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Sketching Singapore – Dragon Playground Toa Payoh

I am finally here and I’m going to slay that dragon over there… I mean paint that dragon over there. Good morning, this is Alvin Mark! We’re
here in the satellite town of Toa Payoh. This is the second-oldest satellite town
that was being built. Satellite towns were conceived of because the government wanted to move the locals away from the very congested city area,
so they built these neighbourhoods where you be able to find a supermarket, a
cinema, your library, schools, lots of hawker centres, parks, sports centres, etc, etc. Toa Payoh has been around for a while… and Queen Elizabeth II has visited this place twice – 1972 and 2006. There’s a little festival that’s happening here this evening organized by the National Heritage Board. Actually we want to re-live the old memories in Toa Payoh. we have a few events – vintage cars,
old games like snake and ladders, As you all know Toa Payoh is a base for
our former Sea Games. Moreover we have this icon – the dragon. It’s about history. That’s the reason we want to bring it back. We want to re-live the old memories. Not forgetting the food. Some of the names goes back to the 50s. We’re together with the grassroots organization, National Heritage Board and some of all of the voluntary organisations in Toa Payoh East. Together we want to bring this and re-live the memories, at the same time it’s an occasion to bond. Come join us! This is where I’ll be painting from, I think I have a pretty good angle. Let’s begin! There you have it folks… The dragon was designed by Mr. Khor Ean Ghee. and if you’re not familiar with that name you can check out this video over there. (top right link) He was the same guy who designed the Dove Playground. This design is actually the second wave of designs that
came out in the 1970s… it’s more 3D and more interactive for kids and he used terrazzo tiles to create this mosaic looking beast and until today the
orange still glows which is really a brilliant idea and they decided to preserve this just like the dove playground. Once again we are in the beautiful satellite town of Toa Payoh. If you’d like to support me digitally, the
best thing to do is to subscribe to my youtube channel! To everyone who has been following me… a BIG thank you! So until the next Sketching Singapore
episode… Ciao Ciao!

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  1. So many unexpected surprises in this video! Watching you paint was great, then I was so surprised to see the dragon up close and discover the mosaics. Finally, the area comes alive with the heritage festival during the day, and the dragon ceremony at night. Thank you!

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