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She FINALLY braved the Flow-rider and THIS Happens! | Sam & Nia

Alright, this kid gives me confidence I’m gonna do it Alright well lets race. Yeah we’re gonna race. Aw my baby no. That was fun. We’re here at Jack Carter pool in Plano and we’re connecting with a couple local Youtubers. It’s gonna be so fun We have Amanda and Adam with Elizabeth Swims That’s Elizabeth. They had a video go viral where she would. How old is she like two? I sit right across the top without taking a breath We’ve got Scott and Camber. Scott here is my second twin, we run into a lot of people that say we look alike I don’t I don’t know if i see This place is awesome. There’s a wall right here to climb on and jump off of I just couldn’t contain them. They’re just like running away from me getting in the water Nia’s going off the high dive. I cannot wait, twelve and a half feet deep and I’m so hot. I’ve been waiting for this moment all summer. I’m gonna go on the taller one do you think I should or? Yeah. You think I’m brave enough? Yeah. Alright this kid gives me confidence I’m gonna do it. Go Symphony! Y’all ready for Nia and Elizabeth Swim let’s do it Are you ready? Yeah. Are you ready? Yeah. I’m ready. Ready! You guys know how scared of the water Abram has been lately. lately as in his whole life but watch this. Guys check this out. I’m here with Scott and Adam. We’re about to climb this rock wall. I always love to see risky things for kids cause. They don’t do that anymore. They dont. Yeah, it’s always about like being as careful as possible I’m going up there once and I’m gonna push it. One time we’re good two times we’re out of here. Alright well let’s race. Yeah, lets race. Are we really? Yeah we’ll race. Come on man Scott and I are trying this again. This pro right here, Joshua says the trick is to hug the wall It’s the finger strength that you’re missing. Cause my toes their hairy and really strong Hello. Hi. Hi This is the best slide ever What are you girls doing? I’m gonna go show her how to boogie board. Oh really. Aw my baby. Aw. That was scary. Is she okay, that was awesome. You’re gonna go surfing dude Yeah, but I’m scared that I’m gonna flip, No you won’t flip just be careful and don’t fall off. It’s all cushioned up there That was fun! You did it. I want to go again. You don’t have to go again. I’m so proud of you good job. Was the scary? Yes. Looked like you were having fun though, man Time to ride some more slides. You ready buddy boy? Time to ride more slides. It’s my turn. No it’s not. Just kidding. Daddy can I go? Yep see ya buddy. Bye bye. I knew that one’s really dark and scary. Is it really? Yeah. Guys watch this little guy it’s incredible Uh oh he can’t swim. He’s swimming buddy isn’t that awesome Isn’t that cool? Can you do that? No. No. That is hilarious guys. Abram help the baby. Emilia and Amanda are about to go up the rock wall here I’m predicting Nia to make it up one step above the water level. And one step if you don’t reach for another one. Anna, she’ll probably make it to the top right? Let’s see what happens. I have ten dollars on you There we go come on. I was putting a little bit more faith in her than I probably should have. Constipation. Yeah, maybe she’s constipated. Who do you think wins out of me and Andrew Guys don’t hate on me that’s harder than it looks we’ll see how Sam does when it’s his turn to go Harder than it looks isn’t it? Who won? Andrew. I’m going again then. You guys our day is coming to an end if we just want to give a special Thanks and shout out to Elizabeth Swims, you guys are the bomb Aw thank you we had so much fun with these guys they rock. They’re just as much fun in person as it looks like. You’re so sweet. Bye. You want to go do it again huh? Proud of you. That was so cool that was the longest I’ve been on. Yo guys don’t forget we love you and remember to love each other See ya! I got a boo-boo on my elbow. Aw let me see. Oh yeah it’s facing me, now it’s facing you. Oh no, no, no.

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