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Shanghai to Tokyo with Spring Airline Japan – Scariest everything in Coronavirus

[بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم] Greetings Welcome to Travel Trekker youtube channel, My name is Sajjad Ali, I am now at Pudong International Airport, Shanghai, China. Today a new trip is coming up, it’s a Japan trip, should go or not go, As you know, Coronavirus is spreading everywhere, Today is 5th February and time is 12:30 am This trip will be a different kind of trip, because I am not alone, I am travelling with a group of four peoples We are total 5 persons which are going to Japan, We have flight from Shanghai to Tokyo, and will land at Narita Airport, Airport is fully deserted, very few peoples here, and peoples are walking here with wearing masks. This is a airport and everything is closed, Checkin and security clear is finished, we are now going to gate G171, but don’t know where is G171 gate, we are now at platform, a metro will pick up for gate G171. It’s a very big airport, we are now at Terminal 2, I travelled through this airport twice or thrice but didn’t see metro, when I saw flight status , it shows all flight canceled. except flight to Japan and Dubai. Airport is almost fully closed. Let’s meet to group members, Greetings My name is Muhammad Samiullah We are flying to Japan InshAllah, which flight are you flying? I am flying with Spring Airline Japan, It takes 2 hours and 50 minutes, we will reached Japan at 6 according to Japan time. we will hope to have a pleasant journey. Greetings My name is Aleem for latest travel stories follow us on instagram: cajjadali If you want to watch videos on facebook, like our page, vsit our website This airports has lots of charging points. We have a flight of Spring Airline Japan, which allows 7 kg [FREE] weight to each person, but group members tooks 15 kg per persons for FREE, whats the story? How did you get your luggage? Plane is ready for departure, many empty seats are available. Shanghai airport is a busiest airport, flights are frequently landing and take off, but it is now to less, Finally, we are in Japan. This is a Narita International Airport. Welcome to Japan, We are now at Narita International Airport Tokyo, Japan. Immigration was finished, and we are sitting outside, Airport looks like old buildings, Immigrations are suer easy, no questions were asked. How easy migration is to me I don’t think anyone else will. Immigration was easy, they didn’t asked any thing, You were said: it’s too hard immigrations, what happined? immigration was easy, immigration was easy, I can say good morning from Japan wow wow! we found route direction, and got print, how to go, and found free shuttle bus too. we will buy sim card or exchange money,

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