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Skull Cleaning – Do-It-Yourself Big Game European Mount

Dan Pickar here with Eastman’s hunting
journals today we’re gonna learn how to do a DIY European mount that turns out
professionally done today we’re going to work with an antelope and from start to
finish from boiling to removing the flesh and the tendons all the way to
bleaching it with hydrogen peroxide to your final product. If you’re like me
you hate to pay somebody to do something that you can do yourself in this case
it’s really cheap first thing you want to do obviously is you’re skin your animal out, remove the brain. That’s one of the the biggest things
because the brain contains a lot of fats and oils and I’ll just soaked into the
skull and so anyway got to get rid of the brain it’s it’s actually better to
leave whole muscle groups on the head and they’ll come off the head a little
better after you boil it, 45 minutes and we should be good to go and what I like
to do too if if it’s a greasy skull if there’s fat on it I’ll throw in some
some dish soap but the secret weapon right here is is Oxiclean it’s a
laundry booster and not only does it whiten the skull it turns all the meat
and the ligaments and everything on the back side of skull into jelly so 45
minutes everything is turned into jelly you clean it off and you’re off to the
races whitening it so a huge plus to get the get the Oxiclean and that’ll really
speed up and save you some time. Just pour it in there slow it’s not gonna
bleach the horns like normal bleach will. We’ll let that settle and we’ll be good to go. Got to be sure to add this Oxiclean slow it’ll boil up on it can boil over pretty quick so you have to just slowly but
surely add it in and keep stirring it and let it mix and it’ll settle down for
you and once again this this won’t it won’t bleach your your horns or anything
so this foam on your horns is not a big deal. Well it’s been about 30 minutes and
these horns are still pretty tight on here but not slipping off or loosening
up like they usually do which is no big deal we can just continue with the
process and then we’ll get these horns off later but as you can see this meat
it’s it’s all jelly this turned into jelly and it’s kind of peels off the
bone so this is done, it’s been out here just a little over half an hour I think
maybe a little longer but it’s done and all this will scrape off with a knife
and we’ll be ready to bleach it so as you can see this stuff comes off really
easy it’s just a matter of flicking it off basically it’s all jelly.
So we have our antelope boiled and I spent about 20 minutes and I kind of
scraped all the last little pieces off they kind of just fall off so it’s
pretty easy no big deal and we’re ready to bleach it which this is the other most
important component is this forty percent by volume hydrogen peroxide that
you can get this at beauty salons and this this jug cost me $8.99 so it does a
great job all I got to do put your gloves on this stuff’s pretty potent so
don’t get it on your clothes or don’t get it on the horns or anything
anything you get this peroxide on is gonna turn white so I’ll come in here
Scott. I’m gonna start by just kind of pouring this in the cracks pouring it
his nose and I’m just gonna rub it on here and I’m gonna use some of the
drippings and I’m just gonna cover every spot I can all the surface area of that
bone I want to make sure it’s got a layer of peroxide on it get all down in
here, on the nasal cavity. Everything covered and then I’ll just
use my my drippings to cover the rest of the surface and you’re just using your
hands here ideally you’ll want these the horns off of the skull on an antelope
but for deer and elk you have to deal with the horns being on of course so
just be careful take your time get all the surface areas covered here and anywhere
where you can see where it’s stained dark like around the teeth you know make
sure you really get that a good layer on there, and around those bone seams any
any place where it’s black like right in here just make sure it’s getting
covered so we have this skull pretty well covered. So now I like to make sure I lather up
the skullcap here that’s what’s going to be showing so you want that to be the
whitest of course. You don’t want to get any on the horns
you wanna wipe that off I got a little bit you can always touch this up shoe
polish to if you did bleach it but prevent the bleach and just get it covered
so I’m gonna let this sit overnight and then tomorrow some of the stuff is gonna
be dried out and it’ll run off and I’ll just kind of reboost it with peroxide,
put another layer on there and give it about 48 to 72 hours. Your gonna be
pretty darn bleached and you should have something that’ll come out like this
which we just did I covered this skull with the same solution and it set for 72
hours and you can see how white it turned out. And it’s pretty much good to go
you can see right here anything that’s not bone matter is gonna kind of show up
as a you know a darker color and that’ll just kind of be something you can scrape
off if that comes right off it’s no big deal it’s just some of that last tendon
so you just kind of go through and pick out the last spots and I mean this is
looking pretty darn good so hopefully these tips $8.99 for a jug of peroxide
and that Oxiclean while you boil it those are the two key things to do a
very quick professional job while you’re doing your own European mount.

Reader Comments

  1. I would try and find the liquid H2O2………….and you can dilute it a bit….and you can boil the head in it to speed things up. Finally sun drying will enhance the whitening…good vid

  2. Hydrogen peroxide breaks down quickly when exposed to sunlight. The reason most of it comes in brown bottles to filter out the suns rays. So I dont see how the sun will speed up the process. Great Video.Thanks.

  3. After boiling you can use pressure washer to remove pieces of flesh from the skull but be careful. this is how we sometimes do it in Poland with trophies i.e European deer, even Roe deer skull but this one is very fragile. Especially when it’s boiled too long ;). Greetings from Poland.

  4. So once the 48 – 72hrs have been completed, will you need to seal the skull with any type of sealant to preserve the integrity of the skull?

  5. let me give you the key here…apply heat…set that in the sun or put it near a heater…you can cut that time to an hour…talking about the whiting part

  6. pressure wash the skull with a tornado nozzle after boiling. You can also boil hydrogen peroxide then add the skull for about 15 minutes.

  7. I just finished 2 mule deer skulls using this method. They came out great! My neighbors paid to have theirs done and they don't look any better than mine.

  8. I used a maceration method for my elk. Does Oxi-Clean mask the smell of Satan's fecal material? I used one of the blue plastic boxes my wife stores our Christmas decorations in. I'm pretty sure I saw a couple at Walmart but if the replacement doesn't match the others she'll start asking questions and I tend to hold my breath and stare into space… Oxi-Clean? Bleach? Anybody?

  9. Yay this helped! I work doing trail work & found a perfectly intact deer skull. I'll definitely use this video as a reference on how to clean it up.

  10. I ended up having to boil mine longer because the stuff was stuck on so hard, now the base of the antlers is turning white because they are submerged in the oxyclean liquid. any way to turn them brown again? watercolor paint? black walnut dye?

  11. I boil in oxy clean for an hour or so, then use pressure boil if necessary.then for whitening I use 20-40 volume developer "CLEAR" NOT the creme.and let simmer in a pot for bout 20 min. then rinse in clean water. let dry for day or so then use dollar General brand "mop n glow" and paint it works as a sealer as the bone in porus and will let anything stick to it or soak in. they need to be sealed. I've done 8 so far and they have turned out great

  12. Now I tried this with my buck this year which had really dark antlers from rubbing pine trees. And the Oxi Clean did remove some of the darkness at the bases. You said shoe polish works good to put color back on the antlers

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