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Splash Water World Water Park At Riu Palace Costa Mujeres & Riu Dunamar – Water Slides & Kid’s Park

And there is Splash Water World, located
right between our hotel, the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres, and the Dunamar. They are sister properties. And that’s included with your resort stay. Splash water world has several bigger slides for adults and kids. There’s also a cool water park area
just for the kids. Its got some cool slides. A big shark there. And a palm tree shower. A big fish slide over here. Splash Water World is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I believe that said they were closed on Mondays for maintenance. And you have to be at least that tall, under 120cm, to go into this section of Splash Water World with the bigger slides. Otherwise, you go to the kids section. They have several water slides over here on the bigger part of it. And the bowl slide
where it drops you down into pool. These slides look like a lot of fun. A
couple of tube slides and a big open red one there. And this four-lane one here. I wonder how deep this is where you land? It says the water here is just 1.3 meters –
4 feet 2 and 3/4 inches deep – so it’s not too deep. So that’s a pretty cool thing to have included at your resort. Kind of a mini water park. This section has little tube slides on this side. A great area for kids. And the lounge chairs over here are under some shade. They have a little bit of a covering, so that’s kind of nice
if you just want to sit and watch your kids while they’re playing. Or over there you can take a break from the big slides too. I like it that that bucket fills up. It’s getting ready to dump. Yay! Donna’s gonna check out the water
temperature here. The water in the other pools over at the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres was warm. Let’s see what the kids water is like. Oooohhhh! It’s freezing! It’s cold! It must not be heated! Okay! I think the bucket on this sides about to go. There it goes! That’s always fun. There’s a little bitty pool for small kids. Okay, we’re at the water park. Stan’s gonna attempt to walk up the stairs and go over to this tube right
here. And then it goes right here. And goes all the way over here and then lands in there. Okay, he’s on it. There he is! And it was 7.5 feet deep. Okay, first interview. What did you think of that one. It was good! Was it fun? Yeah, it
went down pretty fast, and it went fast around the bowl, and into a deep pool there. He called it the toilet bowl plunge. Yeah, I just got flushed. Okay, I’m going back up. Okay, which one you’re gonna do next? These ones in the open here. He’s gonna go up to the top of this. Up
here. And then he’s gonna come down here, and we’re gonna see if he flies in the water. I’ve seen some guys, like fly in the air
on the water. We’ll see what happens to Stan. Here’s two guys looks like they’re
racing. Okay, there’s Stan at the top. I’m gonna zoom in. Wooooooooo! Let’s see what he thinks about this one. You’re supposed swim to get out of the pool as soon as possible when you land, they say. I don’t think the water is heated. Is the water heated. It doesn’t feel real bad, no. Feels pretty good. But is it heated with the sun? Probably, yeah. And what did you think about that one? That was fun. Pretty
fast, and you skimmed along the top of the water. I know! I saw that. Felt pretty cool. I liked that. Which one are you gonna do now? The one right next to it – the red one. The red and yellow one – the McDonald’s one, I like to call it. For the sake of the YouTube video, he’s willing to do these super water slides
for me. Because I’m a big chicken. There he is waving from the top. Now he’s going to get on it and he’s going to come out right there. So what did you think? It’s a pretty good long tube, and it was dark part of the way. I want to see you do this red straight
down one. Well, that’s the next one. Okay! So, he’s gonna try to do this red one
right here. Looks like it goes straight up there. There he is. He’s waving. We’ll see him come down the fire-engine red one. Whoa, man! Man that looked like it was
straight down! Was it scary? No, it was fun. Okay, so that one was called what? Stuka. And now what do you want to try – the green and the white one? Yeah, it looks like maybe the longest one. So, this is the one he’s doing now. It comes out here at the far right, and it’s
got like the most curves in it. He’s gonna get on right there. Okay, time to go down Mr. Stan the Man! Oh, it’s just a drop. And his feet almost went straight up in the air! What did you think of that? It’s good! It got going pretty fast, it’s kinda dark in there, and you’re kind of going on the sides of the tube. That one it felt like I went to the bottom almost. Wow, really because I could see your feet! Yeah, your feet were up in the air. Maybe I
landed wrong. It was cool! So what would you say…is the worth coming over here? Oh, yeah! Do you think kids would like it? Yeah, it’s a lot of fun! Do you think dads would like it? Yeah, grandpas do, so I figure dads would too. I’m gonna take the camera up there and
show you what it looks like from the top. So there’s several stairs to climb. It’s the only way to get up there. Here’s the top! That was a good one. Stuka. That goes down a really steep incline. The Tobogan. That was pretty fast and
kind of a long ride. Here’s the four-lane Aquaracer. And here’s the Torbellino, that takes you
down into the funnel. So, there you have it! And it’s located right between the Dunamar Mar and the Riu Palace Costa Mujeres. Okay, so here’s some of the rules. No animals, except for a guide dog. You’re not allowed to have any alcohol, or consuming alcoholic drinks is forbidden. And entry prohibited with food and drink. It says no lifeguard on duty, but they do
watch people going in. Yeah. So, yeah there may be no official lifeguard, but there’s
like five or six people around here that they’d be there for you. But you need to
watch your own kids if you have kids. I like this area too. But they said we’re not allowed to go into that area unless you actually have a kid. That makes sense, and it’s kind of cool too. Kids could spend almost all day in there probably, if you’d let them! Oh, my gosh yeah. You’d probably have to limit the time.

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  1. Another great video. We are going to Secrets Akumal in April but already doing research for our trip after that next November. Resort looks like a good possibility and the RIU Palace resorts are always very reliable. RIU are service specialists.

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