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SoCalMemories – Adventure Playground Huntington Beach

Hey everyone its Ruth from SoCal Pocket
Memories things to do in Southern California with your family today we are
at Adventure Playground in Huntington Beach if you’ve never been to Adventure
Playground it is a place where you could go rafting kids an adult can well as you
can see adults here my husband sliding down into a mud slide you can’t ride
with your child on your lap unfortunately but you can slide down
first and then your kid can come out there and you can catch them at the
bottom if your kid is into building and
constructing they have a building area that if your child is 7 and under they
cannot go alone they have to be there with an adult Adventure Playground is
definitely a place that you want to tell on your bucket list when your kids are
little when it’s summertime so if you need any more information just go to see you then

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