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spending senior spring break with family

Okay, so does re I don’t watch fortnight videos, ew you gotta read jack, telling you right now I’m a cowboy. Oh god. Guys we at this really cute beach bar? Beach club Oh my gosh, it looks so pretty I’m tryna tie a cross A girl just came up to me and goes, “Excuse me, aren’t you a youtuber?” and I go “Yeah, I am,” and she goes… wait what’d she say? [Ellie] I’m one of your fans She goes, “Well I’m one of your fans” and then I was like oh my gosh you’re so cute She was 9 years old and she was the cutest ever yeah we both have Shirley temples I’m tired Dude, we literally just got breakfast, you guys have been laying here all day. As for us we went and worked out. yeah Why… why are you guys wearing matching outfits? Grey shirts, blue shorts Why do you guys buy those, like you ask mom, can please give me a pair of blue shorts You can ask her, she only got two of ’em and then one for andrew Is that a song? Don’t say that! well you’re not gonna put it in your vlog yeah I will Stop, don’t put that in This is from Madagascar *Big and Chunky by playing* Hi I love this song so much And I am three I would really love you I really don’t understand this song Okay, don’t I look preppy it’s kind of like a golf course like yeah, I like it okay Anyways, this is from Francesca’s. We got these earrings today at a boutique called. What is it called? Everything goes or something? No [Ellie] Yeah, I think that’s what it was Really? okay this got this from there too got this little bracelet from there as well these sunglasses I believe are from PacSun this top is Ella’s I’m pretty sure it’s from princess Polly right El? this sirt, skirt is from pacsun. This skirt is from PacSun These are rebook shoes So a little update I don’t think I’ve walked at all today But basically we woke up at 8 o’clock mom David, Ella and I went for a walk in Naples around Naples ella took off and went for a run to the pier But my mom David and I were walking and we got coffee we saw all these huge beautiful houses and nice cars and it was just so peaceful and such nice weather and Then after that, we all went back to the hotel picked up the boys went to this really nice breakfast I’m very sure the place is called of James Garden. I’m almost positive. It was really good after that We went back to the hotel got ready for the beach went to at the pier in Naples for a little bit got some cool pictures, hang for a little bit and then we Went to the grocery store what grocery store shopping because we’re gonna be here for a majority of the week We’re in Marco Island right now. But yeah after we went grocery shopping We came to our condo and we’ve just spent it hanging out for a little bit. So it’s like 6:30 something It’s 7:00 and we’re going to dinner jack. Are you wearing sport shorts? Huh? Are you wearing sport shorts? No, I just said, kid I already answered your question and like I arranged sport shorts. Hey, buddy What’s up, hi Andrew. What? Andrew come here What okay that did literally nothing wait, are you watching the Michigan game there? Can you zip your zipper? Good morning, my lips are like orange just because I drank some coffee In this adorable little butterfly mug that they had here it’s so cute anyway, so I just uploaded a new video which is the last thing I uploaded on the vlog channel and my friend Luca lives in Florida and she has a Photographer that she normally shoots so she kind of got us connected and now I’m going to be shooting with Gabby today she’s like literally here and I just Finished uploading my video and I’m gonna pick out my outfits and make the bed and get everything right by the photoshoot So I’ll see you soon Guys hey guys, its Magdalene Ella rolled around in the insert the pics already took now Rest is a very touristy town So there’s no like local like cute coffee shops or anything like that tourists don’t walk matters cuz her purse don’t Start yeah, I wanted to find like a local coffee shop, but there’s like this is a touristy as it gets Yeah, it really is So touristy – I think it’s also because it’s like a little mini island. That’s full of tourists Like they’re comfortable with Starbucks like that comfortable with like like the little like good jobs No, I know we did lots of photos today. It got some Sun went by really fast like it’s already 3:00 And literally left my house at 80. I know it’s so weird. What am I really really fast? But um, yeah, we got a ton of good photos and we showed enthrone Sean on bail I’ve never I’ve had a drink once and I hated it really. Oh wait. Can I try some yours? Yeah. Yeah yeah horizontal curve Yeah It’s just very weird. It’s like milky like melted starburst. I don’t know tastes like it should be like milky, but it’s fruity. We’re Going on go and do the dance you can do it Good morning you guys so I Feel like I got a lot of Sun you literally cannot tell on camera at all like you actually can’t tell it all and that’s a really sad cuz I feel like I got tan, um But yeah, I’m probably gonna put a lot of sunscreen on today because I don’t want to get burnt or worse I’ve got my fruit my black coffee. I don’t know what I’m gonna do It will probably just see this really quick drink that and then go to the pool. I’m gonna go to Maggie and Sophie’s pool which is literally a two minute walk down the beach which is So nice if you can see out there that Beach this is like a desert to get to the ocean It’s such a far walk. But I don’t know. It’s pretty nice when you’re down there. But the beach is insane any big ok? Hey, we were just laying out for a while And now we’re gonna go take pics in the shower or by the pool or trying spawn somewhere. You take pictures All right. Now I am right now a hide shirt What’s your name guys I’ll be your bodyguard. Do you guys wanna say anything shout at your school or something? Gangster I miss my diet

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  1. That song oh nanana from the challenge is so dirty r rated, the fact that foreigners are always turning brazilian r rated funk music popular is so funny because they don’t understand the lyrics

  2. The last restaurant like at the end of the video was there like a little dock below where you could feed fish?

  3. I just got back from Marco and I stayed in that building Hannah stayed in and I’m so sad I didn’t get to meet her or see her

  4. I love how quickly Jack reacts to your trust fall! You all get along so well, that's amazing! What a beautiful and fun family!

  5. Dude i woke up this morning with the worst period cramps and the minute i put on this video, it freaking went away hannah you make magic baby😇

  6. she says i’m almost positive, it was really good

    but it sound like she’s saying i’m almost positive it was really good😂 idk why i just said that @3:27

  7. this is so random and idk if you'll answer but it's okay lol! I have eyelash extensions as well and wanna get them taken off because I'm afraid it'll be annoying while I swim and stuff. do you think they're annoying or should I just keep them? I love mine so much and I'm sad about getting rid of them but now that I see you swam in the ocean so I feel like it's fine?

    Hannah mocking his brother and how she used this funny voice has me in tears for how funny it is love you Hannah!

  9. Hannah meloche, mya Ben way, abbey bankson, Haley Pham,Kayla kosuga,Josie jabs ,Melanie Locke,and Ava Jules!!! WOULD BE THE BEST COLLABORATION IN MY OPINION!

  10. I am so confused… why didn't Hannah post the picture at 3:37 on her instagram?!!??! it's soooooooo nice!!!!!

  11. 2:21 she should’ve been like “ hi, i’m melissa from the country club. my parents are rich. “ lol idek 😂

  12. florida doesn't have any local tiny coffee shops. that's one of the things i hate the most about living in florida

  13. what is the resultant that you whent to after starbucks called bc i’m going there and i want to know what places to eat at

  14. Omg I literally have a condo in one of those buildings! This was posted a like year ago but I’m going this week!!

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