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If you’ve ever had to source products
for your own brand, or if you are working as a buyer, you know what a struggle it can be. Finding a suitable supplier
can take forever and even then,
you may not get the quality you need. Wouldn’t it be a relief
if there was a place that made buying fun and easy? Sort of like a playground. A Sourcing Playground! Now, you can find top suppliers
and manufacturers from any country in no time with ZERO fuss. We have suppliers for clothing, footwear,
cosmetics and a whole lot more. Simply post a project and tell us
what you’re looking for and watch as suppliers come to you
with their offers & quotations instead of you having to find them. Narrow your choices
by browsing supplier’ profiles to compare ratings, reviews,
product portfolios and certifications. Chat in real-time with the suppliers
to share information and build the foundations
of a successful partnership. When you’re ready, simply award the project
to the best candidate. And when you received your goods – leave a review to help other buyers. We’re adding new suppliers every day,
so you have greater choice, including hidden gems
that you’d never find online. And best of all, it’s free. No limitations. No fees.
No problem! We’re transforming sourcing
into a genuinely fun process that saves you time, money and stress. Welcome to the playground. What do you need?

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