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SML YTP: Jeffy’s Spring Break!

– Are you ready to go on a (oof) with me? – No! – I’ll offer you my (oof) And I’ll (oof) you off all night. – Wait why? – Well let’s at least drink (oof) – You know it. – – I love looking at (oof) (Saxophone music) – Well, me and Joseph wanted know if you wanted to go to the park. – Well heck yeah, I
want to go to the park. But first, let’s (oof) (beeping) – You’re about to (oof) (beeping) – I have all the toilet paper (Greedy Jackie Chu) – No, no, please, no! – I’m so excited to tell Jeffy that I’m not (oofing) any (oof) – I’ve gotten (TRASH) – Do you know how valuable this is? I could sell it on eBay for two dollars. – That’s trash, Mario. (Video static) (Upbeat music) – I’m gonna (oof) (Birds chirping) (Beeping) – Why are you in the water? – I don’t know. – [Shark] Yeah! (Action music) Yeah! (Bright music) – [Jeffy] Daddy! Daddy, I don’t know where I’m at! – I need to find Rosalina’s (oof) (Grunting) Oh, my back! (Video static) – Well who is that in your (oof) – Your mom… (Suspenseful music) – Do you mind sharing with your dad? – Ugh, alright, fine. – I can’t wait to (oof) (Video static) (Thunder) [Music] [Music] – [Group] Oh my goodness
this is amazing!, Wow!, etc. (Suspenseful music drowns out group) (Floor creaking) (Party music roars as group cheers) (Suspenseful music) (Door creaks open) (Intense music) (Suspenseful music) – (Calling out) Jeffy? Jeffy? Jeffy? Jeffy! Jeffy? Jeffy? [Music] – Jeffy! [Music] [Music] (Suspenseful music) (Video static) (Trap music) (Video Static) (Upbeat outro music)

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  1. SML YTP Jeffy's spring break script:

    Junior: aw are you ready to go on a date with me
    Joseph: NOOOOOO
    Junior: I'll offer you my pee pee and I'll suck you off all night
    Joseph: wait why
    Junior: well let's at least drink bleach
    Joseph: you know it
    Cody: I love looking at chef pee pee
    Mario: aaaah
    (Cody starts lap dancing)
    Junior: me and Joseph want to know if you wanted to go to the park
    Cody: well heck yeah I (in Junior impression) want to go to the park
    Cody: but first let's d*e
    (Cody pushes Junior and Joseph out the window and jumps out)

    (Next scene)
    Jackie chu: you about to d*e
    (Technical difficulties)
    Jackie chu: I have all the toilet paper so there's nothing for you
    Junior: no no please no
    Rosalina: I'm so excited to tell Jeffy I'm not wearing any under*ear
    (Mario's neck cracks)
    Jeffy: I got this booger (holds up Jeffy puppet)
    Mario: (takes Jeffy puppet) do you know how valuable this is I can sell this on eBay for $2.00
    Rosalina: that's trash Mario
    (Mario throws Jeffy puppet away with the Junior and Cody puppet)

    (Next scene)
    (Jeffy walks to the beach)
    (Background messes up)
    Jackie chu: waaaa waaaa
    Jeffy: I'm gonna drown
    (Jeffy drowns)
    (Technical difficulties)
    Mario why are you in the water
    Jeffy: I don't know (Jeffy gets eaten by a shark)
    Shark: yeah
    Mario: yes yes he died yes
    Shark: yeah
    Jeffy: daddy daddy help me I don't know where I'm at
    (Shark screams and spits out Jeffy)
    (Jeffy screams)
    Mario: I need to find Rosalina's nudes
    (Jeffy hits Mario)
    Mario: oh my back

    (Next scene)
    Bowser: well who is that in your bed
    Junior: your mom
    Bowser: do you mind sharing with you dad
    Junior: huh alright fine
    Bowser: I can't wait to smash my precious mommy

    (Next scene)
    Tyrone: black lights matter
    Chef pee pee: gasp
    Mario: oh my goodness
    All: this is amazing wow
    Mario: I love it
    (Jeffy walks up the stairs and through the hallway)
    Chef pee pee: this is the dankest party ever
    Junior: yes yes yes
    All: woooooooo
    (Jeffy finds a mysterious door and goes through it)
    Jeffy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    (The next day)
    Mario: Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy Jeffy
    Possessed Jeffy: uugh daddy daddy come here
    Mario: Jeffy
    Jeffy: uugh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
    (Mario screams)
    (Mario was never found again)

    (Next scene)
    (Ending music 1)
    (Ending music 2)

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  4. Hey it me oogian I had that shark puppet before but I lost it and that scary music makes my so scared but it’s ok you my guy are the best sorry if I am assuming you’re gender wink wink* Bye

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