sections right here and on this one I think I’m gonna probably put like hot cocoa and apple cider for the boys so they’re still included I don’t think I’m gonna use this piece but just like you could put right here so if you did just do that you could end up putting like little tees in there and they’ve been putting like a cream or like a sugar or something there I don’t know there’s like different options but I thought this was so cute and so perfect so I’m excited okay so my thought process while I’m making this little tea station is I’m wanting to take all of our teas that are prepackaged and put them into the little tea station right here but then a few of our teas are prepackaged but they aren’t packaged in paper and so I need to keep some of them in their own boxes to keep them fresh so that’s why I’m only putting certainties in the tea Station box and the rest of them will end up just going up in the cabinet for easy access but I’m going to organize them in a way that I feel work out a little bit easier for us and then in the big section in the back I am just going to end up putting the hot chocolate and apple cider for our boys and that way they still feel included because I am kind of trading out the cocoa bar for them but instead of just making it an herbal tea station for me and Kyle I wanted to go ahead and make sure to include them as well [Music] [Music] so to actually set up the tea station I am just taking that wooden tray that I showed you guys earlier and then to make this tea station something that I’m going to enjoy keeping on my counter and something that’s actually not going to cause me more frustration I’m going to put sticky tack on the bottom of this tray and actually keep it exactly where I want it I love how everything turned out I feel like everything has a really good spot everything is really easy to see and very accessible and I absolutely love this tea station we have already used it so so much it is definitely becoming one of our favorite spots in the kitchen and I love opening up our drawers and our cabinets and just seeing everything look really nice and clean it really makes me happy every time I open them up so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and got some cleaning motivation and also some good organization ideas I will be sharing another decluttering video next week so definitely stay tuned for that and if you were looking for some more cleaning motivation I’m gonna go ahead and put up my cleaning playlist up here I have cleaning marathons that are over an hour and a half long I have tons and tons of clean motivation so definitely check that out and if you are not subscribed already be sure you hit that subscribe button down below and head over to Instagram and follow me over there as well and I will see you guys in my next one hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another clean with me so today we are going to be getting a jump on some spring cleaning that is something that I really love is once you have your whole house done with spring cleaning it just feels so fresh and so clean and it is just such a joy to be in your house once it’s all finished so it is going to be quite the process I’m sure I’m not going to be getting all of it done all in one day but we are going to get started today and get as much done as we can and now without further ado let’s go ahead and get on into the cleaning so the first thing that I wanted to do before I got into all of the deep spring cleaning was to go ahead and just clear off my counter top and just kind of do like some regular light cleaning in the kitchen and make sure that I’m starting with a clean area if you’ve watched my videos a lot you guys know that I almost always start off in my kitchen and my main reason for doing that is that I feel personally that my kitchen is kind of my domino chore and what I mean by a domino chore is that that is the space in my house that once that is cleaned it really motivates me to continue on cleaning so that is why I usually start out in my kitchen and then I just get the motivation from doing that to continue on with the rest of the house or the other spaces in my house that need to be cleaned let me know if you have a domino chore and if you don’t have a domino chore think about it and let me know what you think could be your domino chore because I guarantee once you figure that out it will make cleaning a lot easier [Music] [Applause] [Music] to clean my countertops off today I’m just going to be using my e cloth I love e class so much they have a really great technology where they are actually able to disinfect with just water and they are also reusable so they are really green and you can save a lot of money using them so if you are interested in checking out eat cloths you can either get them from their website or on Amazon or also on Grove collaborative which is where I get most all of my cleaners I do have a link down below for Grove if you are interested in checking them out and you can get some free goodies with that order and also if you are wanting to try out you cloths but you don’t want to order them online I have heard that Ace Hardware carries them as well so you can definitely check that out too [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so once I got our countertops all wiped off I am just going to be stealing our countertops I had mentioned this a few videos back and a lot of you guys had never heard of sealing your own granite countertops so we have had granite in past houses and this makes such a big difference so I just get this granite sealer from Walmart but I’m sure you can find it all different places and then you just spray it on and let it sit for about five minutes and it will kind of soak into the granite stone and it creates a really good barrier to help protect your granite countertops and I usually like to do this at least once a year and usually twice a year so while the granite sealer is sitting on the countertops I am just going back through with my e cloth and just wiping down all of our cabinets and doors in the kitchen and making sure that they are looking it nice and clean [Music] I can never make it on [Music] once I got all of my appliances cleaned and wiped off I just went over the countertops with a dry cloth in a circular motion just rubbing the rest of that product into the countertops and then once all of the countertops were nice and sealed it was just time to go ahead and put everything back on them [Music] [Music] you guys know it’s about to get real when the hair goes up this is where I’m going to start getting into the serious deep spring cleaning [Music] [Music] window [Music] [Applause] [Music] the next thing I wanted to do was wipe off all of our light fixtures I also did the one in the dining room but it turns out my camera was not angled properly and I was completely out of the shot so I didn’t include that but I did go ahead and get that one wipe down as well now usually I would recommend doing your light fixtures first and kind of working from the top down but in this case I had actually just clean them maybe a month or so ago so they really weren’t very dirty so I wasn’t too concerned about that so I also wanted to get your his opinion on this we have been talking about getting a different TV stand so I’m gonna pop a picture up here for you guys and let me know which color you guys think would go best in our house I’m kind of torn on them so just give me a vote down in the comments of which one you think would go better in our house [Music] it makes me shiver sometimes I can’t believe that you are mine [Music] you kiss me in a way that gets me Oh [Music] his band I always come back to you you move me in a way never thought anyone could you get me how your [Music] next I just wanted to focus on our couch and unfortunately our couch cushions actually do not come off which is such a bummer so I just have to kind of spa clean them regularly but before I do that I wanted to get all of the dog hair off of our pillows and just make sure that I was starting out with a dog hair free surface [Music] so showed this tip several times with you guys in the past but if you guys have a microfiber couch like we do you can go ahead and spray it down with some glass cleaner and then just wipe it off at the dry towel and you will be amazed at how much better it looks it is seriously night and day the difference when you do that [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh next I just wanted to give our floors a quick vacuum I am going to be tipping the couches over and seeing what’s underneath them in just a minute but I wanted to just go ahead and get a quick vacuum done first before we get into the serious stuff the next thing on my list is to take care of my blinds I do try and vacuum these somewhat regularly just so that I don’t have a super huge buildup once I go to wipe them down but to wipe them down I am going to be using some hot water and in all-purpose concentrate now they do not sell this particular one anymore unfortunately but you can get it in the mrs. Meyers brand and then you can also get things like dr. Bronner’s they just sell a lot of different ones but I really do recommend getting an all-purpose concentrate just because you can go ahead and tackle so many jobs with it and it’s just really versatile you can even make your own all-purpose sprays with it so if you guys have not checked out their concentrates definitely go ahead and grab one it is just such a versatile thing to have in your cleaning cabinet [Music] the first thing they do with our blinds is to grab a vacuum attachment and just kind of go over the blinds softly with it and that takes up a lot of dust and I’ve just found that that is kind of a really great way to make this process a little bit easier on yourself and kind of take out a little extra elbow grease and then once you get your blinds vacuumed with that attachment then you can go in with your all-purpose cleaner and hot water mix and just wipe them down with a damp cloth [Music] alright that was justice senior you guys ready to see what came off of those blinds [Music] so while I could reach the windows in our dining room the ones in our living room are definitely something that I’m going to have my husband help out with we are going to have to pull the couch out and get a ladder out and do the whole thing as a big process [Music] for this part I had Kyle come in and just help me move the couch we usually try and do this about twice a year but the time has just gotten away from us this is the first time since he moved in that we actually separated the couch and moved it to get everything out from underneath it we’ve kind of done little pickups here and there underneath but it is pretty hard with this couch just because it has the bars in the frame and so it makes it really hard to get underneath it so what we found quite a few goodies under here and this you guys is something I was so disgusted at honestly this is the first time that we’ve had a big area rug that isn’t really easily cleaned and taken up and shaken out like this so I was just seriously disgusted at how much came out of this rug I actually shared this part over on Instagram when I was filming this and a ton of you guys messaged me saying that this had happened to you too and you guys were so amazed and disgusted with how much came out of your rug whenever you shook them out and to be honest it kind of has me questioning whether or not I even want to have a rug anymore if it can Harbor all of this dirt and dust and sand and everything it was just amazing how much came out of our rug [Music] [Applause] so there it is you guys I’m not hiding it from you that’s just real life and those are the kind of things that we find when we are spring cleaning which is one reason why spring cleaning is seriously so important to do let me know what is your favorite thing to spring clean and also let me know what is the thing that you seriously dread when your spring cleaning I kind of dread doing our blinds and I also dread doing our baseboards just because those are things I really don’t actually deep clean throughout the year so I find that it is just such a big task to go ahead and clean them in the springtime so speaking of baseboards that actually was on my list and I was planning to go ahead and film that for you guys and get those cleaned but because underneath the couch and the rug just became such a big and long process I ended up deciding to go ahead and save that for another day so I will be filming that when I go ahead and do that I know that I’m going to be sharing more spring cleaning videos because like you guys can see I did not get everything done but it feels really good to get started on that [Music] and you off my [Music] [Music] [Music] so I hope you guys enjoy the spring clean with me and I hope this gave you some amazing cleaning motivation I hope you guys have an amazing day do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and also head over to Instagram and follow me over there and I will see you guys in my next one [Music]

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  26. My domino chore is usually a “closed door” . I find if I start with the face of the house then I will become unmotivated to do closed door rooms. Once I finish with the closed door rooms it gives me motivation to proceed with the open areas of the house. I think because if the kitchen/ living areas are clean I know I can close the rest of the doors to hide the mess 😂

  27. Usually I take care of all the cleaning. My fiance takes the trash out. I also take care of all the money to make sure that we are able to pay our expenses. He use to take our dog out for walks but he passed away just recently in April.

  28. Do you just pull the comforter up when making your bed? Or do you fix the sheets as well? New to your videos, love that you make the bed but didn’t see you fix the sheets so am curious

  29. is this all you do? do you go to work? how do you fit this in? plus have free time? There is only one of me and 9 people to clean up after and i am completely overwhelmed. i can not do it

  30. Store your nesting bowls in a drawer. Store your cookie sheets I. The cabinet you showed after you showed the cookie sheets.

  31. Hi I'm Reham From Egypt
    I Rely Love your videos and Your family
    Always Watching your videos every day
    God bless you

  32. Am I the only one who watches all these videos in fast mode so I can pretend like I clean that fast also?!

  33. Hi Amanda, I'm trying to catch up to your videos, I'm finding it hard but won't give up! I just have to say I think your such a great mom, I love your style & most important part of all is how you fit time in for your kids first, that's obvious in your videos. Love watching you! Have a wonderful & blessed day! 🙂

  34. Hello , new here and was wondering if you have had any problems with using your diffuser, essential oils and your cats? I stopped using them when I heard they were deadly to them. I miss using them but of course I don’t want to harm my cats. I’m always curious if others have experienced any issues.

  35. I really needed the cleaning motivation from your videos. I am the mom of 2 adult autistic kids. I have let my house go for so long. I did the basic cleaning but now I am ready to make the jump to extreme clean. First step has been making my bed every Morning. I will probably do it one room a day. I am almost 60 years old and it's harder to do than when I was younger.

  36. Hi, have you ever thought of getting a Bamboo extending cutlery tray, they're not all that expensive and really do a great job, just a thought, love the long videos, more please

  37. It’s 11:07pm now but about 5-6pm and sometime before I was watching (more like listening to) your videos while I was cleaning. But I have found I clean better while watching (listening to) your videos. I probably have watched your 2 hour marathon video multiple times, even just to watch it because lol! With that being said I am enjoying doing that. And honestly it’s helped me clean a lot easier as well! So THANK YOU!

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