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(crushing) – Oh my gosh! You challenged us to another
giant sour candy video. Devin, close your eyes. – Okay. – Holy cow, this thing is huge. – What is huge? – Now I gotta open it up,
keep your eyes closed! – Open what? – Yay! Yay! This is. (heavenly music) Yo, this is insane. Keep your eyes closed, and you have to guess what candy this is. It’s right in front of you. Lean forward, you’ll get it. There you go. – Oh man. But bro, this could be, like,
any kind of chocolate ever. – Dude, it’s got a very
specific name to it, Devin. Take another bite, take
another bite, maybe. (laughing) – All right, I’m gonna go with Crunch Bar. – No!
(buzzer buzzing) – Did I get it?
– No. You can open up your eyes. Ta-da! Because you lost, you now have to eat a sour candy from the Bag of Doom. – Wait, what? – All right, so here it is, the sour candy–
– What? There’s so many of them.
– Choices, Devin. – I guess I’ll just go with-
wow, this is way heavier than I thought it would be. Wait, what? They’re, like, bananas.
(laughing) – I mean, have you never
had a sour banana before? – No, have you? – No. – Bro, these are so squishy and weird. – Devin, you now get
the Necklace of Shame. – Wait, what? This again? I feel so shamed.
(laughing) All right, here we go. Oh, gosh. (laughing) – So guys, right over here, we also have the Cereal Bowl of Sourness. I’m gonna put these in here. – All right, we have this next- – Ow! I am so scared. – This is what we have next. Oh my gosh. – What is it? – It’s like hair. It’s almost like he’s
going through a carwash. – Ah! Ah, ah, ha. – Dude, you’re so paranoid. – Yeah! – All right, just calm down and stick out your tongue. Do you get anything? Any taste? What are you doing? All right, I’ll just
hold it out like this. Go for it. Any guesses yet? (bell dinging) Oh, what, no, no no! Don’t turn so quickly! – Twizzlers! Did I get it?
– Yeah! Look at all these, dude. – This is the longest
Twizzler I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Yo, yo, yo you need to stop. And because I guessed it correctly, Devin, you have to eat a sour candy, so choose a Bag of Doom. – I guess I’ll just go with this one. – Oh man, let’s see what it is. – Oh, wait, what? – What are those? – They look really sour. – I have no clue what those are, but those look like they’re
gonna burst in your mouth with just a whole bunch of sour flavor. – They’re like little clouds. – Of doom. – Dude, I hate sour candy. All right, here we go. Three, two, one- – Wait, wait, wait, first! Five second subscribe challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel post notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? Five, four, three, two, one, done. Comment down below keep (mumbles). – Comment down below.
– If you were able to do that. And we can’t forget, of course, about the Necklace of Shame. – No, I thought you forgot, too. Darn it.
– There we go. Perfect.
– No, no. Here we go. Three, two, one. (laughing) – Oh dude, no, they’re
falling out of your mouth! Oh my gosh, they’re so gross. – Oh man!
– Holy cow, is it sour? – Oh, yeah. – Ha ha! I’m glad I didn’t get this one. The Cereal of Doom, we’re gonna put some of these in here. Dude, they’re wet. You spit them out and they’re wet. (bell dinging)
Here it is, the next candy for this next round. Devin, keep your eyes closed. – They totally are closed. – Three, two, one. – Ow, what was that? – I must admit, I thought it was going to
be a giant version of this, not just one’s going ah!
– Wait, what are these? (glass breaking) – That was loud. – Open up your mouth. – Ow! – Oh my gosh, are you okay? – I thought I chipped a tooth. – Bro, I thought you did, too. Are you okay? – Hold on, I think I know these. Oh, Airheads. – Yep! There you go. – They’re sticky. – Finally, I don’t have
to pick one of these bags, and it’s you. All right, I’m gonna take this- This one is heavy! What is in there? – It sounds like a rock. – Yo, these are like- – Control yourself. (clanking) – This thing is green, which means it might be
actually really sour. Three, two, one. – Whoa, dude, don’t choke! Whoa, dude, are you okay? Oh, no! That wasn’t a lot. That was like one lick, bro. Oh, your tongue is turning green! Is it actually that sour? (yelling) – Oh my gosh! – All right, we have the next one here. Collins, your eyes are
still closed, I assume. – Yes. I’m so scared. – Dude, this looks crazy. Can you smell it yet? Can you smell it yet? Can you smell it? – I got a whiff of chocolate. – All right, you ready? – No. – Bro, what are you doing? Just bite down on it. This is just, ah. Sorry. (laughing) – Oh, oh, Mars Bar. – No! It is not. It’s a Snickers bar. – I do not like these Bags of Doom. – I’m so excited right now. – It’s getting lighter. No! – Oh, those are so sour.
– Dude, these are crazy! – Guess who’s going for it? Three, two, one. – Oh! Are you okay? You’re like a Pez dispenser. – I can’t, I can’t, I can’t. – All right, add ’em in. Payback! – Ow! What was that? – Yo, this looks crazy. – I’m so curious and nervous. – Oh my gosh! Can I eat this?
– No, no you can’t. – This looks so good. – This is for me. What are you doing? Oh my gosh, I feel like a mustache. – You gotta mustache. Oh, come on. – Mm, this is so good. Oh my goodness. Wow. – What do you think it is? – I have no idea. Pop rocks?
– Nope. Nerds Rope, Devin. – A what? – Open up your eyes, bro. Look at how cool this thing is. – Whoa. – But because you could
not guess what this is, let’s see what you got. Dude, look at all that malic acid, bro. You got it all over the table. Dude, those are gonna be terrible. – All right, here we go. Three, two, one–
– Wait, wait, wait, first. Three second like challenge. Three, two, one, done.
– Here we go. Ow. Way worse. (laughing) – Are you good? What’s happening, bro? – Whoa. – We got the sour cereal, we’ll get some malic acid in there. That’s mine, that’s mine, that’s mine, That’s good, that’s good. Here we go, the Necklace of Shame. – Nope, that round is over! Denied. All right, Collins, for this next round. Bro, bro–
– I’m so scared with my eyes closed around you. – You’re already in a good stance, because this next one, you are not allowed to
use your taste buds. You must use one of
your other five senses, which is karate. – What? – Just start swingin’, karate choppin’. You totally missed. – Ow! Ow! Ow! – This isn’t working out as
well as I thought it would. No, no, no, dude, you can stop. I think I left the cardboard under it. – Cardboard? In candy? Whoa, geez! – All right, three, two, one. – Ow!
I know what it is. – What?
– It’s a Rice Krispy Treat. – No!
– Oh yeah! – I wanna take a bit of this thing, this thing’s crazy. – Oh no. Sour gummy bears. Oh, dude. What? Three, two, one. – Why would you do that? – I blocked it. Did you see that?
– Holy cow. That was pretty impressive. We have the Necklace of Shame. – Why does it do that? – I guess we gotta put
it in the cereal now. Next round, let’s go. – All right, Collins, this next one is very large and very hairy. – What? I’ve never heard of a hairy candy before. What are you doing? – I’m trying to get it out of the package, it’s that big. And it bites. It bites really badly. All right, you ready for it? Three, two, one, and he goes for the bite. – That hurt. – Just go out and bite. Leap of faith, bro. You got this. Your lips look hilarious, bro. – Gummy snake, a gummy snake! – Yes!
– Yes! – It’s not a gummy snake, bro. I’m celebrating–
– Oh no! – Hairy? A bear? – Oh, and every round, I’ve forgotten about the Necklace of Shame. That’s right. Sorry. Here, I’m gonna choose this one for you. – Oh, my gosh. It looks like bubble gum. – You can’t take that one. We gotta give you a worse one, dude. – What?
No. – How ’bout this one here? (screaming) – There’s a string in it! Here we go, three, two, one. Ow, ow, ow. – Dude, are you okay? Will this soothe you? Do you want some of that? Not a good combo? – Ow! I bit down really hard. – All right, add it to the cereal. – There we go. – Aw, missed. – This one, Devin. – Yeah? – Good luck. – That is paper. – Open up your mouth. Three, two, one. Ow, you bit my thumb. Devin bit my thumb. – Oh! I have no idea. It tastes like some sort
of buttons or something. – That’s it! Jumbo buttons. – No, really? – Well done. I’m not happy about this. All right, I’m gonna take this one here. – All right, go for it. Oh, and can’t forget
the Necklace of Shame. – Okay be careful, be careful. Ow, ow, ow, ow. – You’re really bad at putting it on. – Let’s see what we got. Sour Lifesaver thingies. This is not a Lifesaver. This has got to be somethin’ else, man. Here we go. Three, two, one. – I’m just gonna take one of these. Here we go, we’re gonna add these in to the cereal. These are really good. All right, and next up, we have these Reese’s- I mean.
(record screeching) – Did you just give it away? – No, no I did not. Nope, did not give it away at all. – I smell peanut butter. I know exactly what this is. – I don’t think there’s
anything I could do to mask the smell, other than put a lollipop under your nose. Oh my gosh, these come in, like, a cake platter. – Stop. Please stop touching my nose with it. I’ll stay really still. – We’re flyin’ in. – All I smell is peanut butter. Give me the Reese’s, and I can tell you it’s Reese’s and then I will win this challenge. – But it’s not Reese’s at all. It’s this, here, taste it. – Ah, ah, ah. – See, it’s not Reese’s, bro. – That was, like, that hurt. What was that? – I feel like the jig is up, dude, you can smell peanut butter. – This looks incredible. – Go for it. What happened? You got none of the Reese’s Pieces-ness. – It’s so good! – Dude, you keep on spilling it. – The Necklace of Shame. You must wear it again. – I knew this was coming. – And now, Devin, choose your sour candy. – All right, I got it, this is my bag. What did I get? Oh no! This could probably be
the worst one I think we’ve ever gotten. – Dude, those look like they’re
lemon flavored, for sure. – Oh, and the malic acid. – There’s so much. – All right, here we go. Three, two, one. Whoa. It’s probably the most
sour thing I’ve ever had. – Let’s add them to the bowl right now. This one here is massive. This is at least 12 times the normal. All the way out, all the way out. – Ew. – And then bite down. – I can’t. – My teeth are stuck. Oh! Tastes like chocolate. It tastes like another Hershey’s. You didn’t give me another Hershey’s to throw me off, did you? – What is it, Devin? – It’s a Hershey’s bar. – No. You didn’t get it! – What? – It’s a Hershey’s kiss. So, you lost by just a little bit. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, we should let them decide. Comment down below if you
think I got that right. – I don’t think you did, so choose a bag, Devin. – Wait, what are these? I can’t even squeeze it. – They’re, like, super hard. – That’s not a good sign. – Yeah, no, that’s not good at all. Oh my gosh! – Oh, wow, these get sweet really fast though. – Try another one. – You’re not chipping another tooth, bro. – So I’m gonna add these to the cereal and, so far, Devin’s the
one losing this challenge. Of course, the Necklace of Shame. There we go. So Devin, you lost the challenge which means you need to eat
the most sour bowl of cereal in the entire world. – Dude, it looks so sour. – Yeah, it’s gonna blow your
taste buds out of your mouth. – Your expectations might
be a little too high. I wanna bring it down just a little bit. Wait, bro, but where’s the milk? There’s milk in cereal right? – For the milk, we’ve got sour soda. – Wait, no. – Exactly. Here we go, we’re gonna add in the sour soda. Oh, snap. Here we go. The sourest bowl of cereal
in the entire world. Take your bite. – This looks crazy. – Oh, dude, the banana! – Oh I forgot about the banana! – The banana! – The beginning of my journey. – Beginning of your journey to failure. So guys, make sure you comment down below. What are some other candies you would love to see a giant version of? And right now, Devin, go for it. You ready? – All right, three, two, one. – Oh, my gosh. Holy cow. You guys, if you want
to see another video, click right over here right now, you got five seconds. Here we go. Five, four, three, two, one. Go follow us on Instagram and we will comment back
to you guys right now. Our Instagrams are down below. We love ya’ll so much. Bye! – It’s so sour. – Dude, are you okay?
– No.

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  1. KEYPER SQAUD and I love sour candies but I’m not sure I think I do because I haven’t had a sour candy in a long time

  2. 1. Like video. ✔
    2.subcribe & turn on notification ✔
    3. Comment Keeper squad ✔
    "Keeper squad" And do a edible water but instead of water its soda and it could be any type of soda.

  3. I know a candy that looks like those rainbow door things from round 2. They aren’t sour tho, I put them on a waffle!

  4. None of the candy from the bag of doom are actually sour. They’re pretending because I tried each and every one of those

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