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Sniper Fury in One Minute

Sniper Fury wonderfully captures the enigmatic
mystique of this lethal long range art. And in the next sixty seconds we will layout
everything you need to know about it. Sniper Fury places you on the field battle
and demands you immediately start exhibiting speed and accuracy to take down terrorist
targets. Unlike other modern military games you don’t
need twitch reactions. Instead you need to take aim and calmly squeeze
the trigger. Each level places you in a detailed environment. Scan the landscape, identify your target,
and eliminate them. Feel the tension grow with every second as
you search for your foe. Some missions feature multiple targets and
come in a number of flavors. You may have to thin out an enemy force, protect
your troops, or destroy key enemy assets like helicopters. To accomplish this you will need to diversify
and upgrade your firepower. Powerful sniper rifles solve many scenarios,
but other tasks may be better suited to an assault rifle or even a rocket-launcher. You can purchase these using gems and cash
which can be purchased or earned in the single player campaign, missions, and challenges. Or, if you prefer challenging others online,
you can try the multiplayer base-infiltration and PvP modes. Sniper Fury is a full clip of variety, all
wrapped up with some high caliber presentation – including graphic slow-mos. It is the perfect dip-in-and-out game for
shooter fans.

Reader Comments

  1. bad company
    Ea sport Better
    Because he make games compatible with all device
    plz Gangstar new Orleans In Android 5.1 1Gb ram

  2. Why can't I download gangster New Orleans and why it said not compatible for my phone,my phone has the android version 4.4

  3. Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime :
    Full HD
    Snapdragon 625
    Adreno 505
    3GB RAM
    not compatible with Gangstar New Orleans. WTF?!

  4. gangastar new Orleans lixoooooo incompatível com todos os aparelhos GAMELOFT FALIDO POR ISSO Q DA UMA MERDA CADA JOGO Q VCS LANÇAM

  5. Ich spiele Sniper-Fury seit 3 Monate.Seit einigen Tagen wurde mir den Kauf von Rubinen und Geld verwehrt.
    Das ist sehr schade da ich viele Stunden meiner Freizeit dafür gegeben habe.Nun spiele ich noch mit immer weniger Kraft.Da ich eine neue Wafefe brauche.Wenn ich noch einen Kauf tätigen könnte würde ich dies schon lange machen.
    Ich hoffe täglich das sich dies ändert.Diese Probleme sollte es nicht geben.Schade um dieses Spiel…………

  6. in free ads in sinper fury, i always have this message: "Sorry, no ad videos available".
    can anyone please tell me why this is happening? is there a solution for that? i really need them to work since I can't have free rubies or free spins or anything. and this makes things a bit hard.
    i play this game on I life Zed Air laptop with windows 10.

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