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Shrek 2 All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, XBOX, Gamecube)

newlywed fever continued to rise in the
swamp and dear Fiona couldn’t be happier her parents invited her and Shrek to far
far away so they could meet the handsome man she married while packing for their
long journey Shrek realized he still needed some
essentials for the trip look I don’t want to be late
then I need help collecting eyeballs it’ll be a long journey and nobody wants
to see me hungry why would you disobey you no one was whipped cream oh I love
with cream all those eat Mitchum not Harpham like Barney Fred splendid now
your friends will fix me some black bird I’ll make them the best black bird pie
they ever tasted sure are starving for some great pie and
an old shut-in wants to make it for him but who will be able to bring home the
black bird Fiona dawn and so they came upon a dark
creepy forest and as if that weren’t reason enough to turn back an evil witch
flew above them seeing the carriage horses were enchanted the wicked witch
turned them back into mice for witches need buys for their witchery the wicked
witch then left a trail of cheats so the mice would be led to her doorstep and
into her boiling pot because she is really wicked I could tell you some
stories we’re youth in Bursley turn Beckham
tonight yes I can see that there you could buy junk that smells like jeez great now we need another potion to turn
them back we’ll never miss bad real ly the wicked witch’s glass is not where
students wicked witches Pookie trees crazy Maisano left old friend weirdo
shut it don’t kick now who’s this big open sorry I can tell you put down roots the
others slide the chicken suits with a side okay oh my laughs you don’t have to go
back to your castle your Pug they want emotion you’re gonna do about it in man sure c’mere
how did not get up here don’t worry we’ll save Fiona so a nervous wreck
waited to meet Fiona’s parents King Harold and Queen Lillian hoping to
impress them track even remembered to trim his nose hairs after that minor
stumble the king and queen got along famously with Shrek welcoming him with
the tolerance love and affection usually reserved for pop stars and heads of
state you’re not King Harold made it clear he wanted Fiona to marry Prince
Charming and wasn’t so fond of his fat disgusting nose baking son-in-law
Shrek made it clear he loved Fiona and no pompous King was going to blatantly
mock his over girth Fiona and Queen Lillian were eventually able to break up
the fight the king was approached by fairy godmother who is a powerful
provider of happily ever afters and a lot of people owed her favors she makes
offers you can’t refuse and can make people disappear literally you
understand where I’m going with this right because she could leave me
sleeping with the fishes if I said too much and mirrors and fish don’t mix
trust me in the morning tempers appeared to have cooled and King Harold offered
to show our group around far far away welcome to far far away fabulous
shopping great view beautiful people widened it’s all so beautiful
and some ice deputy deputy Shrek at your service where you see this
symbol I move no huh congratulations Shrek
you’re quite resilient Fiona why don’t you fill the others back to the castle glasses can be then grace is poisonous
and heard over killer after a long day of saving fried chicken shocking an
inner-city riot and helping a wannabe princess get her shopping done
our hero headed back to the king’s castle for a good night’s sleep poor
Shrek’s evening would take a turn for the worse as he stumbled across Fiona’s
childhood diary a devastated Trek spent the night reading about Princess Fiona’s
dream of marrying a handsome prince with washboard abs a chiseled chin impeccable
hygiene in short the anti Shrek tired of being green and feeling ugly
Shrek decided to take a walk in the woods as his friends tried to cheer him
up for most cool one night well you’ve been a bad little
kitty please do not tell me let me take you to the grand affair magic she and
all your problem and so hoping to solve correct problems our gang move forward
to fairy godmothers house which was known for two things its pre-war
colonial charm and the impossibility of getting inside without an appointment the only appointments today your new
hood and a package from Jack and Duke farm
oh I have an idea we can intercept that package from the fall there’s a hint we
can go to the farm and get the package yeah hey boss I’m right
say something look a little funny to you don’t take their just pumpkins looks like the elevators stuck and a
death-defying danger what narrow ledges that could we
do a horribly gruesome death this sounds like a job for a truth to one puzzling
hero looking group come on down you’re the next contestant on heroes ah and so
our heroes found themselves overlooking miles of rolling farmland for it seems
the water Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch had magical properties
despite Jack’s broken crowd and a possible skull fracture he and Jill
realized organic farming could make them a lot of gold and they were right
because really who doesn’t like a nice juicy all-natural salad the size of a
dragon a really fat dragon I mean seriously look at those carrots that’s a
big salad you’re taking closest this is junk you on vacation
yeah but see I’m not so good yeah I live into that all day can you have some
choice only if one of those chores includes
delivering the package to fairy godmothers house you got a deal just
walking on the farm and look for one of us to get another tour thank you for
fixing the farm Jack would have made shots out of it cause he didn’t have a
job no key customer to say godmother you know what guys I think I’m going to stay
behind and get some flowers it is and so Shrek finally got a chance to ask the
fairy godmother for a happily ever after potion but he didn’t just ask her he
showed her why he deserved one he showed her everything from gadgets fidget a
graph a pie chart and a pie to go with it he showed her numbers statistics
blind jabots and widgets he even showed her a couple of midgets but the fairy
godmother told him odors aren’t allowed to have happily ever afters and so her
answer was no a mouse-over you must go
hey go I got my passion well apparently olders don’t get happily
ever after we should just go in there take it I know where the functions are the fairy godmother is one angry cookie
and only low-rent or basket of apples can clip her wings I think we all know
what that means yeah it’s hero time I’m little red not black good but you’ll
be back you know and usually they’re coming back is all arriving evil spell
casting which is only fun if you want to spend the rest of your life but toilet
brush you might want to get back and help trap wonderful your own little lie
and continue all until I’m sipping runs Rose I would depend on you don’t reach
yet they still take five of their lives let’s get out of here okay we are see it in person you can
send a bowl of milk if you sitting in it and Chuck you’re gonna set you fret hahaha okay raced out of here and make
you push on one no one knew what the potion would do
after donkey did a taste test Shrek chugged the potion hoping it
contained a happily ever after for him and Fiona nothing happened at least at
first but then in the middle of the rainy night something unexpected
happened Shrek and Donkey underwent a massive
transformation Shrek was as handsome as a prince and donkey his noble steed
things seemed to be going great as the gang said thanks and goodbye to little
red for now but after Shrek drank her potion fairy godmother knew her son
Prince Charming had a handsome rival for Fiona’s affection so she made sure he
was locked away in the deepest darkest dungeon of a far away prison where no
escape was possible what fairy godmother didn’t count on was Shrek’s friends
finding out about his arrest through a concerned and extremely benevolent third
party so a jailbreak was planned one that would most certainly test the
Fellowship of this thing but they’re blind oh here they are just hanging around
come on wolf no counterfeit we got to get back on our way before that fat lady
sings are we going to get them out of there
rs4 bag but ready for action big bad wolf why I know I know hero time well
well your hero time is full of fabulous prizes and achieve a three-year foul but
in order to free your pal you must revise the schedules of doom get ready
for hero ja the only thing now standing between
Shrek and far far away it was mount grim known amongst Mountaineers is the
heaping ginormous mound Oh rubble Oh death big bad wolf claiming to have been
a big bad Sherpa in his puppyhood knew a shortcut
why go over mountain when you can go through it and remember if Shrek in the
bunch don’t move fast prince charming will kiss our unsuspecting Fiona and
Shrek will lose Fiona forever our special charge will get us through plus I don’t think she’s alive yeah not
so fast who you know will marry things charlie
and you go to touch me you’re me it softly is fun now on the far far away Mike Chioda handsome and the crew made their way to
far far away they arrived to find gingerbread man brought a little friend
well okay a big friend unbeknownst to the crew gingerbread man had whipped up
a monstrous cookie creation to help defeat fairy godmother unfortunately his
weapon of mass destruction turned out to be a massive doughy devastation hell
Knights are attacking a giant cookie for destroying the city only you can put out
a fire well test care of it great I’m going out of course but eating it the
crush thing you’ve done well things were about to get ugly if
Shrek and Fiona didn’t kiss before midnight they would be transformed back
into ogre form but what do you know those crazy kids decided to go for the
ugly love can make you do some pretty strange things
if you don’t like awkward kissing scenes then turn your head now that’s more like
it you’re beautiful and you are truly
handsome shred oh I think my talent is double-parked you’re not going anywhere
you’re incompetent little pony but look at my father like that I will never
marry your son looks like we got our happily ever after without your help
ah guess you underestimated up the only things I underestimated with proof and
if you want some big people how about this your happily ever after
what’s the matter what a troll fun we kick the door to the dairy or to the
tree whatever lucky I’m sending me straight
to the glue factory what do you know I can be beaten fuck you you love us pink wire well Shrek Fiona got their happily ever
after after all now for sound control and go outside the class we’re done real
here so that is all folks

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  1. And people say movie tie in games are not good well the ones I have played this Cars and more the movie games we are getting now are mostly rubbish but there’s were golden I have to try and get these again and get my PS2 out to play them again

  2. I played the game before seeing the movie and little red was my favorite character. I was so disappointed when she was a throw away joke in the montage of the beginning and that was all. My childhood died that day

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