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Spring clean to sell

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Spring cleaning to sell your home: A few points
to cut through the clutter. As temperatures rise
in the warmer months, so do property sales.
Making it the perfect time for sellers to get their homes
(show day) ready. Doing this will give
you an advantage in a competitive real
estate market. Here are a few, pinpoints…
1. First impressions count — if a buyer has the choice
between two homes at the same price, in an area
that offers similar perks, it could come down
to the finer details. 2. Get a second opinion —
it’s hard to have an objective view of your own.
Ask someone else about what improvements
you might need. 3. Do a full cleanse — Apart from washing and scrubbing
the home, spring cleaning also means decluttering. 4. Pack away personal items-this allows
buyers to picture themselves living there. Also rather decorate the home
in neutral colours with only a few well placed items to add warmth. And lastly, get rid of bad odours! For more points that cut through
the clutter… ask RE/MAX. RE/MAX. THERE’S MORE.

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