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Snooki’s Top 8 Funniest Moments We’ll Never Forget 😂 | MTV Ranked

– Oh dear Jesus. Oh my
God. I’m gonna fall. – She’s afraid she’s gonna turn around and run to the beach again. – No you’re psycho. – We’re getting our bathing suits. We’re getting our bathing suits. – [Jenni] Come on Nicole, really? – [Snooki] I just want to have fun. (car horn) – (beep) off! (beep) I can’t drive. You’ll get over it. (car noises) Why is it making that terrible noise? Oh God. If I have to wait one more minute to get in this friggin house
I’m going to kill somebody. – Somebody out there? – Hello! Party is here! – [Mike] The party is here? – How are you? I’m Nicole. Hug. – Nice to meet you.
– How are you? – [Mike] I’m like wow. She was like a little miniature chihuahua painted with some spray paint black. – You guys drinking or what? – [Mike] Yeah, we just did a shot. – (yells) Give me a shot. – [Mike] This is crazy. – What’s your nickname? – Snooki. – Snooker? No, what do
they call her? Snickies? Snook? Snicks? Snickers? I
don’t even know what it is. – We are going to Karma
tonight like that is my (beep) spot on Saturdays. And when I say I’m ready to go wild, I’m gonna go wild. (club music) – [Jenni] Snooki Snickers
came out of the woodwork which was hysterical. It was the best thing
I ever saw in my life. – This little shrimp thing is
bopping around in the circle and doing her thing doing backward flips with her thong hanging out,
her whole crotch is in the air. – [Jenni] She was
phenomenal. It just made me so proud of her. I can’t explain how
(beep) amazing that was. – I love being the center of attention and I feel like once I get the spotlight it’s going to be on me all night. – Okay, whatever. That’s
mature to walk away too. – Hello? – [Man On Phone] Hello? – Who’s this? – [Man On Phone] Can I
speak to Angelina please? – No she died. (phone click) (rock music) – Should we do it in pink font? – The first night at bed
when you left crying, Ron made out with two girls and put his head in between a
cocktail waitress’s breasts. – [Snooki] Boing. (laughter) – We say (beep) things like sup breast. So she probably won’t
know it’s us, hopefully. – [Jenni] Also was grinding
with multiple women. – This is going to be so bad. Okay. – Multiple people in the house know therefore you should know the truth. – Love, Snook and Jenni! – Right after work I went to the bar. You know what’s a good time? Taking a shot off your wife. Old people, they lose their sex life and that’s not a fun time. That’s why people always get divorced. You lick this, take the shot and then take it out of her mouth. (cheering) You two are totally banging tonight! I think I should be a sex therapist. Oh my God! – I got kicked out of the club last night. (yells) – Nicole is smashed right now. She’s on a 24 binger. (yelling continues) (disgusted noises) – [Snooki] After taking
shots with the old couple everything just went blank. – Bike.
– [Man] Easy, easy. – Oh, my vagina’s out. – This girl is fricking drunk. Next thing I know she is darting. I’m like, “Snooks?!” (upbeat music) – [Deena] Where is she? Nicole! – [Snooki] I just want to go to the beach. Where’s the beach?! Where the (beep) is the beach! I’m so annoyed. Where’s the beach?! Oh my god, I want to
go to the beach so bad. Love you, bye. Free for all. Ow! It’s hot! This isn’t fun. – [Jenni] Nicole! It’s too early for this (beep). My number one main concern right now is getting Nicole off the beach
before she gets in trouble. Come on Nicole. – [Snooki] This is a good time. – No, you don’t want
to go in the he water. Give me your purse! Let’s go. It’s always a day at
the beach with Nicole. I don’t even know what
to do right now. Come on. There’s no controlling
that four foot nine girl. She’s like a 3,000 pound man. She’s like a bulldozer. – Oh dear Jesus. Oh my
God, I’m gonna fall. – She’s afraid you’re gonna turn around and run to the beach again. – No, you’re psycho. – [Jenni] We’re getting our bathing suits. Come on, Nicole. Really? – I just want to have fun. – [Deena] Snooki is on
the beach, rolling around. She’s falling all over the place. (accordion music) – [Jenni] Are you ready to go? – I’m so hot. – [Jenni] I don’t need you to
get arrested for this (beep). – [Snooki] I just want a (beep) good time! I will start a party. Oh, this is a bad situation. – At this point I’m really worried that Nicole’s gonna get
arrested or get in trouble for acting a fool on the beach. I don’t want to be the
bitch. but you have to go. – No, I won’t. – Yeah, you do. Come on. The police decide to help
me pull Nicole off the beach and it was a success but
Nicole can’t shut her mouth. – Ew, get the (beep) off my arm. – You’re talking to a
police officer like that. – Shush Snooks. Relax. It’s
okay. Shush. Like, please. – Get the (beep) off. Get off. (handcuffs click) – [Deena] Wait, where is she going? – [Jenni] She was being
a nuisance, Like really? I didn’t even know there
was a charge for that. – I’m a (beep) good person. – [Jenni] (beep) I try so hard
to protect that girl, man. – [Deena] What do we do? – [Police Officer] Watch your head. (rock music) – [Jenni] I begged her. I begged her. I even told her, you’re
going to get arrested. (sirens) – [Snooki] Not okay and I’m mad! You guys are no fun. – [Woman] Let’s go play! – You know who that kid is? That’s the kid that
busted in with his uncle. We gotta go up there like we’re his uncle. – I’ll kick the (beep) door in right now. (door breaks) – Yo, I gotta take my girl
out of the room right now. My niece gotta go. (beep) – Vinny, stop! (yelling) – [Vinny] My niece gotta go! – (beep) yeah! (laughter) – [Snooki] I don’t know why the guys are being (beep) blocks right now but all I know is I haven’t got it in in like four months so the fact that I have a
boy and he wants to get it in please let me live. I have no idea what this kid’s name is so might as well just
give him an ugly name. (car horn) – These (beep) people are (beep) insane. (car horn) – Oh my God! (crunch) – (beep) me. We hit the cop. – Oh my God, are we gonna get in trouble? – Probably! The (beep)? (beep) my life! (club music and cheering) – I’m definitely happy just being alone with Deena right now. We have the same personality,
we love to drink, we like to party, and
it’s just team meatballs. So all of a sudden we see
the boys and we are like why are the boys so dressed up? – [Ronnie] All the guys are
just watching team meatball just get drunker and drunker. – [Vinny] Wow, Deena is wasted. – Right now, Snooki and Deena
are whacked off their faces. We’re thinking there is no
way they can make it to dinner or even out to a club to
do this again tonight. – [Everyone] Oh my God. – Snooki just ran into a bush face first. – [Snooki] Holy (beep) (beep).

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