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Spring Awakening | Fairy Organic | Minecraft Build Timelapse

Hello everybody welcome back to another building video today We are going to be welcoming spring with this beautiful fairy build This build was completed in only seven hours of building to get started We are going to be working on our fairie’s torso so this is going to be an important place to start because we want to get the proportions correct now because of the way she’s leaning I used those cross sections that you see there to Help me get a slight bend in her backbone without throwing the proportions too far out of whack although It was still quite a challenge to get the proportions correct on this torso Eventually I began on the legs. Now at first I actually start the bone in the wrong place so I misposition her hips a little bit and Because of that her arms and up off-centered and her neck is also just a little too long So we’re gonna be going back and forth a lot fixing up these proportions mostly working by hand using the line command. Sometimes I find the line command really helpful with organics like this because it helps me to Not put a bend in the bones now I try a couple different leg positions, and I find the one that’s a little closer to her chest works out I was actually using a reference picture for this but I found it a lot more useful to actually use my own body and Actually sit in that position and look at the mirror You kind of see what height my knees would be at in proportion to my arms and like how everything was looking so honestly That’s way easier than trying to find the right position in some art online Getting body proportions correct is so hard you can see from this angle There’s actually a little curve in her leg, which makes it look like a bonus curve So I have to go back over while I’m adding the muscle and try and straighten that out a little bit Certainly awkward building humans everybody knows what a human looks like but getting it to look proportional in a build. It’s very difficult Especially on this scale. It’s just a little bit smaller than I would normally be comfortable going adding some back muscles to her and then Switching back to the front to work on the legs a little bit and take off those arms cuz we need to get them in the right position One is going to be sort of draped over her knees and the other one is just in the front a little bit holding on to that other arm Gonna, give her some shoulder muscles, although. I don’t really end up giving her enough. She’s a very petite little fairy for sure It’s definitely made her way too thin. For the head I’m going to be building it straight, and then rotating it slightly to the side so that she’s just glancing off into the distance And pasting that back in place. Once I’m happy with her I’m gonna change her out to birch wood, and then we’ll begin on the terrain so for the terrain I’m just going with a very basic shape it just needs to be sort of a big enough rock for her to sit on and to fit a little bit of atmospheric flowers and such around Going with a very basic shape doing this with voxel And then we’re going to be changing it out to the gray concrete color I like the contrast that this provides because I’m going to be putting the fairy in a lot of lighter colors like lighter pinks and whites Her wings were very challenging at first I wanted to do some really big fancy fairy wings But I decided that I wanted this fairy to remain sort of small and simple So I went with some sort of butterfly inspired wings and I think they work out well definitely give her that fairy look without Overwhelming the build I think if I was to do a larger skill build or to maybe just do this build again I would definitely do some better fairy wings But, we live and learn. For her skirt, I want to do sort of a flower petal type effect going all the way around Alternating colors gonna be doing this in a nice pink tone some of the petals being textured while some of them not And sort of a very simple outfit for her she also gets a nice shirt That’s made out of leaves wrapping all the way around her wings I actually had it cross over in the back because her wings are there so Imagine will be rather awkward to wear a shirt if you’re a fairy And we change out her skirt to those pink colors that we just talked about texture the rock a little bit And we’re gonna move on to the hair the hair was quite a challenge for me I wanted it to look like Sort of my reference picture that I was going off of which you can see in the description. I will link it uh It’s kind of like a breeze is blowing over her in this moment so her hair is blowing to one side and on the other Side it’s sort of tucked under her arm So it’s not blowing I kind of like the look that this gives or maybe she’s just switched her hair to one side I don’t really know we’ve only caught her in one moment. Sometimes I wish we can make these builds move. It would be so much fun Now it’s time to add some atmosphere around our little fairy rock here. I’ll be doing some cattails adding back our water We’re going to go in for some ferns and flowers All around the rock and these little details are really gonna make a big difference to this build We want to get lots of color in here to represent all of the spring Flowers one of my favorite parts of spring is looking along the side of the roads And you finally see those colors coming to life in the grass After winter now we’re gonna be adding some detail to her wings Just some simple little swirls and some white glass and concrete in there and of course to top her off We’re gonna be adding in her little fairy ears and a nice flower crown adding some vines around the rock one going up her leg and now we’re gonna be moving on to what she’s looking at so because I had her glancing to the side I wanted her to be looking at something so I decided doing a little hummingbird would be a lot of fun I actually looked up a reference image for this and found one that looked like Sort of a rainbow so I decided to go with that and I think it turned out fairly cute It’s really hard to get the shaping right on this sort of small scale Now moving on to some more details for the water some lily pads and other flowers and plants to go all around I Think this really adds the final touch of detail to this build Once I feel like we’ve got enough plants in we’re also going to be adding some fun little bugs Some bees and butterflies I had a lot of fun building those They’re very similar to the ones in my flower forest except this time I did two different positions for the butterfly one that’s sort of flapping its wings down and one that’s up Alright, that’s it for this build I hope you guys enjoyed watching me build this it was definitely a lot of fun to create I hope your guys’s spring is awesome Tell me in the comments what your favorite part of the spring season is I’ll see you guys in the next video. Bye Bye

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  1. Oh my GOD!!! i lear good building since im watching Grian,Mumbo jumbo, Geminitay Builds , CAN HELP ME TO UPGRADE MY SKILLS!!!!
    Thank u su Much <3333

  2. My favorite part of spring is the warm weather because I'm able to jump in either the pool or ocean water around this time of year.

  3. Can you make a season of videos where you'll build little builds (because little builds are faster to make than builds like this)
    Hope hope hope

  4. My favorite part of spring is watching the dandelions and tulips blossom, the trees growing back their colorful green and the DEFINITELY hearing the birds chirp in the morning, I really miss hearing it during the winter.

  5. No offence the build looks sick but this took "only" 7hours to build?
    That's alot of time for this scale this could easily have been bone in 3hours (for me atleast)

  6. Hii Gemini, wow i have just started watching your video, and i dont understant how you did it in only 7 hours! It will take me 7 years to build something like that!
    In the video you said the you whold wish that you could make the build move, and i have an answer to that, use the clone command in a command block and make a chain of command blocks that comes one after the other and paste diffrent images an the same build, so for exsemple you can make her hair move in the wind.
    Hope you find this information usfull and keep up that good work 😀

  7. Gemini, thx to you, I have made a building I'm INSANELY proud of!!!

    Follow your dreams❤❤❤

  8. Great build! But you have to take in account the scale of the flowers and he humming bird. The humming bird would trample over any flowers in the area so having it there would be difficult to explain.

  9. Where's the prismarine haha just kidding great build I can't do that in a milione years because your too good but that doesn't stop me from trying 😀 Ps- sorry for bad grammer I suck at english :p

    Im a pretty experienced minecrafter and ik it would take me atleast 7 hours just to get the basic shape of the person let alone finish it!!!!!

  11. Can you please please do like an island with a giant panda on the island? But do it in your style!! Please please I just subscribed to your channel and you are amazing it would be my dream if you did this thanks!!! LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!😍😍😍🐼🐼

  12. Hey Tay! I just wanted to let you know that I’m currently in the process of building my Minecraft prison/faction server! I wanted to ask if you may join and help me build a nice mine for the mines? Something very detailed and has a nice mine theme. My whole spawn is very detailed and stuff but I’m looking for someone to help with a nice theme for my mines! If you’re interested in helping me, please text me on discord (GiraffeCraft#5472) so I can give you my server IP! Thanks!

  13. When you like the video before you watch it because you like the Youtuber. 🙂 Keep up the good work GeminiTay

  14. Getting human proportions right in drawings can be a pain – I can only imagine my headache were I to attempt it in minecraft on this scale and with only blocks. It looks beautiful.

  15. Amazing build! I’m glad I subscribed. 🙂

    My favorite part of spring is the finally warmer weather after a cold winter. Seriously, I hate the cold. lol

  16. 7 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously you are the fastest builder I know

    It would take me 7 hours to do 1/4 of a leg

    I subscribed all because of this video and I have nearly watched all of your videos

  17. Good job and keep up the hard work… i really like face prapotion…. i think its a cool build…. what i like about summer is mostly nature related things… mostly animals……

  18. Favorite part of spring is definitely the allergies! Also……amazing job as always. 🙂 Glad to have found your videos.

  19. So I decided to check out your channel to see some of your other works. I'm SO impressed!!! How did you get your start doing these large scale builds???

  20. FKSDHFOEORJ All your builds are so cute and PERFECT and you profile picture is adorable also how in the world can you build people in minecraft it looks and sounds difficult!

  21. Wow! This is artwork at its finest! You're so talented! Can't wait to see more of these awesome videos 😀

  22. This is so incredible! I could possibly sketch something similar to this but definitely not build it. This is so amazing. Funny thing as well, I got an advertisement for Minecraft before watching this. Keep working hard! It really pays off!

  23. Why the heck do I still try to build when people like Gemini are so good

    Back to masters grinding
    I’m just going to play pvp and watch people that are insane at building

  24. This build is really great but it’s not proportional. Since she’s a fairy she should be smaller than the lily pads and flowers but she’s bigger.

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