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‘Spill the Tea’: ‘The Bachelor’ Edition

Well, it may be
getting cold outside. But it’s about to
get real hot in here. It’s time to play Spill the Tea. All right, it wouldn’t
be spilled the tea without our favorite
bad girl, Carol. If you don’t
remember Carol, she’s the one who had sex on a beach
and went to a swingers’ party. Watch. [APPLAUSE] Carol. Carol went– [APPLAUSE] Is that right? OK, let’s see. [DINGING] [APPLAUSE] Everybody please
welcome back Carol. [APPLAUSE] You’re now a regular. All right, any swingers’
parties this week? Have you been to– None this week. No, all right, good. All right, Carol, let’s meet
your opponents, shall we? OK. Good. From The Bachelor, please
welcome Demi, Nick, Joe, and Krystal. [APPLAUSE] Hi. Oh, Demi came to hug you, too. She wasn’t going to. And then they did. And she felt bad about it. [LAUGHTER] Hi, everybody, how’s it going? Hey! Good, good. I’m good. I’m good. I’m great. All right, so Carol is a
wild one, as we can see. So she’s going to– we’ll
see what kind of wild things that you’ve done. And we’ll see if I can
put them all together, OK? I am going to
reveal some secrets. And I am going to see
who they match up with. I used to be a dishwasher
at a truck stop. Hm. I sing a jingle about
sex after I have it. [LAUGHTER] That’s a shame, whoever this is. I can ride a mechanical
bull standing up. I like to have sex
after I smoke pot. I’ve had sex while driving. Wow, these are tough. I’m going to start
with a singing a jingle about sex
after having it. Because I think
that’s kind of weird. I am going to say– [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m going to say
that you do that. That’s just funny. And you’re funny. And I think that you do it as
a funny thing, not like, oh– Thank you. Yeah. Used to be a dishwasher at
a truck stop, I really– wow. I’m going to say Joe was a
dishwasher at a truck stop. [APPLAUSE] I think that you’ve had
sex while driving, Carol. I mean, I just– [APPLAUSE] I’ve changed my mind. I think that you can ride a
mechanical bull standing up. I think that– uh, boy. I think that you sing
a jingle after sex. Well, what’s the
reason for that one? Because you’re funny, as well. I think anyone
doing it, hopefully, is being funny, not serious. He’s not near as
funny as me, though. That’s true. Demi, no one is. I’m going to say that you like
to have sex after smoking pot. I mean, who doesn’t? But I’m going to– I think I’m wrong
on a lot of these. This is a tough one for me. But let me see how
many I have right. [DING] Only Carol. Carol, I’m sure you’ve
had sex while driving. I’m sure of it. Oh, my God. But can you ride a
mechanical bull standing up? Can you? I think you– I still think you sing a jingle. I think that you’ve
had sex while driving. And I think that– no,
no, because you were that. I’m going to– this
is my last try. I think I’m wrong again. I give up. What do I have? [BUZZER] [LAUGHTER] I was right about this! All right, who– Demi, what is yours? Unfortunately, I’m
not a sex jingler. But I can ride a mechanical
bull standing up. Right, well that’s– [APPLAUSE] That was my only one? Oh, so I was right on that one. OK, and what is yours, Nick? Sex while driving. Sex while driving. Darn it. OK, Carol, what is yours? Pot. I knew it! [APPLAUSE] Me too! Hey! Oh, my God! You sing jingle? Jingle, baby. Jingle. And you were a dishwasher
at a truck stop. First job. Oh, my God. That was your first job? Wow. That’s a tough job
for your first job. All right, that’s how
you play Spill the Tea. For playing, I’m getting– that’s what I get, a $1
million Visa gift card. And for sharing
your secrets, you’re all getting a 65
inch and TCL Roku TV. [APPLAUSE] Thank you for being here. If you’re part of
Bachelor Nation, check out The Bachelor
Live On Stage when it comes to your hometown 2020. Tickets are available now. We’ll be right back.

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