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[Music] jump into the car and a Friday night I wanna drive with you fucking fuck bar the nearest town we don’t have a plan in the nineties yeah it doesn’t matter what we do ain’t nobody like ain’t nobody like you look so beautiful [Music] and I’m so lucky to be yours hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome if you are new today I am gonna show you how to decorate and make use of a very small bedroom I went and I purchased this cube system from Target because we took the boys bunk beds down they wanted it down so we went ahead and did it in the room has no space for a dresser so I had to get this cube system trying to make do with what we’ve got their rooms are super small so we got to figure this out they were so excited to have their room fixed up so that is what I am gonna spend my time on today [Music] nobody the dogs are going crazy around me they are loving all this open space I’m so happy ruby is finally liking her sister they have been just going non-stop honestly I think it’s great for both of them so I am gonna build this I got this from Target as you can see the threshold friend and I wanted to let you guys know first Thank You Ernie for sponsoring today’s video you guys Ernie is a browser extension and it’s free to install with google chrome as you can see right here you go and you just add it to your chrome and it’s put at the right-hand corner so every time you shop from your computer you are able to go through Ernie and get cash back and my favorite thing about this is they track your purchases so if for any reason you mount the price of the purchase goes down you are notified which I love that because you guys know I am a like go for it I need a clearance sale all day long so this is amazing I also have this app on my phone so you can have it on your browser or your phone so there is no excuse not to use it and to save money retailers pay Ernie when you activate money back so Ernie gives it to you and you get your money back and you can cash out via PayPal which is awesome and every time you don’t use this way to shop and to save money you pretty much leave money on the table so this is just like a no-brainer you can see I went and I purchased some items for Noah from Target and I went through my browser and here it is right here he had this shirt he wore it at Dinosaur World and they are tracking my purchases as well as my little birthday present to myself I got myself some rocking chairs which I’m going to put those together ASAP I cannot wait it is perfect for spring so I just wanted to show this to you guys really quick I want you to save money you know how important it is for me to save money I am such a frugal shopper and if you can get money back for purchases you are already going to make I feel like it’s a no-brainer and I love doing this and then I get notified that prices were dropped and I’m getting that back and you get money back and on other purchases that makes me so so happy so I know my money is being spent the best way possible so and if you see here on the screen every time you shop online this little pop-up appears you just click it and you get cash back which is amazing so I’m gonna put together this little cube system here this is a better quality one than the normal ones that I see like I know that there’s a closet made one but that holds I think it’s 11 inch bends this carries or holds 13 inch bins so it’s more durable I like the finish of it a lot better it doesn’t feel as flimsy so it was great and I think it is not much more maybe $10 more than the closet made ones very very good quality I would highly recommend this I’m thinking about getting one for my office as well because like I said really nice and super easy to put together [Music] here are the bends that I chose to get I love this color blue and I figured that if I ever needed to use it for any part of the house it would look perfect you guys know I am all about the blue tones so we took the bed down and these rooms are about 10 by 10 super tight but we’re gonna make the best because this is how they want it we did not we were not able to keep the dresser in here as you can see so I’m going to start organizing all of their clothes this needs to be done anyways could I put some new sheets on their bed um it’s the evening so I’m gonna try to get this done as much as possible now here are the vent these are the 13 inch bins I showed you but we’re going to be organizing this and I’m also going to be hanging some pictures and stuff decorating the rest of the house today so that is what we are doing wow it is really tight in here y’all [Music] because we don’t have a lot of room in this bedroom I do a lot of storage under their beds the other kids have a bunk bed as well but I actually cut the feet off so it wasn’t so high up but this one is a standard size and it’s perfect I am gonna be cleaning all of these little dust bunnies around the wainscoting because it starts to build up so so much I love having this trim in here but it definitely is a dust collector but this Swiffer is amazing to just get in here and clean it super super quick I am gonna go ahead and put the cube system in here and start decorating that as well I am gonna use the bins that I already had from a long time ago and they are also from Target you’ll see it here it’s the gray and white striped ones I always like to use what I have first before buying anything that is my little pro tip shop your house first don’t just rush out and buy anything but I know I needed this cube system so I love it I think it’s super cute and it fits perfectly right here in their room Queens vinyl [Music] so I did the Connery folding method for the kids shorts I don’t usually adopt this system of folding but because we have such a tight tight space and I need to maximize the space as much as possible I chose to do it and it makes it super easy for Noah to be able to see what he has in here he does a great job of getting himself dressed in the morning he matches and it looks really good so I wanted to make it easy for him so like I said I don’t usually fold that way but it works for tight spaces [Music] excuse me queasy [Music] here are all of his clothes these are Josiah stones actually that I’m going to put in here they are very tightly packed and it works perfect luckily they don’t have a ton of long sweatpants and whatnot because we do live in Florida and I feel like we only need like jeans and things like that once or twice a year I’m gonna start pulling all of the boys sheets off of their bed I have been staying on top of their linens with all this sickness going around that is a little tip wash your kids sheets especially if they are kind of in quarantine now not supposed to be going anywhere this is your opportunity to go in there and completely disinfect I actually was filming a video for Thursday showing you how to disinfect everything in your house with my camera broke so you will not see that until probably Sunday so I will continue on in here the dogs love to be my company and I love it as well and I am going to continue to put all their little cute stuff on their walls new dog smell this could be that wasn’t enough you know I have to add my daily amount of silliness in my videos because guys that’s just me and she was smelly today the kids got her wet and you know how wet dog smell so she got a little bit of a bath and named that show I know it’s not dog I know it’s smelly cat but tell me do you know where I got that song [Applause] [Music] that you’re feeling [Music] I wish I could freeze this moon just never let it and walk into this [Music] I’m going to put their little decor in new spots in their room and try to clear it off anything like this minecraft poster we no longer want I have been wanting to get this off of their walls for a hot minute y’all but I have been really good and I left it but I’m gonna put their letters here I got this from Walmart so long ago I know that Hobby Lobby sells them a lot bigger these are from Walmart and then the little end that I put above Noah’s bed is from Hobby Lobby I got a little clearance a couple of years ago [Applause] [Music] gradually the arrows are also from Hobby Lobby and I’m gonna hang them with command strips that is usually how I will hang the majority of my items because I am the worst at measuring if I’m just being honest oh yeah and it’s with little balls that’s right I’m gonna clean off the door here with the Swiffer and get any of the dust that has collected back over here I’m gonna be honest this room has always been a struggle for me I actually have a couple of rooms in my house that are a struggle I can’t good good get good angles in here or they’re just really tight so I’m trying to make the best use out of our space I mean this is what we’ve been blessed with at this time and I just can’t even worry about picking up and moving right now this is where we’re at so like I said wherever you’re at in the seasonal life you are in embrace it be where you’re at and you can get very very creative on how to make the best use out of small spaces like I did those cube systems are absolutely awesome and then you saw that I had the under the bed rolling things plastic things I gotta go some target and they’re great for holding clothes winter clothes or toys like you see I put all the boy’s Legos in there so you can get really creative about space because we don’t all have infinite amount of space and I have a lot of kids and they have to share so don’t be discouraged if the rooms are small where you’re at you can get super creative and you can make it work [Music] I’m using an old hamper for their costumes my boys have a ton of costumes all of the Halloween outfits always turn into their yearly costumes and if I see them on clearance after Halloween I’ll just pick them up because usually they’re super cheap and they love to play them and I think they are so cute running around as little spider-man Batman and Iron Man I am putting away some socks funny story Josiah asked my mom can you buy me some socks not for my birthday not for Christmas just cuz and my mom’s heart was breaking so of course she rushed immediately put an Amazon order and got us a ton of socks I’m like what is going on and she told me what had happened and I started laughing because our sweet little hazel takes all of their socks after they wear them and chews them and I didn’t know I had seen holes in them and I was throwing away socks left and right and then I dawned on me it’s hazel because I asked the boys what is going on with your socks like we just play really hard looks like wow jeez you guys really do so my mom’s little heart was breaking she bought them like 24 pairs each so I’m putting all those away I just thought it was so funny and super sweet and then I’m gonna go ahead and put they’re clean linens on their bed these sheets are from Target and I got him about a year ago it’s just like Superman or not Superman but like superhero sheets and they love them they’re super cute and the comforters are also from Target no this is my time now we’re gonna be myself or it could be someone else no one’s I want to encourage you guys if you are in a place or a season in your life where you’re wanting more maybe you have a lot of small rooms you’re not in love with the home that you’re living in or the car or the clothes or the family I want to encourage you something I have been doing recently and it has really been so so good for my soul don’t look for so much inspiration on Facebook or Instagram go to Pinterest find blogs places like that I have been doing that instead of endlessly scrolling on Facebook and Instagram and looking what at what other people’s other people have for inspiration go to Pinterest and say like like I did a small room organization or how to make the best out of a small space or how to get dressed on a budget or how to do this that in the other when I did things like that I felt like my soul was in a better spot my mindset stayed in a positive space and I want to encourage you to do that as well if you are following people and I’m going to include myself in that which I can’t even imagine that anybody would look towards me and think I don’t feel good enough because I gosh I hope you guys don’t you know we’re in this together but sorry sidetracked I just want to encourage you if you are feeling like that do not continue to sit there and watch other people I want to encourage you to go find people or things that uplift you and motivate you and encourage you and let you know that wherever you are at is exactly where you’re supposed to be at and better things are coming and get creative get on Pinterest find ways to make the best out of whatever season of life you’re in and I hope and pray that when you come to my channel that you feel like an equal to me you don’t feel like you’re comparing yourself for me because friend me and you we’re in this together and I want you to know that so be very mindful of the things that you are looking at and watching and don’t let it bring you down because you are absolutely amazing and you are exactly where you’re supposed to be only you [Music] we’re gonna we’re gonna get their expression they haven’t seen it yet okay boys come in come on what do you think amazing you love it as you eat a blueberry waffle on the bed okay what do you think Noah all right good talk okay so all your socks are they that’s right I did the J I did the end I did the arrows the two arrows up there I put kaboom above yours and he had pal it was there yeah look at the closet go look at the closet just hi it looks like Noah’s not interested all the closet look there are your pajamas workout shorts no one’s workout shorts Noah’s pajamas and we’ll put shoes down there your books extra Legos those are Noah’s oh these are yours yeah these are yours but there’s no okay it’s getting warm you don’t need long pants anymore got your books up there’s some extra stuff are you happy oh good buddy [Music] there’s hop off I don’t want you to mix it and this is your baby here’s your baby blanket and then Noah’s baby blanket all my boys had a baby blanket thank you all so much for watching today’s video I appreciate you more than you know don’t forget to check out my description box for the link to Ernie because you do not want to miss out this opportunity save money on things you’re already gonna buy don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t yet already and I will see you with a ton of new videos I love y’all you are worthy you are amazing I’ll see you in the next one bye

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  1. I would literally pay you to come help me! Iโ€™m down in Mississippi and I am having to be a single mother for right now because my husband cannot come home due to the coronavirus. My four-year-old, almost 5-year-old son and I need major help! We are fortunate enough to be able to stay at my moms house for free until my husband comes home. But itโ€™s a crazy mess. Help please help

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    Take care everyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

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