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Spring Breakers Crowd Beaches Despite Pandemic

>>While even the Trump administration is
finally taking the coronavirus seriously and telling people to practice social distancing,
it turns out that some people, spring breakers in particular, are still not taking it seriously. So usually, on spring break, the only disease
you have to worry about is gonorrhoea, but in this case, you do need to worry about coronavirus.>>Nailed it, we love it in the booth.>>All right, but look, in Clearwater, Florida,
Spring Break is out with full force.>>Yeah.>>All right, so let’s take a quick look at
what the beaches look like. A lot of people, lot of sun bathing, a lot
of social interaction.>>A lot of bodily fluids being exchanged.>>And not a lot of social distancing, so
that’s a little bit of a disaster. Now, remember, the Trump administration has
said that you should limit your social interaction to less than ten people, and you should still
practice social distancing, right? Don’t be close to people, don’t breathe on
one another, don’t touch one another. But that’s not what’s going on during spring
break. We have some more images to show you what
it looks like. Now, I do wanna read you a quick quote from
one spring breaker that was interviewed by ABC action in Tampa. She says, quote, we’re definitely like still
worried about it, but it’s not something that we’re like letting consume our spring break,
I guess. So that’s one for team
>>For the team, random for the team>>And then, one Florida man was quoted as
saying, we’re not real worried about it, cuz we’re on the sand, and it’s an open area. There’s not a lot of doorknobs and not a lot
of things you can touch.>>Here’s the thing about sand, doesn’t have
doorknobs, so what I always say.>>Listen, I-
>>How long does the virus last long, Sam does a very good question.>>We don’t know. I am from Florida. That’s my home state.>>All right, so can you can you please answer?>>Like what I was saying a little earlier,
there’s been such mixed messages from leadership that I find it hard to blame people like,
at this point, there needs to be kind of clear directives, like, no, you have to stay home
or you like. Actual things from the government, like the
way Italy has done it, or Spain has done now, just shut down the country, I don’t know how
to explain it, we know what’s coming. If you don’t tell people what to do, and if
the political class doesn’t have a clear understanding of what to do, how are you gonna expect people
to, they don’t trust anyone, they don’t trust the media.>>We don’t live in China, we live in America.>>Yeah.>>No, but look, there is, I think that it’s
important to discuss cultural differences and how America’s culture just makes us, and
when I say us, I don’t mean us on this panel, but Americans kind of reject those types of
directives, and they start getting scared of authoritarianism.>>This is the same ideology that prevents
us from having a robust social safety net to deal with a pandemic like this, is that
if there were police officers, or even just, I don’t know, a community dude with a badge.>>Community dude with a badge?>>Like stay in your house, we’d be like F
you, and pull a gun on them. Like that might actually happen. So the idea of, like in France, they’re giving
out 150 euro tickets for anyone who’s outdoors, and not under their own, I like to call it
house arrest, cuz I like to imagine that I’m some amazing narco, internationally wanted,
and it’s house arrests.>>You’ve been a bad girl.>>Yeah I’m, anyway.>>That’s what they do to all the drug traffickers,
is give them house arrest.>>It’s like Pinochet, but that’s not cool
to be Pinochet. But, yeah, the idea, I think it’s not in our
DNA to be responsive to anyone trying to enforce any national anything.>>Yeah.>>Well, it’s almost as if four decades of
uninterrupted neo-liberal hegemony from both sides of the isle has created a system, in
which there is a complete in total lack of faith in institutions, because every single
institution is being guided from the inside with lowering tax rate, and defunding all
social programs, so people have no faith in their political leaders, or the media class,
or anyone->>Bingo.>>Really. And-
>>The distrust in government is huge.>>It’s huge, so-
>>I remember, just kind of reading about the social safety net in Denmark, and how
robust it is, and how the culture there, and the way that the citizens of Denmark view
the government is so different from how we view the government. There’s just fundamental distrust toward the
government here in the United States, whereas, in Denmark, it’s different. And that’s not to say that everyone’s happy
with the government in Denmark. But people see the government as something
that actually looks out for them.>>Helps them.>>And helps them as opposed to some shadowy
group of people who get together in a smoke-filled room, and plot on ways to destroy our freedoms. That’s the way Americans think of the government.>>Your attitude towards police officers are
definitely influenced by, imagining police officers patrolling communities now, they
already patrol communities unnecessarily. So I imagined our response to them being out
even more, would be even worse, cuz they don’t, once again, arm of the state, part of the
government have zero credibility in a lot of communities.>>When is the last time a single American
has had to deal with their government in a way that actually felt good, and that the
government actually helped them with something? Dealing with the government in a way that
it wasn’t, just like the most painful, frustrating, confusing experience ever.>>Mm-hm, Medicare.>>Which again, the reason is, yeah.>>Most people are like-
>>And the reason it’s because of that, is because they’ve defunded the government so
much, which then, in turn, feeds the vicious cycle. It makes it more unpleasant for people. People have less faith in it.>>Yes.>>Which they then use to defund it further,
and further, and further. And it just creates this system in which we
have a hollowed out government where we can’t even make a few masks. You’re, like, the easiest like a little thing
was, how hard could it be?>>You touched on something important, but
I think that the left needs to do a better job in communicating and messaging about how. Yes, we all hate going to the DMV, and it
feels inefficient and it feels like the workers there aren’t taking their job seriously. But let’s take a good hard look at how those
workers are being treated.>>Of course.>>Let’s take a good hard look at how much
they’re paid, how few employees there are in each DMV.>>Well, they-
>>You get what I’m saying about the post office?>>Yeah, they don’t feel empowered either.>>Exactly.>>You know?>>So we need to do a better job in, every
time someone communicates that frustration, well, this is happening because of cuts. It’s not because the private sector is more
efficient and does better, it’s because the private sector, aside from all the-
>>When is the last time you->>Foodies and tax subsidies they get, it’s
a different animal.>>And that’s why I think that we might be
beyond repair. Yes, we have to make a lot of our systems
more robust, but that’s why I think that ideas around nationalizing, like Facebook, or, I
mean, nationalizing Amazon, or work having like a public private partnership with something
like Amazon, is a good conversation to be having, because we’re like the Postal Service
is being ruined by Amazon, right, and so, how do you reign that in? Obviously, Bezos has way too much money. Obviously, no one should have that much money. They don’t pay taxes. So again, I think the private sector’s run
so amok that we need to be starting to have conversations about, how can we bridge this
discrepancy?>>I do wanna leave this story with one more
quote that ABC Action News in Tampa was able to score, this is one other Florida team. And this team said the following. We have really strong immune systems, and
then, at that point, all three girls start giggling. So I feel like we’re able to battle with this
virus.>>Yeah.>>They’re just giggling about all having
HPV. Like, duh, we all do.>>Yeah, and by the way, if you’re young,
and you’re healthy, and you’re not personally concerned about what the virus will do to
you, okay. There has been some evidence showing, cuz
it attacks your respiratory system, that it scars your lungs, even if you’re young, so
maybe you should be a little more concerned. But, more importantly, I’m sure you have elderly
people in your family, right? So we don’t wanna spread this virus to people
who are vulnerable, and we don’t wanna overwhelm our healthcare system.>>That’s the key, is the healthcare system. Our health care system is nowhere near as
good as Italy’s, which is completely overwhelmed right now.>>Yeah.>>It’s like our healthcare system cannot,
like it’s so much worse than Italy’s, to deal with something like this.>>And we haven’t even done the widespread
testing yet.>>Of course not, not even-
>>Once the widespread testing happens->>So even if you’re young, if the healthcare
system is overwhelmed, you might not be able to get a respirator if you need it, and you
might die. That’s the problem, is that the access to
healthcare in these surges of usage in America, like it’s gonna completely overwhelm the system. So even if you’re young, there’s a good chance
nothing’s gonna happen to you. But if you do need healthcare, you might show
up and they’ll be like, we don’t have Edie, intubate, like the thing to intubate you,
we don’t have a bed to put you in. Yeah, and if you spread it to Nana, and she
needs a respirator, you have, put her in a precarious situation. So just, I mean, look, we’re talking as if
these this group of girls, spring breaking girls are like listening to this show.>>So funny, though, because the Spanish flu,
interestingly, wiped out young people. The Spanish flu hit people between 25 and
40. So I like to imagine, that back in 1918, there
were beaches full of and just like chilling, sipping cocktails, being like.>>I am Spanish, and I resent the Spanish
flu->>Being called the Spanish flu?>>This is anti-Spaniard racism. It’s like the Sopranos episode.>>It’s abuelos and abuelos, just all grandparents
partying while their children were dying. But interestingly, it did affect younger people,
and this one is affecting older people. In fact, babies are kind of immune. Not immune, but it’s not a big concern for
toddlers and babies.>>Yeah, it’s crazy. Everyone needs to do social distancing. Believe me, I wanna be on a beach, too, but
we need to suffer together, and be at home, which actually sounds pretty damn good.

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  1. Anybody can catch a Corona virus…it is the Novel Corona virus aka Covid-19 that you need to be concerned about..

  2. "Scared of authoritarianism"? No, not exactly. People ignoring public health is simply another example of our culture of narcissism. Self-centered people are incapable of being seriously concerned about others. The United States has turned into a piled of horse manure, and it should be dismantled ASAP. Perhaps emerging viruses will finally do that.

  3. I get the authoritarian aspect. But it doesn't make you a stateist to listen just a tad. Some folks Just really don't care they actually see it as Martial Law.

  4. Because here for some as throughout our history . Government hurts and never helps it makes things worse, especially if you're against the mindset.

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  7. Trump is starting to take a somewhat better stance on the situation only because reality has finally forced him to. When it comes to the spring breakers, I think that it's just because they're young at the prime of their lives. I guess that most young people like them in their prime tend to feel and think of themselves as invincible and in their recreational time they often put away whatever sense of discipline and responsibility. If they are not too ridiculous too often they'll live on into their mature years.

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  10. Denmark has a population of 5.7 million, how can you possibly make a comparison, I'm getting so fking annoyed w/ TYT. Stop being so condescending, there are likely a lot of Bernie supporters that didn't vote on those fking beaches, seriously. Stop being bitchy whiners & get back to being leaders, WTF

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  12. Is that woman on the left of our screen a Trumpist? Amazon isn't destroying the USPS, it was Congress that put the USPS in dire straight, and waited years to mitigate the problem. zdid she fall for Trumps horse shit, because Trump feels small when compared to Bezos?. Amazin, and UPS have contracted with the USPS, for the USPS to do the last mile delivery od mail box sized package and the larger packages the USPS has been delivering for decade. The USPS doesn't do that for free, and it keeps people employed. Thay young woman needs to but some polish on her game if she wants a carreer in news commentay/reporting. She arrived at that diaz unprepared. She has the voice and diction to be able to do well, but she isn't there yet.

  13. China at least quarantined some towns and cities, this needs to happen in Florida also. They need these kids to realize the idiocy of their actions. Call in the National Guard, isolate these towns and test everyone of them before they get to go home. They chose to risk contamination, they chose to possibly spread this virus, We should choose to protect ourselves and the vulnerable.

  14. At the best of time, Spring Breakers are complete idiots wasting their freaking time. Horrendous ilk now also goes around making the Corona situation worse on top of that? I hope the entire beach goes on lockdown, and they won't be able to leave it for weeks on end, just so that they can see that there are consequences to being this breathtakingly stupid.

  15. If a lot of people are going to die? Might as well live life to the fullest till that happens! Living scared of your own shadow isn't living!
    Herger the Joyous:
    The All-Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won't live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing

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  21. Faux News hates Sopring Break because those pesky whipper snappers are just hoodlems! Their demographic are old peole over 70 who don't like kids and want them off their lawn. That said, don't go party on the beach. You could bring that virus back to na na, you whipper snappers.

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    Do we really want armed forces on the streets?

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  27. If they didn’t have two brain cells fighting each other they would know they can get a really good rate for many places better than Florida.

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  33. Admittedly when TP hoarding started, I thought old people virus I’d be fine. This is serious and if you’re healthy, great. But you could be spreading to others and killing others and that’s terrifying

  34. so this is about the idiot spring breakers being stupid and not distancing from each other, and yet the conversation STILL turns to "ORANGE MAN BAD/CAPITALISM BAD/etc"

    please can this channel die already, and i say this as a left/liberal leaning libertarian

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  37. When you have a good quality public health system, you tend to trust your government in times of a pandemic because the government's re election chances are directly tied to how the medical system responds. AND the system is public, it's much harder for corrupt actors to profit off the system.

    The government will spend whatever is needed to ensure the public system operates as well as possible So we have faith that our government is doing the best they can.

  38. I guarantee you that 95% those young people do not vote in election, but if you ask them if they like to have free community colleges and universities, they will scream hell yes. Also they got wrong information that this virus do not kill young people, but it will kill their parents and their grandparents, which it seems like they don't care; having little fun by getting drunk is much important than other people's lives, this is why we have Trump as president our education and culture is deeply corrupt that is why we have such a uncaring and irresponsible youth, I am watch their vulgarity, it makes me sick, we are addicted to pleasure, it is the greatest drug

  39. It's in our dna to distrust gov. ???Here in the Netherlands we have the same mentality. But belief me when things get out of control you will listen. We have a population of 15 mil and now for the second day over 30 deaths. Hospitals overloading with patients. Just like us we were too late. So unfortunately America is gonna be hit hard. Please prepare yourselfs. U.K. Will be hit hard too. With another lunatic in charge denying.

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