Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

Shangri La Hotel, Singapore – KOMPAN Playgrounds

Welcome to Shangri-La, sir.
Good morning to you. Presidents use the world-famous Shangri-La Hotel in Singapore as well as children travelling with their parents. At Shangri-La Hotel Singapore, we focus strongly on families. So, to build a 360° family experience, we actually incorporated this outdoor playground. In addition to our family rooms, we have an indoor playground, but having the outdoor playground completes the whole experience, because children get to reconnect with the outdoors and in today’s society, that’s quite rare. So, it’s a great way to let children have
the childhood that perhaps we used to have. I think this is like a real pirate ship. It’s awesome. Fun because there’s many places to climb
around. I’ll give this a 5 out of 5. The hotel guests love it. When the children are happy, the parents are happy. So, there are very good reviews from families and the children. It definitely allows the hotel to offer a
very much enhanced experience to families who are travelling here. The children can play. The parents can enjoy a drink by the side. And we are definitely seeing more families
travelling together in the hotel.

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